Beautiful window covering options for you sliding glass doors

hey my name is Stephanie Brown and I

want the house over the cupboards today

I'd like to talk to you about options

for your sliding glass door so many

people have challenges finding options

for sweating glass doors because all I

ever think that's out there are standard

PVC verticals well today I'm going to

show you some really pretty things that

you can do some really fun things that

you can do ok first of all I have what's

called the vignette traversed it's a

beautiful product made by Hunter Douglas

it slides with the touch of a finger you

can write or you can bring it to the

list this where that treatment comes in

like filtering or room darkening and an

array of colors it pairs back well with

the cotton vignette so if you want to do

a whole room really pretty seductive or

something comfortable this is definitely

the product to go to okay the next part

they like to show you would be the

Hunter Douglas moving at privacy sheer

the look of a custom window treatment a

custom drapery but without without all

the fuss behind it the shake can be

motorized which is really nice and

really really different in terms of

motorisation now you can control the

light the way you've seen owls in the

closed position you can also use your

wand to open it up to tilt it to get the

filtered sunlight that comes through

again on a lot of your fabrics that it

comes in this can do from room darkening

or it can be light filtering as well

it's complete it's finished again and

lots of colors to choose from

ok and next I like to show you the

Hunter Douglas skyline gliding window

panels the option that we're showing you

here is a 17 inch panel this can also be

made with 11 inch panels there are

different balances now that you can get

this is one of the newest ones that we

have you can also to extend or really

sleek metal balance if you have a floor

or contemporary urban lifestyle that

you're trying to

the really neat thing about this too is

that it can be made as a room divider

how fun is that the shade is really

fantastic when it comes to having large

expanses barred large open areas large

open windows that you need to cover this

can go really wide you get refers to the

right you have it made two trips reverse

to the left or even split this is the

skyline lighting with the panel bahama

Douglas okay I'm going to show you how

much and again this product can be made

with the litter is a ssin as well

another fun item I like to show you

would be the bird life I really like

this one because I personally have in

myself I love to see my backyard and

with the rotor glide it stacks to six

and a half inches I mean really you can

see everything you have three opacities

you can do then they share if you just

want some dope in sunlight and you still

want to enjoy your view you can go share

it if you want light filtering where you

want privacy but soft glow and a soft

light in your room this is what the

other way to go an array of fabrics that

you can get as well

and it also comes in room darkening this

shade can be made split in the middle it

can go from the left or right and the

way you see it now this is also an

option where you can have share on one

side which is really nice and then you

can close down and get your privacy it's

fantastic because it has a lot of energy

saving properties it's great in the

winter mines it's great in the summer

months and it's also static free and it

repels dust and soil easy to maintain


this is the vertical Idol Hunter Douglas