Top 5 Sex and the City Storylines That Wouldn't Work Today

this series was groundbreaking in many

ways but not everything about it has

aged flawlessly

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counting down our picks for the top five

Sex in the City storylines that would

not work today

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this list we're looking at the scenes

and plot lines that would raise eyebrows

if they were aired today number five

subtle racism I don't see color I see

conquest talk about affirmative action

the New York of Sex in the City is

shockingly whitewashed with the

characters very rarely coming into

contact with people who aren't Caucasian

the show does make attempts to tackle

race issues though but in this season 3

episode their attempt totally falls flat

there is no reason to bring race into

this Siobhan is a sweet man we have

great sex and he happens to have the

biggest black [ __ ] we know he is a big

black [ __ ]

Samantha starts seeing a guy named

Siobhan who works in the music industry

and the entire storyline is full of

awful cringe-worthy moments from her

fetishizing his blackness to the

inclusion of the angry black woman trope

with his sister Adina what are you doing

my brother a plot line like this would

have been handled with much more insight

and sensitivity if it were written today

number four carries financial situation

I explore these sorts of issues in my

column and I have terrific sources my

friends in hindsight TV viewers have

come to realize that some of their

favorite characters were living pretty

unrealistic lifestyles in the big city

journalism wasn't quite as dead in 1998

when the show first aired but it still

seems implausible that Carey could

afford to live her lavish lifestyle on

the salary of a newspaper columnist who

seemingly produced approximately one

piece per week relationships no matter

how good are inevitably a series of

compromises in one episode she reveals

that she spent $40,000 on shoes and you

gotta wonder where that disposable

income came from - $40,000 on shoes and

I have no place to live I will literally

be the old woman who lived in her shoes

we get it her apartment is rent

controlled but considering the amount of

restaurant opening she attends and

cosmos she drinks the numbers just don't

add up

number three playing on stereo types of

lesbians by midnight Charlotte

discovered Manhattan's latest group to

flaunt their disposable income the power

and lesbian through her job at the

gallery Charlotte comes into contact

with some women who she deems to be

power lesbians and envying their

lifestyle decides to befriend them as

the story goes on however modern re

Watchers start to realize that this

isn't going in a very progressive

direction by the way I love the problem

opals thanks power lesbians and their

shoes are like Wall Street brokers in

their cigars basically when Charlotte

reveals that she isn't actually a

lesbian herself and just wants to be

friends with them the power lesbians

quickly turn on her using the all too

common stereotype of the angry or [ __ ]

lesbian are you gay no no if this

episode were written today we can only

assume things would have ended

differently sweetheart that's all very


but if you're not going to eat [ __ ]

you're not a diet number two

slut-shaming all things considered sex

in the city did a lot for the concept of

female sexual freedom portraying the

women is relatively sexually liberated

and sex positive oh please if you're a

[ __ ] what does that make me

unfortunately though in several

instances the writers did show their

tendency towards slut-shaming in the

questionably titled episode are we [ __ ]

charlotte laments that nobody wants to

marry a [ __ ] this is bad nobody wants

to marry a [ __ ] in the same episode

carrie asks how many men is too many men

when reviewing her sexual history

despite all the positive things the show

had to offer these types of comments

bring it back down to a much more

regressive level but how many men is too

many men are we simply romantically

challenged or are we [ __ ] number one

Kerry's view on the sexual spectrum we

get it this episode aired in 2000 and in

the year since popular progressive views

on sexuality have come a long way when

did this happen when did the sexes get

all confused

somewhere between Gen X and Gen Y they

blended and made XY in current viewings

however watching boy-girl-boy-girl which

deals with bisexuality is pretty brutal

Kerry starts dating a guy who she soon

finds out has also had relationships

with men and her totally tone-deaf

opinion on the matter feels painfully

outdated I'm not even sure bisexuality

exists I think it's just a layover on

the way to gaytown considering how

progressive television has become when

it comes to representations of

characters who fall into the lgbtq+

spectrum this line of thinking surely

wouldn't be uttered by a supposedly

open-minded main character nowadays

this whole uh this whole bisexuals thing

it's just it's kind of throwing me for a


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