Today's Best Western - GLō Property Tour

hey howdy chat here in DeSoto Texas

South DFW so BEST WESTERN called me up

the other day and they were like chef we

just launched this brand new hotel

concept built the first one in Texas you

want to stay there I said obviously


all right so this is low it's a brand

new concept from the minds of BEST

WESTERN a big bright modern boutique

hotel experience I kind of feel like

I've stepped into some trendy person's

Instagram feed enjoy your stay

thank you very much all right let's go

check out the room

all right here's the moment of truth oh

oh yeah

dang check it out dude this is something

straight out of a design magazine man

look at all the color and I'm gonna need

a chair like that in my house and I got

like 20 places to charge my phone

1 2 3 21 22 and that's not even all of

them and another great thing is it has

all those Best Western standbys we loved

so much right free breakfast wing free

Wi-Fi and reward points whoa then what

else do you need I like it let's go

check out the rest of the hotel huh

whoa-ho Fitness Center

oh and a giant hot tub so I was planning

on leaving the hotel to go grab dinner

but when I checked in they handed me

this card and a code to find all the

local restaurants in the area

many of which deliver straight here to

the hotel so I think we're staying in

tonight boys and girls we think Mexican

food Thanks

boom just met the driver downstairs

having a little dinner oh man I should

have gotten a bigger Cup oh hey I forgot

to mention they had these new like

incredible gel topped mattresses so

anyway just wanted to add that good


wait did I tell y'all how incredible

they are because I'm laying on right now

and it is whoo it is fancy let me tell

you so anyway I just want to add that oh

and uh good night All Right see y'all

know wouldn't be a proper Best Western

stay without breakfast right so I got

the full day ahead of me and hopefully

you just got another reason to keep


so now glow get rewarded see what I did


change the slogan let's actually go get

rewarded I'm on today