The Ultimate American Breakfast | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

welcome to sums American breakfast a few

months ago Max and I were in London and

we shot among other things a traditional

English breakfast which is huge we got

to thinking why not a traditional

American breakfast you're gonna like

this so we like to say make America cook

again today we're saying make America

eat again we're not going to focus too

much on any one thing but a general

overview of a ton of stuff everything

that we believe in a hot form makes up a

proper American breakfast excluding

cereal excluding yogurt excluding fruit

there's none of that there's only the

good hearty stick-to-your-ribs let's

have a solid breakfast be happy about it

get out there and do our thing or let's

just chill on a Sunday and eat

everything in sight

so this is on this this blackberry

messed fruit box I have my list of

things we will be having pancakes with

bacon a Benedict Eggs Benedict who have

jalapeno waffles with fried chicken

sausages because they're part of every

American breakfast corned beef hash with

an egg on top of course a toast yes some

eggs just on the side I feel like I'm

missing something that's I say waffles

jalapeno waffles let's get busy we're

gonna start with our hash and our hash

components are these so we've got

chopped up corned beef from the deli

we've got a yellow onion diced up we've

got green pepper diced up give it a

little shot of neutral oil avocado oil

we'll put on the flattop like so and

nothing happens well because it's gonna

take a minute to get hot and of course

in a hash any kind of hash pastrami

corned beef roast beef steak Oh today my

bacon did I mention bacon have already

burned it twice

damn boy let me see if it's ready

in any good hash there is a potato

component and we're using two types

today one will be this potato that a

microwave for about three and a half

minutes cut the ends off I'll peel and

dice but also these leftover fries from

a recently shot episode and by recently

I mean like half an hour ago we shoot

two or three at a time I think you would

imagine that that had to happen we don't

like each other enough to do this every

single day three times a week

that's good shoot a couple at a time

we're all good dice this throw this in

everybody's happy so just a quick

outside peel get rid of that well throw

these in those go in and then those

chopped up fries now we're talking

here's what I love a hash is one of the

most versatile ways to use up anything

you've got and it would have been

criminal not to use up these fries and

that single leftover potato that I had

from something else so we'll just let

the whole thing start to work itself

into a wonderful softened jumble and

then we'll come back and attend to it

you know I can't remember who exactly it

was but one of our awesome subscribers

said that he used his leftover pulled

pork to do a pulled pork hash max

pandering to our subscribers one of our

awesome the guy could be a complete

douchebag but he took the time to write

how do you know he's awesome yes we

appreciate that look this is something

that we like we like hearing from you we

have this idea about a a cooking guy

town hall for lack of a better term and

that's kind of a determine Oh what to

call it yet every time I'm at an event

in a group of people in front of a crowd

regardless of what the intended

conversation is it always breaks into

casual food talk questions answers

questions comments suggestions hey Sam

how do you do this you know what I do I

like to take my left over this and I

turn it into that and it's a

ridiculously useful conversation for

everybody I have information to share

people have information to share people

writing notes getting ideas that's what

this is that's what this is so we like

the idea of doing that and because I'm

in San Diego we would likely do it here

live but we think that we would shoot it

and air it live that you could watch and

listen even if we didn't hear it live we

thought that we would shoot it so you

could hear what was going on they could

be really fun really fun okay the hash

is starting to work and just let me show

you that remember I said we could shoot

a couple episodes at a time so this is

just a little tiny bit of leftover

garlic butter it's going in here it's

going in the hash would I tell you

little extra bits of flavor take things

from here to here that's what it's all

about so we're not going to get rid of

that okay in the meantime old-school

pork breakfast sausages we'll throw

those on and get them going

who doesn't love a pork breakfast

sausage okay maybe a vegetarian

definitely a vegan and they make these

in in Turkey form I'm just telling you

you want to go full fat because that

means full flavor and if you haven't

