Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 8 and iPhone X - Mophie Base vs. Belkin Boost Up

what's going on guys my name is Wade

with tech daily so one of the most

long-awaited new features launched with

the iPhone 8 the iPhone 8 plus and

upcoming iPhone 10 is wireless charging

the iPhone 4 the last few years has had

an aluminum housing which doesn't

exactly support wireless charging

abilities but with the new glass backed

iPhones wireless charging is finally

possible from Apple yes

Android phones have had this features

since something like 2013 so

congratulations Apple welcome to the

past I will say though that I'm so happy

Apple decided to just adopt the Qi

standard which is the most widely used

form of wireless charging for mobile

devices right now instead of doing

something proprietary and unique like

they always do because of this there are

countless Qi wireless charging pads on

the market that are fully compatible and

ready to use for the iPhone if you walk

into an Apple Store right now though

these two charging bases from Belkin and

Mophie are what you'll find for sale

the Mophie wireless charging base and

the Belkin boost up wireless charging

pad the Belkin retails for 60 bucks

which is quite a lot of money so let's

go ahead and see what it's all about

pulling open a box you can see the

fairly large Belkin sharding pad in a

really clean white color and on top of

the base you'll see the rubber strip

that obviously helps keep the phone from

sliding off the base and a rubber foot

on the bottom that keeps the base nice

and secure on the table the Belkin comes

with its own AC power adapter included

in the box with a long enough cable for

plugging in from a distance but the

larger plug end might take up a bit of

space on whatever outlet this thing gets

plugged into which is a little annoying

while the smaller 4.7 inch iPhone 8 fits

pretty comfortably on this one I would

say that since this charging pad is a

bit bigger it might be better suited for

the iPhone 8 plus but either way both

phones sit well on it the rubber keeps

the phone in place and it does exactly

what it's supposed to do which is charge

the phone obviously pretty much as

simple as it gets

there's also a small green LED indicator

that lets you know the base is plugged

in and charging the phone the other

option is Muffy's wireless charging base

which also retails for 60 bucks and

comes in that matte black color and

right off the bat you'll notice that

this charging base is quite a bit

smaller than the Belkin one but fairly

similar with a bunch of rubber on the

top to keep the phone in place and make

sure that the back doesn't get scratched

and a full rubber bottom to keep from

sliding around on the table

once again no fees charger also uses AC

power with an included

and the brick on the end of this one is

smaller ish but just kind of a different

shape so it doesn't take up any less

space really than belkin's the smaller

charging surface on this one I think

it's a smaller iPhone 8 better but the

A+ still works perfectly fine and sits

on it really well mo fees base also has

an LED indicator which for some reason

is on the bottom underneath everything

which seems like it defeats the purpose

side by side you can really see the size

difference mo fees base is three point

eight inches in diameter while belkin's

is four point seven inches but like I

said no matter how large the surface

area is both phones fit comfortably on

both bases and both of these bases do

come in either black or white so if you

want the smaller Mophie one in white for

example you can get that option

generally speaking these guys are

relatively small and compact and don't

take up too much space on the table or

desk and while some people might debate

the necessity and having wireless

charging at all I will say that in my

own experience it's nice to just have

the ability to pop my iphone on the base

without having to worry about messing

with a cable and also lightning cables

aren't the most durable things in the

world so if you get one of these you

really won't have to deal with lightning

cables again I think one of the most

common questions people ask in regards

to wireless charging is whether or not a

case on your phone affects anything and

the answer to that is no I have yet to

find a case that interferes with

wireless charging I've tried a couple

UAG cases otterbox lifeproof different

materials different thickness and all

the cases work perfectly fine so between

a Mophie and the Belkin they're both

great options they're simple they're

high-quality they do what they're

supposed to do since they are the same

price and do the exact same thing namely

charge at 7.5 watts really the only

differentiating factor between the two

is the size of them personally I might

go with a smaller Mophie one but that's

just my thought however also say that

with these two charging bases while good

options in general I wouldn't exactly

recommend either of them and here's why

at 60 bucks they're expensive that's no

secret and you can buy countless other

Qi charging pads for way cheaper like

ten to twenty dollars even the Qi

standard has been around for a while and

every accessory manufacturer big and

small probably offers a charging base so

you have countless options and seriously

I would just go with one of the cheaper

ones you might see because they're all

basically going to be the same with that

being said though I have one more

recommendation the current Qi standard

is 7.5 watts but soon the newest Qi 1.2

standard will be more widespread

15 watts and apple says that through a

firmware update they'll probably be able

to support G 1.2 so be on the lookout

for that in the coming months so

hopefully you guys enjoyed this video

let me know what wireless charging base

you're using if you have one also be

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