Co-sleeping, Breaking the Habit


goodness viggiano how are you good dr.

Malloy good to see you for over 25 years

dr. michael maloy has been meeting with

newly delivered parents and their

brand-new babies before they leave the

hospital have you heard about the back

to sleep program okay and you understand

that what we've observed is that it's

probably safest to place the baby to

sleep on your back other important

recommendations for your baby's sleeping

environment include use a firm mattress

never place your baby on soft sleeping

surfaces like water beds fluffy pillows

or soft mattresses use appropriate

betting that won't overheat the baby or

possibly hinder her breathing by

gathering near her mouth and nose

additionally use a crib that is

recommended and approved by the Consumer

Product Safety Commission these cribs

meet certain safety standards in their

construction so that a they won't

collapse and B they won't allow an

infant to get their head stuck between

the slats which brings us back to the

subject of co-sleeping or sharing your

bed with your baby are planning on

breastfeeding great the other thing that

we would like to hear is what your

feelings are about co sleeping with the

baby had you plan to do any co-sleeping

oh no actually been to it

okay good roll over on the baby that's

certainly one of the concerns that we

have with a baby in the immediate

sleeping environment of adult or an

older sibling remember at this age

babies are essentially in Mobile which

means they can't get out of the way if a

larger person crowds the more rolls over

on there's like a keeper other problems

associated with having an infant in an

adult bed are the problems associated

with just being falling off the bed

becoming wedged between the bed and the

wall or bed headboard it's perfectly

natural for you to want your baby close

to you for bonding and breastfeeding

purposes as such experts recommend that

you move your baby's a clue crib into

your bedroom instead one of the things

that we would certainly advocate big ko

rooming that is having the crib or

bassinet in the room close to the bed so

if you're nursing you could have access

to the baby really quickly and do your

nursing and then put her back in the

crib to sleep remember while SIDS deaths

have fallen sharply sudden infant death

syndrome is still a very real threat to

newborns therefore it's extremely

important to provide a safe sleeping

environment for your child and to do so

the moment you bring your newborn home