Windows 10 Home vs Pro - What Should You Pick? [Simple Guide]


tell us if this scenario sounds familiar

you've got a set budget for a new PC

through trial-and-error and many hours

of hardware research you finally come to

the perfect belt one that fits your

budget like a glove and offers the high

level of performance you're looking for

and then you realize you forgot about

the operating system at this point you

are faced with two options you could

either install a free Linux operating

system or make room for a copy of

Windows by reworking the math to include

some less powerful hardware we've

already made a video where we compare

Linux and Windows so we won't get into

that here the link for that video is in

the description if you want to check it

out for now just know that this video

operates on the premise that Windows is

better for gaming and that's what you

want a copy of it and I are faced with a

tough question should you get Windows 10

home or pro home is more affordable

which makes it more appealing in this

scenario where you need to cut down on

hardware power to make room for an

operating system but pro is well it's

Pro it's got to have loads of cool extra

features and you'd be right but what are

these features and more importantly are

they worth the extra cost if these are

the questions that have been bugging you

then you've come to the right place as

we'll be covering all of them and more

in this video so without any further ado

let's begin now before we get to home

and pro designations let's take a moment

to answer the following question should

you get a 64 bit or a 32 bit version of

Windows 10 it's available in both

flavors but let's look at why this is

the terms 64-bit and 32-bit refer to the

CPU architecture the 32-bit version of

Windows 10 was made for people with old

processors and when we say old we mean

really old we're talking double digits

here which translates to like a century

old in Hardware parts

your CPU isn't older than 10 years it's

more than likely a 64-bit model of

course you don't need to leave this up

to mental math and your champs you can

very easily check whether your CPU and

current operating system use the 32-bit

or 64-bit architecture by opening the

properties tab by right-clicking on my

computer this PC or File Explorer the

only reason you should ever opt for a

32-bit version of Windows is if you have

a 32-bit CPU and you don't intend on

upgrading your hardware you could

technically decide to upgrade later down

the line and then install the 32-bit

version of Windows on a PC with a 64-bit

CPU but this isn't really something we'd

advise there are several differences

between these types of operating systems

but the most important one is that

32-bit operating systems can only

benefit from 4 gigabytes of RAM now if

you've watched any of our Ram videos

you'll know that 8 gigabytes of RAM is

the bare minimum you'll need for games

to run smoothly in this day and age so a

32-bit operating system can bring a

swift end to your gaming ambitions now

that we're all on the same page

regarding the CPU compatibility let's

look at some of the core Windows 10

features that are available to both

Windows Home and Windows Pro users

windows pro will of course have other

more advanced features but the ones we

are about to highlight are the core

features that define the windows 10

experience and are available to all

users first up there is cortana this AI

virtual assistant is one of the biggest

novelties you'll find in Windows 10 if

you're just now upgrading from an older

version of Windows

Cortana is located next to the start

button and

other things she can also be used to

launch searches set reminders check

emails and adjust settings talking to

your computer can feel a bit jarring at

first if you've never used an AI

assistant but it's nothing if not

convenient next up we have the virtual

desktop feature this Windows 10 core

feature allows users to create multiple

desktops that they can then switch

between at will to create a new virtual

desktop just press the windows and tap

keys at the same time to open the task

view then click on the plus button at

the top of the screen and additionally

you can use control Windows key D

shortcut to make a new virtual desktop

on the spot there's also Windows hello a

handy biometric security feature that

uses either facial recognition or a

fingerprint scan to allow users to log

in this feature can also be used for

store purchases and with many apps so if

you're big on security and you're

getting tired of typing the same old

password several times a day you'll

certainly appreciate this feature and

speaking of security Windows Defender

the native Windows 10 antivirus program

is available to home and pro users alike

it receives constant updates in order to

combat the latest threats and offers

real-time protection options and

Microsoft edge integration some security

features are only available to pro users

but it's good to see that Microsoft is

still giving home users some solid

protection Windows 10 is also the first

version of Windows to offer a

system-wide dark mode that changes the

appearance of everything including the

file explorer the Start menu taskbar

Action Center and so on and finally

there's the game mode allegedly the game

mode feature serves to limit background

