What Sex and the City got wrong about Gay relationships.

I realize along the way girlfriends that

were like you know my girls you know

that to a certain degree you are like an

accessory because you're almost like the

put in the closet husband

an article Vogue magazine looks into the

relationship between sex and the city's

leading lady Carrie Bradshaw and her gay

husband Stanford reading through it we

found that writer ms Becker highlights

some moments that made us think with

that relationship fly in our current

times ladies what do you think cuz I

have a lot of opinions about this you do

because you are sexist City fan aren't

you are you are you I love sex in the

city and you liked it because it's like

campy and fun and but then now some

realizations are happening until now

because after reading this article I

realized that Carrie who I adored

tweeted her GBF her gay husband as an

accessory yes cousin though I feel like

during that time and television that's a

lot of what gay and lesbian trans

characters if there were a trans here

and the the article is really

interesting because it also has an

acknowledgement even about Samantha

there's an episode of an incident with

some trans girls outside and how rude

she was to them so evidently tried to

shut down the neighborhood sex workers

that was the whole thing it would imply

today but I feel like we all accepted it

back then mm-hm why I think can't be

this yeah we were just like we'll take

whatever we can get

I think so yeah and I think that I think

that we all felt like we could relate to

like the store at the love story if it

was you know it was this I never did but

a lot of people related to this as a

look like a searching for love you know

I think back then we were just so

excited to see any form of us on TV Sun

always got until point where we're like

okay we're on TV so now we need the real

representation tab yeah we would need

our own leading people you know on the

forefront of the whole situation I was

really like just examining the show and

so many times Carrie says to Stanford oh

no no no it's just a girls out tonight

and it's like really no it is I mean

like listen girl I'm coming no no double

down on the fact that it's just the

sidekick you know it's just like hey

thanks for talking to me now I'm leaving

to go with my real friends it's very

like monolithic and like as the writer

said and and just and now we're so used

to having three-dimensional characters

on television with

pose and the bisexual which is all

things the article brought up and so I

just think we the consciousness has

shifted right and we demand more I've

got to tell you I've let friends go not

because of this article but I realize

along the way girlfriends that were like

you know my girls you know that to a

certain degree you are like an accessory

because you're almost like that put in

the closet husband where you go when

they need you it's like oh come with me

jarred up but then when they're like on

a date or whatever then you're like

second plan you're like an afterthought

and I finally saw it on sex in the city

and I related to it it really changed my

perspective well that's because it

affected us in the real world in ways we

didn't realize now we know the Abby

which is a gay bar and West Hollywood

had a problem with before gay marriage

was legalized having bachelorette

parties going in and out and we and they

just felt like that was very in our face

since we could not have the right to get

married that they would come in use our

space as an accessory for their fun

night and then leave us without our

rights early kinda in the cold you know

I push it a little further yeah with all

of us I already admitted I've felt as an

accessory like the gay accessory have

you ladies felt like a sin as accessory

yourself because I know like sometimes

with our conversations they tend to be a

lot of like okay the lesbian

conversation or the trans conversation

is like have you've ever felt the same

way I mean I feel like everybody in our

community at some point goes through

that that time were our experience where

we're used as the token in situations or

the diversity pick or diversity hire or

whatever it might be I think it's a good

and a bad thing

obviously it's bad because it's not

seeing us as individuals and really

telling our stories I guess the good

part would be that we're starting to be

included and this discussions are

happening and starting

but they're so long