so what I decided what is that I'm going

to do like you're cheating moving so we

have they all to tell me that's cheating

on me I'm not playing

you make me cry oh you were to see me

cry right now

we shouldn't make

Hey what's going on what's going on guys

guys today is a beautiful day it's nice

and hot got the AC on it's just time

talking somebody so guys what I decided

to do is I'm going to prank him alright

so what I decided was that I wanted to

do like you're cheating or whatever

break so guys look alike so basically I

have this workroom and I have his phone

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna act like

I'm a client and basically I'm just

gonna be going back and forth I deleted

this number out of his phone because

trust me burns my have enough it's pure

love nothing so I'm just going to send

text messages in our community Hey


I don't how is baby she is sexy it was

in a peach an hour





wait up wait up wait up great when you

are ready wait up wait up

right now we're gonna sleep oh it's late

what's this who is they once when I wear

a Moose's well who is this who's that

who is that who is that waiter to me

it's very new in Quantico through b-17

bushes you're trying to find an


who's that who's that who's that she's

moving forward so we have the option

tell me that's cheating arrange ha so

basically you tell me that you're

cheating on me

I bet you say you never drag as you say

you would never wanna see me never wanna

see me cry so who is that so many

message came from messages a pair

that's on me come from so honey messes

get your phone round huh I'm talking to

you yeah well how did the man

so who's the magnatron so explain it to

me huh suppose you have an accommodation

with someone in your phone and you don't

know put it so you can smell my

apartment you don't know put it ha so

whatever gray area so so much going for

William Boyce on your phone he knows I

do not know where is so what's the

conversation between doing lady

generally with noir scenes apartment is

the only thing I'm trying to see how I

put it together exactly and why didn't

you ask you lose method or are we


we're on we're all on we're on the way

to Mexico from do we turn into locks and


someone found your phone inside someone

else wait on well ground well I ran out

stop this right now in the stomach you

know says who is that who's not base

that you don't learn enough up but you

don't know no there's no way so are we

making that mistake look at what unsafe

those in my phone ringing hey look look

what's on safe numbers in my phone

Thomas eight numbers I'm being so much

people come on

did you even call it old buddy phone

conversations with this young lady who

have a kid expecting when Israel are no

you call it


wherever's me don't touch me don't touch


you wanna panic you will be cheating on

me round so they should fall to hold huh

this is how you did this how how how did

you have my phone

I read at the airport thumbnail so you

don't have to demo connect to your phone

as well I wanted to see we took a

picture on your phone my foot had died

you may require you really cry right now

because I would never never tianyu and

for you do we have your messages in your

phone we already have messages at your

phone and this 100 and she talked about

whether you are clever quranic what the

hell is that

so are you listening to this this is a

whole battery on boom box

explain yourself until you miss that

video it gotta be you you know what i

have my phone so so how you think I

upset your message talking to myself is

stupid let me let me see your phone how

could it possibly be me


possibly be me never till you are in a

whole phone conversation with this young

lady play on hanging out so who was the

young one point about I got a the first

bit you don't want to hear my broke up

waking me up come on

why do these come and tackle this list

we got to do all that extra support

so when you watch the news here

so who's this again because she said out

where we're gonna hang on again to look

what's that is well soon somebody

talking about hey I said who's this

found your number in my phone

not sure what so okay great

either you did there because I know I

did not reply like crazy to you do I

look crazy to you toilet we're out of


the download an app and detective market

form you get clutch feeling you're

caught red-handed


please probably look like I have a

private life I want to delete don't

really because right now the whole text

messages cover the whole kid CBS I'm

gonna do it again I'm just going to say

the whole kid ah a horse head oh okay

then really


I'm going on for a good good reason

because I have evidence of me cheating

on you

I was never to have been from a

nightmare you had a whole proposition in

Chautauqua she loved you more than I

ever could I love you too what the hell


calm down

I love

then I'm gonna be soaked though subtext

like this and not even deleted that

makes sense so you say we've never had

no issue like this all said now we have

issues on this around while they

commented I want you to leave I want you

to leave I'll tell you anything I need

somebody so who's the girl

did your friend hug her phone

because I intended on the edges relaxing

does your phone because he actually

conversing with this young lady this is

the differences at large sizes going on

that's to show you look at the one

example of what's about the conversation

eight seven okay and I will say but

you're playing having a relationship

with the topic very I don't know ready

and that's not me texting back me you

situation never never want to see me

like things are done you said you will

never never wanna see like this and all

of a sudden Momiji gonna be sick yes

we're on for six years for six years and

I will see this kind of psychological

eyeball other box thumbnail

we made a pact that we never never cheat

on one another all of it said now I see

messages inside your phone so who's the


explain it to me do something I don't

know who it is what I don't know

everything is a joke right

everything to talk to you you don't know

who this is what you can't trust

yourself because I don't know the bomb

tell you guys not me that is you how is

it me you might want to say anything a

message for me how does it mean how does

it mean do I look crazy



action was a bigger boat actually

you're lying around


guys I'm so over here I'm like I'm over

here like I can't never get him like

whenever it comes to like a cheating

prank whatever is like he finds it like

funny I use your work phone and I delete

the number and I cut off the phone

tomorrow yeah I changed because you had

it as you had it as your work phone and

so I changed the name let me tell ya

saying how only know like like all jokes

aside and that's bad I'm probably on in

about three to four numbers out of my

head you know my I know your number on

my hands

I know y'all know around on my mother

number and I know my house phone number

back in Brooklyn I don't know how the

hell I still remember that number but I

know it you know it like well someone a

thank you I don't even know who this is

and this is this is a picture a cab this

is on her what's that they character

almost yeah it's probably a client that

you find someone it's probably a client

that you found a place where you go put

a number baby

but it took my hey I say who's this it's

probably a percent you found your number

in my phone and I just said okay and I

said come on little six eight what is

that which area cause I don't know

entertain people

okay you want circus I don't know I feel

of all night but guys as you could tell

well sure you put it over me today I'm

not a circus animal you know circus

animal I want to see the elephant trick

yeah guys I never tell when I'm doing

these these prints are on the guy be

trying so hard I know you know it's you

don't remove me and you know I would

never cheat on you

love you song I love you too

I love you alright guys hope you guys

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