scoped out one of our if fat means

flavor then I'm being delicious t-shirts

and by the way it doesn't say fine we

use other letters in there have a look

at them they're available below the

video look oh nice hello little piggies

by the way if you're curious about the

gender should be obvious female they're

all boys and before we talk waffles and

pancakes what's going on here the

steamed crap

dicks that reminds me of the bubble and

squeak from London bubble and squeak

from London yeah we didn't set out to do

similar things but we set out to do

things that make sense in this country

and damn corn beef hash is all that so

what we're here puttin this garlic

butter one of the hallmarks of a good

hash is flat and crispy at least for me

it is so once we mix in this garlic

butter and season it with a little salt

and pepper like I'll do now we're gonna

want to kind of squish it down and let

it do its thing just start to get a

little crust on it and one more move

with the sausages oh boy those are

gorgeous those are gonna be amazing I

love a good cheat and I've used one here

for our pancakes here's what I've got

I mean you will recognize this as

pancake batter and it 100% is but but

it's from a box

in fact it's from a just add water

pancake mix and say what you want and

you will I mean not all of you some of

you will [ __ ] all over me for that but

I'm gonna tell you something when I'm

making one two three four five six seven

eight things whatever it is do I have to

like grow my own wheat sew it or

whatever you do chop it down grind it

mix it with what I don't think so I'm

gonna add bacon to this when we cook

them on the Evo so I'm okay doing that

on the other hand the waffles are made

with jiffy cornbread mix butter milk and

milk and something else I can't remember

eggs right and I put you can see in here

I put jalapenos in there so I think

we're in good shape

alright we're checking our sausages look

at them

I'd say lovely little fellows almost

done when they're done we'll take them


oh come on fella stay here alright just

let me get my sausages off cuz they're


I can always throw them back on at the

last minute I could always throw them

back on to the last minute if I wanted

to give them a little wreath erm little

extra hit of heat but for now they're

gonna be fantastic

okay the hash is working look for the

for the Benedict I have made the blender

sriracha hollandaise sauce that we've

talked about before by the way it's on

my website it's fantastic I do need to

heat it up because it's gotten a little

cold we'll put it up here bring it back

to temperature let's talk about the egg

poached egg maybe the most important

thing in a benedict and not to blow your

mind not to show you a science


but here's mine you might be thinking

Sam what the f is that well I'll tell

you what this is this is an egg i

poached about an hour ago and the second

it was ready I took it out and I put it

in ice water the ice is since melted but

look what I have I have a perfectly

poached egg still soft with a runny yolk

right here but it's just in a cold state

when I want to heat this up I would

either put it in a pot of simmering

water for about a minute's

or because we're outside I have a

thermos actual thermos of hot water you

could take these on the road you could

go to a tailgate and make Eggs Benedict

you'd only have to worry about heating

up this and whatever protein you put in

there which by the way will be Tam in

this case

all the right things are happening all

the right things we just got a we got it

there's there's no good way for this to

happen now except for the [ __ ] just to

happen so pay attention we're getting it

going now we lift we spray we had the

batter I never know how much that looks

fine to me

no I want a little more you could take

the little bit that's all my elbow right

now Oh God

sure can now we're down and then we turn

okay next let's start a couple eggs

going because you can't have breakfast

without eggs right so some butter first

we'll give ourselves two eggs here

uno dos and we'll try and Center it a

bit higher let them get there so they're

not all one-sided okay it's a bit manic

but let's do this let's get our English

muffin ready and we can start it

toasting and let's get some bread

toasting because you can't have

breakfast without this and these guys

can all go on one two and our English

muffin for that you know what the eggs

are looking beautiful we'll give them a

little salt and pepper the hollandaise

is working nicely the hash looking

outstanding and starting to get some

nice color oh boy and the smell is

tremendous the sausages are done let's

check our waffle hello

jalapeno beautiful waffle looks like

your where we want you you can stop and

this muffin for the Benedict is ready

