Sensitive Teeth? (This Technique Really Works!)

You are helping people that have cold sensitivity

and receding gums?


With a new technique.


So we always knew we could bring the gum tissue

down over the receding gums.

But in order to get it to stay down you had to cut gum

typically out of the roof of the mouth

and put that underneath that tissue

When you pull the gum down, you put it underneath there.

in order to thicken it and hold it in place.

Well that can be very painful and uncomfortable for the patient.

Because you have to cut gum out of the roof of the mouth

Also, the healing takes a while.

You have to put a lot of stitches in

and you can only do a few teeth

because you can only cut so much gum out of the roof of the mouth.

So, I just don't do that anymore

It's not necessary

We can use the Pinhole Technique

which is minimally invasive

and that way we just loosen the gum

bring it down

put some material underneath it

not from the roof of the mouth

to hold it in place

There's usually little or no pain involved

and you can do one tooth, you can do thirty-two teeth

It's great!

How soon does the cold sensitivity go away?

Typically it goes away immediately

because once the roots are covered,

that's where the sensitivity is

and once the roots are covered, hey, the sensitivity is not there.