The Best Wine Twist Corkscrew on the Market

wine was stored and shipped mostly in

barrels until the 17th century when the

glass bottle and cork stopper were

widely introduced since then there have

been dozens if not hundreds of patents

filed for a better corkscrew and you may

know this one the waiters corkscrew

well what if you're not a waiter why are

you calling Adam who's gonna show you

another version that might just be

easier well you know that waiter's

corkscrew Bridget takes a lot of

practice this different type that we're

gonna talk about today these are all

twist cork screws and there are two

types of twist cork screws these four

here are continuous turn cork screws

these five are winged cork screws why

don't you try that wing corkscrew right

down there you probably know how that

one works right know this very well I

think this was my very first corkscrew

so what you know you Center that over

the top of the bottle and when you screw

the worm into the cork those two wings

rise up yes they do on either side of

the bottle and then when you get to the

top you just press them down and out

comes the cork second type I'm gonna

have you demo that one too that's this

that's called continuous turning all

right that one you put right on top of

the bottle and you just turn and turn

and turn and turn and turn that will

drive the worm into the cork oh and you

keep turning and it pulls the cork up

out there you go there are nine

different models here and the price

range was eight dollars and ninety cents

up through $24.95

now testers use these to open 20 bottles

of wine ten of them had natural corks

ten of them had synthetic corks which

are little tougher little dents are a

little harder to pull out and all of

these bottles opened wartime so we knew

how fast people could pick this up now

at the end of the testing with the top

and the bottom model of each style the

testers opened five bottles of older

Bordeaux one was it 2009 one was a 2011

that had longer corks that had grown a

little bit drier a little bit brittle

over time to see how gentle these things

were by and large the testers found that

these twist quarters were a lot easier

to use than the waiters type in fact of

the first 200 bottles opened 199

we're open without incident that was a

great record I don't even want to ask

about the other one no I saved it we

could drink it up but in terms of the

two styles they found that the

continuous turning models were

practically foolproof even people who

had never opened a bottle of wine before

in their lives could pick this thing up

and use it without an issue and that's

because it's centered right on the cork

for you and there was just one motion

you just keep turning and turning and

turning until the worm goes into the

cork and the cork comes up and out of

the bottle

also you can see they're pretty

lightweight and slim so they're easy to

hold in place also makes them easy to

store now regardless of the type there

are a couple of issues with the worms

that mattered our testers researched and

found out that corks are not always the

same length they can vary some of them

are as short as 1.5 inches some of them

are 2 inches or longer and that means

that you need a worm that's 2 inches or


this one for instance was 1.5 inches too

short to reach the bottom of the cork

now these continuous turn models I can

pull the whole thing out these were all

around 4.75 inches or even longer so

they can handle corks of whatever length

you throw at you you don't want that you

want to stop short of that also you can

see that this one has a center post and

the spirals are arranged sort of like a

drill bit on the outside that's called

an auger style worm not favorable

because they're a little rough around

the corks again most of them had an open

helix worm which means that it's open

it's gentler on the cork and testers in

fact really liked them if they were

coated with a nonstick coating because

it just made for less friction smoother

entry easier twisting I am holding the

winning corkscrew and I want you to give

it a try you have one right in front of

you this is the la cruz a table model

cork Paul it's 1995 and it is everything

we could ever ask of a corkscrew it's

easy to use its light and slim it has

that nice long worm at 4.75 inches it's

open helix it's a great corkscrew

the last one you're ever gonna need it

might even beat that first one you ever

had worth it that was dead simple that

was kind of amazing I think we need to

drink to this don't you I think you're

right I have a whole bottle well let me

pour a little bit of my perfectly

uncorked wine here

there you go just a taste of what's to

come out fantastic there you go I think

you have convinced me to at the very

least put a second corkscrew in my


excellent to the look through there

there you go well if you'd like to buy

the winner it's the lake crusade table

model cork ball and it retails for 1995

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