Best Used Tacoma Model Year To Buy

well good morning everybody and welcome to the channel hey I was thinking the

other day you know what is the best used Toyota Tacoma model here that you can

pick up you know I've got a used Toyota Tacoma up here it's a 2018 nothing wrong

with it but it's not rated as the best model year that you can get so I went

out on the web kind of to get a consensus I guess between a few

different sites you know I looked at consumer reports consumer complaints

even US news to try to figure out what model year is the best as far as the

Tacoma goes or really in the midsize pickup truck category and strangely

enough all three of these sites agreed this model year is the best model year

used Toyota Tacoma you can buy by the way it's a gorgeous day out here you

guys can see it's bright sunshine we look up there we can see the palm trees

blowing in the wind against that gorgeous blue sky so anyway I looked at

three different sites as I said I looked at consumer reports consumer complaints

in US news and as I mentioned all three of them agreed that this is the best use

Tacoma model year that you can get so what did they consider I guess or what

were the things considered to determine that this is the best model year well

first of all it had the fewest complaints out of all the model years of

the Tacoma it had the fewest complaints it got a five out of five for a

reliability that's something that you want I mean if you're going out you know

any time you pick up a used vehicle you know you're kind of rolling the dice a

little bit right you're hoping that it was maintained properly that it was

treated nice and that everything is okay with it the last thing you want to do is

pick up a used to coma bring it home and have something go wrong with it I mean

that's a drag also they hold their value now this could be good and bad right I

mean if they hold their value well you're gonna pay for it more for them

when you pick them out but you're gonna get more out of it when you sell it so

now what were the complaints there were really just two complaints one was

handling that it was a little bit rough on the road but on the flip side it was

the best offroad and secondly the brakes now brakes you know they require

maintenance and care anyway so I don't know that that's really a big deal there

wasn't really a lot of weight put on that and what I looked at anyway so I

kind of discount that one a little bit so what is the best used Toyota Tacoma

model year it's 2015 again agreed upon by everybody 2015 is the best used model

for the Toyota Tacoma now 2015 was the last of the second gen Tacomas to roll

off the production line for 2015 there were three body styles or I should say

there are three body styles we have the regular cab the crew cab and the

extended cab sorry the camera is bouncing around a bit here trying to

hold this thing while I'm doing my thing you know it's also available in a manual

or automatic transmission now I've talked about manual transmissions before

I think within the next five years or so you're not gonna be able to buy a new

manual transmission anyway so it's kind of a dying breed there's two engine

choices in the 2015 the 2.7 liter 4-cylinder and that has 159 horses or

the 4 liter 6-cylinder with 236 horsepower not far off from from what we

have today really average fuel economy 17 miles per gallon and that's combined

overall across across the models so what can you expect to pay for a 2015 Toyota

Tacoma well somewhere and this is roughly between 16,000 and $25,000 with

an asterisk now the Astra is according to Auto

Trader they can be had for under $15,000 so you can get a good quality

rated used Toyota Tacoma 2015 for under $15,000 anyway I just wanted to get on

here talking about that a little bit short video today because I found it

interesting and I was curious as to what is the best used truck you can buy you

know if you're not if you're not looking to go out spend a ton of cash on a new

one let somebody else take that appreciation hit check out the 2015 used

Toyota Tacoma leave a comment down below let me know what you think anybody out

there have a 2015 what kind of lucky to happen with it

as usual appreciate you guys watching don't forget to Like share and subscribe

and we'll see you next time on the web have a great day