activities so that more resources may be

directed towards the game you're running

it's hard to quantify how much this

feature actually helps but there's no

reason not to have it activated while

gaming at the very least it's a step in

the right direction there's a link to a

short guide on how to activate game mode

in the description other gaming features

include the game bar game DVR Xbox one

controller support and the

Spock's app of course there are more

features at home users have access to

but these are the ones we've wanted to

highlight as the most critical so now

that we've seen what the based Windows

10 experience looks like let's take a

look at some of the premium features

that only pro users have at their

disposal the best feature that comes to

mind has got to be the BitLocker

BitLocker is an encryption program that

protects your entire hard drive it makes

it so that you have to type in a

password before you can boot up the

system so there's no way someone is

getting into your files if you're using

this not even if they manage to steal

your computer case and everything in it

by shoving it into a bag of holding

what's more there are two other security

features that only pro users have access

to device guard and security Bude next

up there is client hyper-v this is a

virtualization program that lets you run

virtual computers without the need for

any third party support it's like the

virtual desktop feature on steroids

windows pro also has a higher ram

ceiling however this feature is kind of

irrelevant since the home version

already supports up to 128 gigabytes of

RAM gaming PCs will of course never need

this kind of RAM but what's funny is

that most workstations cap out at this

point as well so it's not like you need

Windows Pro to accommodate a large

volume of RAM if you're building a

workstation we can't even imagine how a

PC with 2 terabytes of RAM would look

like if we're being honest where would

you even slot all of those modules a

question for another video we suppose

lastly windows pro users have the

awesome power to delay Windows updates

up to a month

we know Windows updates have become a

meme at this point but they're quite

necessary for the windows ecosystem to

flourish if for no other reason than to

improve security however they've also

been known to cause some issues so being

able to delay updates lets you skip the

initial part where everyone is

justifiably raging online because the

new update messed up all of their

settings and join in at the part where

the Bucks have all been patched there

are many more features that are windows

/ exclusive of course but these are the

ones we've

would be the most important for casual

users if you want to check out the

comprehensive list of features we've

left a link in the description to a

table that has it all so make sure to

check it out

so how does Windows Home stack up

against all of this well you might have

noticed that none of these features

impact gaming in any way

not unless you plan to run for virtual

machines so you can play league of

legends with a team comprising entirely

of yourself instead of being paired up

with some random noobs the added

security is nice but it's nothing that

some third-party programs can't

replicate if that's what you really need

but honestly if you've never used a pro

version of Windows you won't really be

missing out on anything by option for

Windows 10 home when it comes to gaming

it already has everything you could need

in the form of Xbox Live account sync

the option to stream games from an Xbox

to the PC native Xbox one controller

support and the game mode with its array

of cool features like broadcasting and

streaming more importantly Windows Home

is $60 cheaper on the Microsoft Store

than Windows Pro weighing in at a

hundred and forty dollars and you can

easily get it for a bit cheaper

Microsoft quietly raised the prices of

Windows 10 home about a year ago by

twenty dollars but some online retailers

are still sticking to the old price and

if you buy a physical copy it will cost

you even less lastly you can always

upgrade from a Windows 10 home to

Windows 10 Pro by purchasing the license

through the Microsoft Store this license

currently goes for $100 so upgrading the

Microsoft store-bought Windows 10 home

will end up costing you 240 dollars

that's $40 more than if you had simply

bought the pro version in the first

place but if you get the Home version

elsewhere and especially if you get a

physical copy the math evens out in the


and that about does it for this video

to summarize whether you need a Windows

pro or not comes down solely to your

needs and preferences if you're a casual

user or you just care about gaming then

you won't find Windows 10 lacking in any

way and besides for the price difference

between the home and the pro versions

you could buy a brand-new triple-a game

that it's just come out however this

isn't to say that the pro version is

only for professionals many PC

enthusiasts and power users prefer the

pro version so you don't have to be a

business owner or an IT professional to

find value and it's more sophisticated

features still if you don't see yourself

making good use of these extra features

then it's best to just get the Home

version in any case we hope you found

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