the toast is looking nice we'll let it

just do its thing there and now let's

talk about pancakes so now we'll take

our butter we're gonna try and do this

up here in the middle and make them

equal size if we can so let's go like

this we're gonna make three small

pancakes and they will all be centered

around a

little pile of bacon and then we'd go

like this you know



yeah so they're a little messy they're

gonna be good and the reason you put the

bacon on the flattop first is because

when you flip it over you want to see

the bacon if you throw it on the top

when it flips over it won't be there oh

gosh I got to flip these pancakes

yeah the pancakes are actually ready so

let's oh I'm not in trouble here

flip hello flip hello hello darling see

pancakes are female I don't know why

what is that about me and what does

their vote me that I got to cut those

little corners off and have a bite

there's something about a half raw

pancake with batter in it the real

really appeals to me okay well we're

here let's talk about the egg it's cold

it has to be warmed up this is the

thermos of hot water you should see

steam steam now there's steam so now I

take my egg I'm just gonna put it in


and just leave it and now everything can

come together pay attention while we lay

all the soaks it's gonna be fantastic

fantastic alright so here's how this

goes we'll start with we'll start the

waffle we'll start with the waffle and

we'll put it right here nice and I just

happen to have a couple pieces of fried

chicken for it which can't be a bad

thing no matter how you look at it and

we'll give it just a little drizzle of

maple syrup next we have our hash that

we're gonna put right here this is gonna

be just the smell oh boy

outstanding and I cooked an egg for it

it looks like that oh that's hot okay

pancakes pancakes we'll go here

let's give them a little syrup now let's

go Benedict will be built like this

Benedict their English muffin on the

bottom or ham on top gorgeous or service

aid right there look at the yolk inside

it's wonderful of course a hollandaise

oh the smell the lemony hollandaise is

such a glorious thing a little green and

a little pepper we've got a couple eggs

going here hello guys like this and what

goes better with eggs than bacon and

toast that and last but not least our

sausages that will put with our pancakes

so I'm trying to think if I've missed

anything I'm sure somebody will find

something but from the top view is it

time to eat you know there's a thing

called a mukbang or mukbang however you

say it that generally is one person

eating kind of a [ __ ] ton of food oh

sorry I was corrected by my younger son

that seems to know [ __ ] everything

it's people eating a bunch of food so

whatever the hell you call this thing

it's not gonna happen I'm just having

some bites like I'm having a bite of

this sausage because doctrine says

breakfast like a pork breakfast sausage

or or pancake with bacon in the top oh

my gosh or corned beef hash with not

just regular potatoes but french fries

chopped up for added crunch the garlic

butter is a great move

hello waffle and fried chicken and a

little bite must I

I must I'd like to see someone eat all

this I absolutely could not do it no way

two three bites of each I don't know

what you call that when it's a mukbang

mukbang and one person eats the whole

things I think that's the thing max I

think you don't know you don't know


the benedict let's try the benedict

let's check our egg come on do remember

i cook that egg like like an hour before

we shot this and then just wreaths

earned it in a hot water thermos hot

water thermos in a thermos you can do

this guy's and the reason I'd like to do

the eggs in advance is because if I have

a bunch of people coming over there's

definitely pressure to turn out a whole

bunch of perfect poached eggs five

people ten eggs if you're giving to each

it's crazy do them in advance then just

put them into simmering water for a

minute and they're perfect like this

so delicious and finally toast bacon and

fried eggs

I suppose this one right here could be

the classic American breakfast

old-school but for me when you dip a

piece of toast in and you break the yolk

like that then you have a bite there or

do this the bacon on top of that bite I

don't know if you've learned anything

today I hope you have that you can use

just our water pancake mix add bacon or

whatever you want corn make them cool

waffles with jalapenos you can pre poach

an egg and just rewarm it up later you

can use leftover french fries and your

corn beef hash and I don't know that's

it we're here for you

we're really here for you thanks for

hanging out with this it means a lot get

yourself some cast-iron pans get

cast-iron pans they're not just good to

cook with but look at their the