Rayon vs Organic Cotton


robert the iron vapor here

with a video

dealing with rayon versus cotton

been a lot of talk about rayon lately

and um

like a lot of other people had jumped on

the bandwagon what's this all about

so i've got some tried it out

and uh before i really get into mike's

experience with the rayon i want to make

sure that i'm going to

create a footing as far as making sure

it's in the proper context in relation

to me

my perspective let's say but first what

are we talking about here

we're talking about this stuff

sell you cotton 100

rayon fibers 100 rare fibers

all right so sell you cotton

no it's not made from cotton people all


it's not made from cotton cellu cotton

is a term that means

cotton texture cotton texture

all right this is not made from cotton

what is rayon rayon is a semi-synthetic

or semi-organic however you want to

really term it

it's not a purely synthetic product

nor is it purely considered organic

it is typically always made from wood


now ram could actually be made from any

organic plant material let's say

and you'll see some claims that maybe

this is you know bamboo

and it's not it's not bamboo it's not

cotton it's typically always

made from wood paul point because cheap

all right

it's cheap to make so

um how's this stuff really made well


they take with pulp they go through many

different processes with many different

chemicals to create a

uh whatever they need as far as a

solution or whatever

to put through a spinner which ends up

spitting out these

very fine filaments so fine that

they used to make um like silks

silk stockings out of this stuff kind of


and then they take all those fine fibers

and as they're coming out of that


they get treated with more chemicals to

set them

and the proper you know i guess texture

that they want okay

uh and then you know however whatever

happens after that

on you know they go through a cleaning

processes and all this other stuff

uh to get rid of all the chemicals to

where they have their final products

and one of them being

rayon that's what rayon looks like

here let me do this out of this little


it comes you know in a coil

all right so this is oh cool that just

broke off great

all right so that's rayon right out of

that box

here's a cotton ball we're all familiar

with using cotton right

so cotton ball is you know you got the

fibers running the cotton this way that

way all kinds of ways and there's little

pills in it and stuff like that so

but rayon is very very you know

look at how that just you know it's very


you know evenly that striations in it

are very very

let's say parallel more or less aligned

so it's

it can get all over the place sometimes

you know so but

it's very easy to wick with very easy to

wick with

um and a lot i mean a little bit goes a

long way

now that you can see how it looks like


uh cotton whether they say cell

you cotton cotton texture does it

it doesn't feel like cotton at all

it's weird it feels really really weird

um it's hard to describe the way it

it feels maybe through sound is better

so that's me rubbing cotton here's me



all right so you can hear quite a

difference in the texture

and i i have to admit when i first got

it and first felt it

um kind of this is a bad analogy but it

gave me

the kind of feeling that like nails on a


it's just you're not i don't know how to

describe how this feels

when you get some and you feel this

you're gonna go whoa

that's weird all right um

so that's that that's what it is rayon

is a

semi-synthetic uh product

produced from organic materials wood


all right so not caught

all right although it could be made from

cotton but

it's too that would be too expensive to


that's why they don't they use wood pulp


so i got it monday evening

today is just about 11 p.m uh wednesday

so i've had it for a couple of days i've

had it in

two genesis addies i've had it in three

drippers so i've i

i ran it through its paces um from that

perspective now okay again perspective

if you know me you've been watching my

youtube videos follow me on my live


i'm a one juice guy i make my own juice

it's a cinnamon red hot thing that i

i make for myself so 95

of the time if not more that's what i'm

vaping when you see me on a video doing

when you see me on the show and i'm

vaping that's what i'm vaping

so my perspective is from this one juice

it's a very high vg content juice

so keep that in perspective

so put it in monday night

vaping away happy's a lark easy to work

with easy to wick with

um seemed like a very clean flavor

uh also seemed to wick

really well really really well i was

really impressed with this stuff

and then after a day

day and a half i felt like there was


missing from my vape it just was off

it just was off you know i'm trying to


what is it what is it

i'm going here

all right so this is running at 1.3

i'm firing i have the wattage says so

i'm firing at four volts

microcoil with cotton

micro coil with rayon uh

running at 1.4 volts again set uh

so that it's it's getting four volts

something's lacking something's just


the flavor's off and my vapor it

vapor production seems to be off

and going this is weird

it was just not satisfying me so then

based on that i'm going and i really

what's going on here right so i pulled

the rayon out of this

re-ripped wicked with cotton started


that's better okay that's that's the way

it should be vaping okay

yep all right the flavor is back to the

way it's supposed to be

the vapor production is we're supposed

to be

um it you know it's a it's a bit more

dense of a vapor it's um

the vape is where it's supposed to be

what i am used to

uh what that's mine that's what i'm

getting out of this it's like


i mean don't get me wrong there's a

pretty decent vape

but it's not like vaping with my

cotton it's not

so i'm going back to cotton

because for whatever reason it's giving

me the flavor profile of

that i developed my juice for and

that's why i want you to keep my this in


i developed my all-day vape

with this kind of wicking in mind with


so how this

how how this transgresses into other


with other uh pg vg ratios i don't know

but it does bring a question to my mind

is maybe

different juices they maybe they vape


well they do vape differently according

to your wicking okay and your coil and

all that stuff

but maybe they're better

with certain wicked materials than


okay so keep that in mind that's really

a legitimate thing if you

take my co-host on my live shows uh

muffin clouds joe

she loves rayon she says his gifts a

very clean

flavor she you know she all she's

tasting is the juice

how she describes it and she vapes all

kinds of

juices and she just loves ray and she

thinks it's


me it's not rock in my boat anymore you

know in the beginning it was like

maybe more psychosomatic or nothing oh

new wicking material cool

you know

that's my vape right there

so that's my perspective and experience

on my tryout of rayon

okay rayon versus cotton

um keep in mind that because

and the jury's really out on

whether rayon is safe to vape okay

whether it's safe to wick with because

when you consider all the chemical


that this stuff goes through

okay from the wood pulp the the end

product being rayon

all the chemicals that are involved you


what residuals are left on the final


that's a that's a legitimate question is

this stuff cleaned enough washed enough


you know this stuff is insignificant or

not there i don't know i can't answer

that question for you

i just um want you to make sure that

you know check your own sources out do

your own little research i've given you

some basic information what ray is about

how my experience went with it

um that's really

the best i can do for you right now all

i can tell you is brand's not for me

it doesn't float my boat not for what i


for you it may be the it may be

the pinnacle of of wix who knows

and hopefully we'll find out and more

research or more information will come

about as to

is this stuff safe to vape with i i

can't answer that for you

i didn't feel any real ill effects at

all from it

i just felt it didn't give me a

satisfying vape

all right so that's all i have to say


the rayon versus

cotton all right robert the iron vapor