Doctors Advise Against Co-Sleeping with Babies

well in this morning's basics of babies

we're talking about co-sleeping doctors

advice on the issue is simple don't do

it we are concerned about co-sleeping

and the possible increased risk of SIDS

and suffocation particularly in homes

where there might be alcohol use tobacco

use other drug use and even

pharmaceuticals and parents that might

be overly tired or intoxicated so almost

half of the parents say they've shared a

bed with their child at least once in

the last two weeks but this is a really

risky behavior and it can be deadly from

2004 to 2012 co-sleeping was a factor in

3 out of 4 deaths of babies younger than

four months so doctors say to be safe

your baby should sleep in the same room

or on a separate but firm surface and

always on their back