Top 10 Most Ridiculous Outfits on Sex and the City


on a show with such a focus on fashion

there were just as many misses as there

were hits hey everyone I'm Rebecca and

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down our picks for the top 10 most

ridiculous outfits on Sex in the City

that means we're looking at the most

memorably absurd and over-the-top

outfits ever seen on the show we have

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list number 10

pink 80s prom dress with head scarf the

word wearable cannot often be applied to

outfits worn by Miss Carrie Bradshaw

look at that one isn't it adorable

which one the red one in the middle I

love it the Birkin bag really that's not

even your style

well if she were attending prom in the

year 1987 then maybe this ruched pink

number would work but window-shopping

Hermes in New York City in that case

we'd categorize it squarely in the not

wearable category but it's not just the

dress that makes this one of sex in the

city's most ridiculous outfits

it's the accessories too you can't go

down that road did you really want to

have a child with a guy who serves

burgers on rollers I can have a 13 year

old child

there's the chunky gold necklace the

mismatched boutonniere and we cannot

forget about the Hermes head scarf plus

the irony of Carrie coveting a classic

and classy looking Birkin bag while

dressed like this is not lost on us

either shoulda told a number 9 tie-dyed

Chanel Carrie Carrie

no one on Sex in the City is afraid of

color and all the power to them for that

but as you'll see frequently on this


not all color combos work Carrie is out

on the town for a Power Lunch with the

girls and a quick trip to a shoe guy

slash local comic book store wearing a

relatively laid-back ensemble and the

silhouette is fine it's a sheer top with

Capri length leggings heels and a

bandanna on her head we can get with

that but it's the mix of patterns and

shapes and colors that gives us a


hey what Artie Artie Artie my guy my um

my suit guy he fixed these last time

pinks and purples and orange and green

and brown and blue just cuz the top is

covered in Chanel logos doesn't mean

it's chic what's wrong with them to them


number eight beer wench look or maybe

you should just face the fact that

you're attracted to angry guys deviled

eggs Carrie starts the scene in an

unassuming if grandmotherly knit poncho

that she wears more than once but when

she reveals what's underneath things get

ridiculous I don't have a pattern and

math randomness is considered a pattern

Carrie's outfits can sometimes verge on

costumey but this one in particular

looks like she's dressed for a theme

party rather than a day in the real

world we have to assume she missed the

memo that it wasn't Oktoberfest when she

put on this puff sleeve blouse with a

German inspired top layer as if the

outfit weren't enough on its own

she also has her curly hair in pigtails

making the final effect even more

over-the-top let's put it this way

this look probably did not survive the

great aidan closet purge of season 4

next time I meet a handsome wealthy and

emotionally unavailable 43 year old man

I'll know what to expect

number 7 blues sequined suit player that

night jack

New York goes to LA finest we were ready

for a night on the town Samantha Jones

is nothing if not a confident woman and

does anything say confidence like a

monochromatic two-piece outfit covered

in sequins the girls need a change of

pace so they escape from New York and

head for the west coast the show's

costume designers clearly had a field

day with this opportunity giving each of

the ladies a new la look

Samantha's ensemble here isn't a huge

departure from her usual bold colors and

clean lines but the sequins and matching

scarf make it a little tougher to pull

off for the average woman however it

does snag her a date with a very

specific kind of male model so meaning

this really is her New York goes to LA

finest there's an invitation number six

little boy outfit give me a call when

you're ready to talk about something

besides men for a change

Miranda's fashion sense tends towards

more corporate tailored conservative and

office appropriate we don't see your

taking a ton of fashion risks so she

doesn't have a ton of fashion fails but

when she does fail she does so

spectacularly Miranda is annoyed that

her girlfriends only seem to want to

talk about men so she chooses an

ensemble that is basically the sartorial

reflection of her feelings and just when

Miranda decided she was the only woman

in New York with any real perspective on


there he was oversized overalls puffy

jacket sneakers baseball cap

he hit all screams I do not care right

now and you know what that's fine we're

all entitled to wear a casual errand

running outfit every now and then of

course be warned you will almost

definitely run into the former love of

your life number five

Chanel head scarf throughout the series

Samantha's fashion sense is pretty

consistent she wears powerful outfits

and bright bold colors that show off her

