TOP 5 WHITE PAINT COLORS for Trim & Baseboards | Benjamin Moore White Colors

these are your baseboards and they can

make or break the look of your entire

paint job pick the wrong color and your

trim can look dull dirty and old here

are five off whites that will take your

rooms to the next level I'm James from

the and on this channel we

discuss everything related to the world

of painting and decorating from picking

the right color to refinishing cabinets

no stone is left unturned whether you're

a pro or an average Joe we got you


now the word trim broadly describes all

of the molding or millwork used to frame

flooring ceilings windows or doors the

finish is just as important as the color

but I won't go into too much detail on

finishes in this video if you need more

information on which Sheen to use for

your trim check out the video in the

cards up top alright

trim color number one is decorators

white and its code is CC 20 dec Lite is

no stranger to the world of decorating

oddly enough even though it's been

popular for quite a while now it's a

known way dated decorators white

provides a modern finish with a very

slight cool feel that works quite well

with grace it's a fairly stark white

look but it still retains a soft edge so

it won't blind your eyes if you prefer

slightly warmer color schemes but don't

want to risk your wood work looking

creamy then look no further than simply

white oc1 1:7 this color has emerged in

the last year or so as being a great

choice for wood work it comes across as

white but its hint of warmth complements

the warm tones in white marble for

example the warm tone in simply white

does come from yellow so just be mindful

that it's really gonna stand out against

cooler tones on your walls which could

be a good thing or a bad thing if you

enjoy a nice cup of joe in the morning

and want to transfer that creamy feel to

your trim then give Swiss coffee a try

Oh C 45 is a more blatant take on a

warmer off-white with its deliberate use

of gray and beige Ness

Sara Lee the best choice if you're

looking for a more straightforward white

but when used in the right environment

it can tie the whole space together

perfectly for my cool color fans out

there I strongly recommend you take a

look at ice mist color code OC 67 ice

mists does have a touch of blue and

green which keeps it quite modern cool

and sleek ice mist works great paired

with other cooler tones but it can also

create a very subtle yet Pleasant

contrast with other warmer tones

throughout your room but here's the

thing sometimes you don't want to

analyze the different undertones in your

walls floors furniture throw pillows

whatever there are times where you just

need something simple and I'm not

talking about simply white again the

easiest option is the most obvious one

when you want a pure white my number one

recommendation is the pre-mixed white

otherwise known as super white pm1 or OC

152 this is the white that you'll find

pre-made in all kinds of Benjamin Moore

products whether you're grabbing paint

for your trim ceilings or even your

walls all of the Benjamin Moore cans

with white printed on them will be in

this awesome shade of white super white

is clean its straightforward and

simplistic if you're having enough

trouble picking the right wall color

then why over complicate things by

struggling with the variety of off

whites out there super white isn't going

to be the best choice everywhere but it

will likely work anywhere if you have

any trim colors that you love to use in

your projects I love to hear about them

down below and if you want a crash

course on the different types of

finishes check this out my friend this

has just been a bit of advice a tool

added to your tool belt but it's up to

you to use it