How to Use Greek Yogurt for Yeast Infection – In-depth Instructional Video






how to use Greek yogurt for yeast


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Greek yogurt is high in calcium and

protein and low in carbohydrates and


like other yogurt it is a healthy choice

to add to a balanced meal plan

it also contains beneficial

lactobacillus which are organisms that

may help to prevent or treat East

infections or candidiasis wide it works

Greek yogurt and other types of yogurt

contain healthy lactobacillus bacteria

cultures of this organism are used to

curdle milk and to form yogurt the

lactobacillus in yogurt can form healthy

bacterial colonies in the body that

helped to fight the overgrowth of yeast

other benefits

though it is not known if Greek yogurt

contains more lactobacillus than other

types US News Health reports that it

does contain approximately half as many

carbohydrates as regular yogurt this may

be beneficial to individuals with any

type of candidiasis because yeasts feed

off the carbohydrates you consume

however this benefit of Greek yogurt has

not yet been scientifically confirmed in

addition Greek yogurt is also high in

protein a six ounce serving contains 15

to 20 grams this is equivalent to the

protein found in two to three ounces of

lean meat and eating it helps to promote

a feeling of fullness on the other hand

Greek yogurt does have a higher fat

content than regular yogurt and it is

best to eat fat-free or low-fat versions

how to use Greek yogurt for yeast


plain Greek yogurt is the best kind to

use for this home remedy make sure that

the yogurt doesn't contain added sugar

which fuels growth of the candida fungus

to apply the yogurt simply place it

directly on the sore area and leave it

on for a couple of hours it might be

good to do this prior to bedtime as even

if the solution is on for more than that

it can't do any harm also keep in mind

that you should also consider eating

yogurt as well to combat yeast infection

outbreaks however direct application is

much quicker for anyone who is

constantly battling yeast infections

whichever method you opt to use rest

assured that this is an effective remedy

to stop the yeast infection from


take a tampon out of its applicator fill

the applicator with yogurt and use it to

insert yogurt into your vagina freeze

the yogurt first some people freeze

yogurt inside a tampon applicator others

use the finger of a latex glove you

could even put it in an ice cube tray it

will be cold that's soothing or you can

just use your fingers to get as much

into your vagina as you can how long

does it take to work

expect to use the yogurt for about seven

days generally you'll want to continue

using it until your symptoms have

disappeared Greek yogurt for yeast

infection during pregnancy

Greek yogurt will make a nutritious

addition to your diet it will supply all

the nutrients that you need on a daily

basis but you have to ensure that it is

made using pasteurized milk Greek yogurt

made with unpasteurized milk may contain

Listeria a bacterium that can cross the

placenta leading to a potentially

life-threatening infection to the baby

it can also cause miscarriage side

effects and safety

Greek yogurt is likely safe for most

adults when taken by mouth yogurt is

possibly safe when used in the vagina

there aren't many reported side effects

but some people might experience

diarrhea stomach problems or a skin rash

there have been cases of people getting

sick from yogurt contaminated with

disease-causing bacteria be careful to

choose yogurt that has been prepared and

stored properly