Best TV Headphones of 2020 - How to Pick One?


with a good set of tv headphones

you'll be able to listen to your tv at

the volume you like without disturbing


pretty awesome but how do you choose a

good tv headphone

well here's a checklist of things to pay

attention to when you're shopping for


checkpoint one audio delay

beautiful little girl right next to him


if i'm six inches off audio being off

sync with the visual

is probably the most annoying thing when

watching tv

to make sure that you eliminate this

issue we recommend that you go for a

headphone plus transmitter set

something like this or this

and this these usually come with

built-in low latency technology

that effectively synchronizes everything

checkpoint 2 tv compatibility

next you'd want to check what type of

audio output your tv supports

there are three main types of audio

output digital optical

also known as spdif or toslink

auxiliary usually labeled as headphones


and rca which is the old-schooled red

and white port

take a close look at your tv user manual

or give your tv manufacturer a call

make sure that you purchase one that can

be used on your tv

checkpoint three headphone type there

are two main types of tv headphone sets

bluetooth and 2.4 g they both provide

very good sound quality

and they're both easy to use the main

difference is that 2.4 g

usually gives louder volume and requires

less technology skills

whereas bluetooth gives better range and

allows you to use the headphones

independently with your mobile device

or laptop if you wish pick one that fits

your usage the best

checkpoint 4 form factor and comfort

tv headphone sets come in a variety of

forms and shapes

over the ear in-ear neck band

and many more you're using it to watch


so you'll most likely be wearing it for

long hours each day

pick the one that's the most comfortable

for you let the headphones become a part

of you

still not sure contact avontree at

support we can provide you with

professional consultation

and help you make that purchase decision

or you can visit our newly renovated


take a look at the wide selection of

five star tv headphones

and pick one from there thank you we

look forward to hearing from you