PIX Morning News - Rayon McIntosh talks about McDonald's Beatdown (12-09-11)

there have been a lot of reaction to

this now viral video of a customer

getting more than she ordered for two

McDonald's in Greenwich Village but the

video doesn't fully tell the story so

here to give us an account of what

really happened is Rea on Macintosh the

McDonald's employee that you see right

there involved in that supersize

smackdown the video looks pretty vicious

and he is here right now to defend

himself so I want to know as you look at

that video as we have a playing you know

tell us did you have to really go that

far and why when your psyche is in that

type of situation and your mind ain't

working you ain't thinking rational you

are gonna do things that you normally

would not do but look at that video come

on it looks like you know you got this

metal rod you fractured one of their

skulls did you feel that threatened by

these women a lot of people ask me that

question if I feel that trend the things

that they were saying to me that they'll

cut me up she come over the corner and f

me up my mom is okay because of a $50

bill right they've made their order they

paid it with a $50 bill you went to

check to see or your your coworker went

to check to see if you know and you see

that all the time where people are

trying to figure out if it's a fake or

real bill yeah but then it escalated

right yeah she took it offensive that my

coworker they check the money and she

got very upset

then he's and for no reason she just

start carrying on and behind the counter

she spits on me and then slapped me in

the face so what you spit on you is that

when you went for the you felt

threatened you know like they were gonna

hurt you no when she spit on me and

followed with a slap if you could

filleted old videos so everyone could

see it from beginning to end and she

came over the counter okay before that

she was telling me she cut me up she was

f me up okay for no reason well the

grand jury looked at it you know cuz

there were charges being filed against

you and the grand jury looked at it and

they said that there are no charges that

are gonna be filed against you but these

two women now now they're gonna face

charges what do you want from them

because I know you've been very

outspoken about this what I want from

them is um really and truly I can't wish

bad for anyone I'm I'm not gonna say oh

I'm happy or you know I'm gonna leave it

to the judge and the jury to decide what

type of reprimand they should get I'm

not gonna say I'm happy or anything like


listen you spent eight years in jail

eleven eleven years in jail you came out

eight months ago you're trying to get

your life together this was a fresh

start right yeah so as you reflect upon

this yeah that's why I said um I

wouldn't want jail for them because I'm

not gonna wish jail on anyone because

what I went through in jail it yeah it's

it play a lot on my mind

I'm earned you know so I don't want them

to be from their family yes I'm suing

McDonald's for four when you say far-far

what do you want money they not protect

you where they're not laws or procedures

that you were taught I'm not a security

guard so as far as if it's laws that I'm

not a security guard so I was trained to

just cook cashier but that night I had

to become a security guard and I had to

defend myself so yeah I'm gonna sue and

it's not just for me it's to protect

follow employer or employee of

McDonald's so we should have been have

security at that store because they know

that it was a problematic store and the

owner common Paulino did none we wrote

we called she knew it was a problem in

that store before after that and she did

nothing about him all right thank you so

much and of course you the whole video

is on our website

pics 11.com ram macintosh thank you for

coming in and giving us your sides at

story because everybody wanted to know

what was going on what was going on in

the person's mind and now we actually

can fill in some of the blanks it is a

12 let's take a look at your forecast

this Friday