Infant death prompts warning, defense of co-sleeping

Paul County deputies just charging a 25

year old woman in the death of her

newborn son

deputies saying Aaron Pitts killed the

18 day old boy back in October by Co

sleeping with him it's her second child

to die in that very same way

investigators say pizzas 13 day old

daughter died while Co sleeping with her

back in 2009 and she received multiple

warnings about the dangers of Co

sleeping before she gave birth to her

second child and in this case it's

sparking a lot of opinions especially

online dozens of you taking to our ABC

Action News Facebook page today actually

defending co-sleeping saying you did it

with your children right well all new at

six ABC Action News reporter

Brenda Lisa Gonzalez is axe asking the

experts about the dangers involved this

is what is the safest for the baby

Jane Murphy swears by the ABCs of safe

sleep alone on their back and in the


she can't emphasize the a for a lone

enough baby that's that sleeps in an

adult that is 40 times more likely to

die than a baby that sleeps in their own

crib Murphy is the executive director

for the Healthy Start coalition in

Hillsborough County where in 2014 12

infants accidentally died by suffocation

she had her team teach thousands about

how babies sleep safest like this

without anything in the way this nose

and this mouth are so small they're

smaller than your hand so if that is

occluded where they can't breathe then

that is really dangerous for the baby

she knows not everyone agrees

co-sleeping is unsafe in fact a Facebook

post on our ABC Action News page shows

comments from dozens of parents who

defend the practice one user writing I

co slept with all three of my sweet

babies the bond you feel is unimaginable

no one wants them not to bond with their

child but we all want that child to be

safe whatever your opinion may be about

co-sleeping luffy hopes you listen to

this there is nothing more tragic than a

baby dying a lesson she's learned from

her own experience with grieving parents

if sleep the baby sleeping alone is what

we can do to protect that child then

that's what we have to do too

attack that child Brenda Lisa Gonzales

ABC Action News