inner competence and creativity

hi the waitstaff is to change in the

guest cottage down near the entrance

aren't you here to waitress to be honest

she doesn't often have fashion flops but

in the finale of season five she wears

an accessory that completely dominates

her otherwise totally normal and very

Samantha outfit the item in question is

a Chanel scarf which should be a

no-brainer for a classic couture look

but she styles it like a head scarf

which completely destroys the intended

effect Richard well Richard isn't here

I've got the house this weekend it's

best to remember that a high-fashion

name-brand can always save a bad

sartorial decision this look is wearing

her number four belted shirt no pants

one designer accessory and heels do not

an outfit make the context Carrie has

been to see big after his breakup with

Natasha and yada-yada-yada they both end

up in the Central Park Lake the funny

part is the dress she wears to that

meeting is one of her best outfits but

it's drenched so she heads home wearing

one of bigs button downs

not like tied in some fun way that makes

it a dress though she's literally

wearing only a men's dress shirt cinched

at the waist with a vintage hermes belt

if you're trying to seem like you just

threw on your boyfriend's dress shirt

don't add an accessory that ruins the

effect to be honest she might have been

better off wearing the robe home number

three Carrie's cowgirl outfit and

everything I so firmly believe was

promptly blown to pieces

it's everyone's worst nightmare running

into your ex when you least expect it

and he has a new young girlfriend and

you're dressed like a [ __ ] cowgirl we

will explain is it you Hey

Carrie's at the Hamptons hoedown when

she sees big for the first time since he

moved to Paris and broke her heart as

per the party's theme she's dressed in a

revealing Western inspired ensemble

consisting of a low slung skirt fondo

top red cowboy hat and perhaps weirdest

of all a rainbow armband hi it's a

pleasure to meet you I've heard so much

about you oh really

look we love dressing on theme as much

as the next person and yeah this outfit

is supposed to be bad so Carrie can feel

extra embarrassed meeting Natasha but

still this one ain't exactly style inspo

in fact we probably end up puking too

number two hat over hoody we don't know

what was in those mugs but the outfits

at this park picnic err is something

we've already mentioned carries beer

wench look

but somehow Miranda manages to wear

something even more ridiculous when he

tells me what to do in life it drives me

crazy but when he tells me what to do

during sex it really drives me crazy to

be fair any one element of this outfit

on its own is fine at least in the 90s

everybody wore wide leg pants and bucket

hats believe it or not however not

everyone wore those bucket hats over a

hoodie over a turtleneck to be fair we

don't always care a whole lot about what

we're wearing when we go to have a gab

and a bite with friends but even so this

look is a boon wait a second hold the

eggs what about skipper he never got

angry well at least they're willing to

take risks I could say that are there

any of these outfits you would be

willing to wear I think I could be

convinced to wear Samantha's blue la

sequin thing because I love sequins but

the rest is kind of fashion roadkill

so before we check out what our number

one ridiculous Sex in the City outfit is

let's see some disks honorable mentions

Wow it'll look why thank you do you

smell that pot Oh

I don't know let's get high I'd get high

the doctor has no openings till March

you already said that

Oh what the hell's a diaper genie I

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notifications number one bare belly belt

I just faked a sonogram I'm sorry do

pastel pink and lime green go together

debatable not debatable belts belong

over clothing not bare skin

carry and a very pregnant Miranda are

out for a walk and some impromptu

wedding dress shopping and we'll just

say it that poofy dated wedding gown is

not the worst thing carry wears in the

scene everyone else is glowing about my

pregnancy when will I yeah I get the

same thing every time someone hears I'm

engaged like God you know I get all

excited about picking a date and a place

and a theme and I just want to lie down

and take a big nap Miranda is her usual

tailored self in a classic trench and

button-down combo while Carrie well

she's wearing a crop top blouse a

misplaced belt in a crown of thorns

hello ladies my friend Miranda here it's

getting married so we're looking for

something special and we're in kind of a

hurry as is the usual case for Carrie's


none of these are trends we've seen

before or since and all together it's a

hot mess we will say this though SK Peas

abs are to die for

is this a lesbian wedding oh no no no no

no it's very straight-laced conservative

crap a lot of Wall Street types dude I

am willing to go to bat for so many

carry outfits but a crown like on a

week-day hard pass

actually have you ever tried to

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