What Wine to Pair With Steak | How to Pair Wine and Steak

what's up wine tasters tonight my

husband and I are having some steak so I

figured I would share with you my

favorite pairings to pair with steak

guys I am so excited to have steak

tonight I'm like drooling just thinking

about it my husband makes the best steak

if you are eating out tonight cool but

if you were eating out at home and

you're planning on making some steak and

you need a recipe check out the link

below I've got the recipe that we use to

make our steak yes we do it in the oven

and it comes up fabulous every single


so in general steak is a pretty heavy

food right there's a lot of richness and

protein and savoriness going around so

we need to have a wine that pairs well

with that something that can complement

that and let me tell you I'm gonna make

it very easy for you

steak and Cabernet Sauvignon are best

friends when in doubt just grab your

favorite cab from California and call it

a day it's going to serve you well with

your steak personally I would recommend

something from the Napa Valley or the

Alexander Valley because honestly these

wines have a lot of richness and depth

that are really going to pair well with

your steak if you're looking for

something maybe a little more funky I

would go with a red Bordeaux that's

gonna be Cabernet Sauvignon based or

Merlot based and it's going to offer a

lot of like funkiness that's gonna bring

out some really cool flavors going on in

your steak if you're looking for more of

a value I would go for maybe like

Washington State or Chile you can find

some really great cabs from these areas

for like 15 20 bucks and they're still

going to offer a lot for your steak

dinner be careful though because if you

buy a cab for under ten bucks it's

probably not going to have a lot of like

tannins and components in it that are

going to stand up to your steak so

seriously just spend a few extra bucks

it's worth it because you're having

steak for dinner so obviously steak and

calves are best friends cab is a really

great option for you but personally I

have a couple other favorites as well

first up I absolutely love Syrah with

steak especially if your steak has some

black pepper in it because the black

pepper in that Syrah is going to

compliment the black pepper on the steak

you may or may not notice that the Rhone

Valley is one of my favorite wine

regions in the entire world and pretty

much any wine from the Rhone is gonna

have some Syrah in it and it's going to

be ABS

phenomenal with my sake so that's my

personal pick if you're grilling steak I

would definitely suggest Zinfandel

Zinfandel is a really big wine with a

lot of fruitiness going on so it's going

to compliment your steak in a different

kind of way and really bring out that

fruitiness I freaking love Zin with

grilled steak Malbec is another really

great value option most smell that comes

from Argentina these days Argentina made

Malbec famous and if you've ever been to

Argentina they apparently eat a ton of

steak down there everybody that I've

ever met that has been to Argentina or

is from Argentina they're like yeah we

have steak like every night so Malbec is

a really great pairing and it's usually

a pretty good value you can find a good

melbeck for 10 15 bucks it's great if

your dish has some Italian components or

maybe you're just feeling like having

Italian wine tonight let me suggest

splurging on Brunello di Montalcino or a

Chianti Classico reserva these are going

to be examples of Sangiovese a that are

really big and can stand up to your

steak so good and finally don't forget

about Merlot Merlot and cab go

hand-in-hand I don't know that a lot of

people hate Merlot but seriously it can

offer you a much better value and

compare better than cab with a lot of

steaks that maybe you don't have as much

fat so namely like filet mignon it's a

really good bet if you have to drink

white wine if you're like totally

against reds or maybe you're going to

somebody's house that they only drink

white wine and you want to give them a

bottle of wine then I would maybe

suggest Chardonnay or Vionnet these are

the biggest styles of white wine out

there and that's what we need to have to

match up to that richness of the steak

so obviously there's a lot of options

out there for wine pairings with steak

if you want to save bet go for cab but

honestly there's a lot of other things

that you can have fun with so go ahead

and experiment what am I having tonight

I am having the ship ooh ta 2013 petite

Roush Crows Armitage from the northern

Rhone so this is a Syrah based wine so

excited because you know how much I love

their own so if you need some specific

wines for inspiration on what to pair

with your steak dinner make sure to

click that link below that goes directly

to the blog post that goes along with

this video and I've got some great wine

suggestions on there as well as the

recipe for how to make steak I'd be

pairing my friends and I will

see you next time Cheers