i'm about to tell rayon that i missed

my period

i know

hey what's going on army family

your girl brittany is back once again

with another video happy happy happy

august guys

hope everybody is doing well before we

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it will be down below guys listen it is

august and we're trying to see

if i could take on august once again

because you already know

your girl britney took july and

demolished it okay guys i scraped myself

and now it's welding up

like welding up as we speak


this is not good but anyway guys ryan

has to get prized

so guys right now rayon is on his way

right so we have to go to the post

office as you guys know where i

was rushing to the post office and we

literally have to rush

and i want to go to the food store guys

because i'm thinking today i had this


like i was craving hot patties and i

want to make it i'm tired of buying it

so i want to

make it and yeah so i gotta go to the

pool so i get the ingredients for that

guys i'm about to tell rayon

that i missed my period hilarious

so guys you know we all girls have this


right all girls have this app so

i actually got my cycle late last night

it didn't tell ray on anything nothing

didn't tell him anything

so guys this app when i looked at it


to put in my period i saw this

i almost had a heart attack okay a heart


you know what it is to see plus 29 is

period was expected 29 days ago

i was like oh hell no then i was like

boom got it we gonna give him a heart

attack too

so it's basically for him to feel

exactly how i felt when i looked into my


so guys some way somehow i'm going to

get him to go into my phone

so that he can have a heart attack as


i feel like it's going to be super super

funny if you're ready for this video

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i can't wait to see his reaction guys as

you guys know my baby's the sweetest

and he gives us gives it he he

i don't know what he's gonna do guys but

y'all know he tried to like prank me at

the end of the video with me

when he was doing the pregnancy test so

this is payback guys so we're all going


prank him right now together let's go

let's get his reaction before he walks

in here

he should be here in a few minutes let's



a few inches later

i know i see it's time to like walk up a

little bit

i know i yeah i'm ready i just had to

put on my little friend did you see that






yeah 29 days 29 plus days

29 days that's a whole month baby

you didn't see your first month


huh no because we took the pregnancy


i saw it last month the beginning part

of last month

so you're telling me you gotta take

another one

we're gonna


that's why we took the pregnancy test so

let's go to cvs we gotta buy another one

but clearly the cvs is wrong the test is

wrong babe

clearly the test is wrong

that's a whole month but i still don't


but i


no i haven't looked at this i have not

looked at it forget to

like you said tesco'll be wrong though

all right so let's take another test are

we gonna go to the emergency room right

now look at the doctor let's just go to

the emergency room and just tell them

like we heard

um something something make something up

please come on

yeah we gotta find out babe we're gonna

do candy around

you can't just go into a doctor's office

and just like that you have to make an


and emergency from there you're gonna

see me right now what the hell

29 days how are you saying that you went

to that

as soon as i log in your phone it was

right there

i haven't been on this was that the

article you want to show me no

this word is my period so i'm just not

trying to figure out how to help you get

on it

it was right there so you're telling me

you didn't see it as soon as i locked

until it was right there it popped up

maybe we gotta go we gotta do something

we gotta do something come on come on

no no no no no no no please just calm

down okay

when we okay but i was feeling bad and

everything right bro hold on when i was

feeling about it and everything

that was july my period came

the earlier part of july i'm not july

of june the earlier part of june like

the first week in june my period was


so it's supposed to become what you come

early and june supposed to come early in


yes 29 plus days right so 29 plus days

so that's a sign but we just




i feel a little like funny or whatever

but it's nothing like but it's just a


but realize the same way how we've been

feeling before we took the prayers and

they said that i wasn't pregnant


or let's call somebody right now

schedule something for maybe tomorrow or


okay so can you just go through like

comfortable in the area

right there what do you mean let's go in

here with that guy did you wait for your

thing yes let's go they don't close

until seven come on

we gotta go right now i don't know where

my shoes are right now

come on let's go that's a whole month i


what i'm saying i didn't see it i didn't

go into


it could be anything it could be

defected it could be anything

blue okay

okay okay we can get a clear response

okay just calm down

we have to calm down we have to think

logically why are you smiling


for no reason i don't see 29 plus days

have you ever seen that before no that's

so sad i've never seen

it exactly the most i've seen you show

me probably like three four or five or

something like that

i said probably not even longer than a




in the fridge

hold up wait a minute what are they

going to say

i don't know everyone

like we have to physically like think

about this



and after that that's when i started

feeling like really really bad and

that's why

we thought that i was pregnant


be wrong sometimes you gotta do it again

i'm seeking to take tests three four


six seven times come on we need tests

that's come on

let's buy all the tests they got in

there or something maybe we could come

back to them

come on let's go


it's a prank i promise you

just listen today i haven't been on this

offer forever

today when i went on this thing i

realized that i have like listened

to you yeah


i got my baby

look at him he's on the phone no i

didn't do anything ryan you know me and

you both was looking for my period

and it finally has arrived it came late

last night

your doctor would love to see this

because it's late that means that's good


i don't know

but i had to get you guys this thing say

29 days

i now can update it because

it really last night last night it came

guys we really was kind of scared though

we really were afraid

breon really thought all right so i'm

guessing doesn't fully confirm

but now it's like fully fully confirmed

i mean people get

people get their period on let's call it


but yes guys so we took a pregnancy test

i'm not pregnant and now my cycle just


comment down below if you know anybody

that has ever been on the period and

still been pregnant

look at me look sad why are you upset

just thinking like that

man 29 days

i know i got but it's a long month so

maybe that's what it is

all right guys i hope you guys enjoyed

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once a month huh brittany i'm gonna say


july i'm gonna say in july you did your

thing okay now stay team brittany you

did your thing

team team whitney

i saw team britney no you didn't oh you

didn't say it good

all right guys until next time i'm gonna

get you back though guys

guys do not sleep on your boy

before me i got some bangs up my sleeve

but i'm waiting for the perfect no you

don't you don't got nothing baby but

it's okay i take the trophy

it's all right trust me whatever all

right guys until next time y'all know

when i come up i come with the ones that


for me tears come all right go ahead all


whatever you already know me man make

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