15 Wedding Registry Tips

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now that we've addressed that and you

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are going to be going over 15 tips to

creating the perfect registry so without

further ado let's just jump right on

into it tip number one start early you

are going to want to have your registry

completed before you send out your save

the date so if we're looking at like a

twelve month time frame you're gonna

wanna have your registry done about six

months before your event and that's

where all of those people who start

shopping ahead of time who want to get

you something for your bridal shower or

perhaps your engagement party you're

gonna want to make sure that you have

this done

with plenty of time to give people

plenty of opportunities get you all the

stuff that you need tip number two pick

three different locations low end medium

and high end and although there is this

allora of doing like everything 100%

online there will be people some of your

guests will want to go into a

brick-and-mortar store to purchase

something so be sure to select at least

one of the places that you register to

as a brick-and-mortar store option for

those who want to go in and get a feel

for it or who maybe procrastinated and

didn't buy something in time and then

therefore need to rush into Target to

buy you that perfect bowl that you need

for your kitchen tip number three use a

list now I'm not saying that you have to

do everything that is on a list but

oftentimes these wonderful registry

lists that stores will offer

I think Amazon has one too will help you

to remember things that you don't know

that you need obviously feel free to

pick and choose over their suggested

items but I do recommend at least having

a list as a springboard to make sure

that you don't forget anything and fill

in all the gaps and make sure you're

covering all of your bases tip number

four be yourselves as great if those

lists are and they are super handy

obviously it was tip number three this

one kind of contradicts that a little

bit feel free to add on things that are

uniquely you guys so if you are really

into interior design and you really want

some new throw pillows or a new piece of

artwork for your living room I have that

on there you don't necessarily have to

do things that are only unless do

something like and

perience instead maybe you want to take

a yoga class together I mean That's not

me and my husband but that could be you

you know so don't just register for the

essentials feel free to have some fun

with it as well tip number five and this

is something that I always share with

all of my clients upgrade your stuff so

not everyone is moving in together or

moving out of their parents home right

when they get married and oftentimes

they've already had their own place or

perhaps they're already even living

together and that could be you and you

look around you say well I've got

utensils I've got plates

I've got bedding I've got towels I don't

need any of those things however if

you're like me when I first moved out I

have like Goodwill tchotchke things that

have just kind of been pieced together

or passed down to me that weren't

exactly my style this is the opportunity

to upgrade those items because let's be

honest if you already have utensils the

likelihood of you going out and

upgrading those to something that's

slightly nicer is pretty slim because

you're gonna want to put that money

towards something else

this gives people the opportunity to

help you upgrade your space and give you

pieces that are gonna last you a very

very long time instead of your goodwill

pots and pans like I had when I first

moved out it was like it was it was such

a hot mess it was so hodgepodge in my

kitchen and towels only last for so long

bed sheets only last for so long

upgrading those items to nicer quality

items means you get more longevity out

of them and then you know you don't have

to buy it for yourself which is great

tip number six add some timeless pieces

I wish that I had registered for elect

like lay crew set look rasuu Dutch oven

when I got married like I I really

really want one of those but I can never

bring myself to buy something like that

but that is a timeless piece that I

could have thrown on my registry and

that would last me an entire lifetime I

also wish that I had registered for more

serving pieces but that's just me

personally I really really like to

entertain now you don't necessarily have

to register for fine china but putting

some bigger ticket items on there that

are good quality and are gonna last you

a long time is really in your best

interest because again let's be honest

you're probably not gonna go out and buy

that for yourself because you're

newlyweds and you probably don't have

like a ton of cash flow going around so

let someone else bless you and get that

for you now speaking of big-ticket

timeless items be sure to have a good

mix of high-end things and low-end

things because your guests are gonna

have a generous range of budgets of what

they can afford so balance out those


items with some of the smaller easier to

purchase things for your college

roommate who is a struggling journalist

you know so she can buy you a set of

kitchen utensils instead of a KitchenAid

mixer tip number eight over do it over

register I don't dang it I should have

looked this up beforehand I think the

rule of thumb is register for like two

to three gifts for each guest like so if

you have a hundred people then register

for I don't know two hundred things Wow

three hundred sounds like a lot maybe

don't do that one do like two for each

person you know so on top of having a

wide range for budgets you also have a

wide range of options because for me

personally if someone has registered for

like something that's decorative because

I like interior design stuff I'm more

likely to buy that because I like the

gift personally so having a wide range

of options for guests to select from is

again in your best interest and tip

number nine is gonna kind of negate the

last tip just a little bit you have to

know your space if you are living in a

studio apartment probably registering

for a barbecue is not a good idea

because you're not gonna be able to fit

it in circumstances like that I'd

recommend registering for experiences or

perhaps a honeymoon fund instead because

you just don't physically have the space

to get all of those things into your

tiny little apartment or into your life

because you may not necessarily have the

space for a KitchenAid mixer those

things are giant it doesn't fit in my

kitchen cupboards it actually sits in my

pantry on its side it's like giant

monstrosity that actually to be honest I

don't really use that often I went

through a little bread making phase and

I use it to need some sourdough so yeah

that one doesn't get touched too much

but I'm not a baker that if I was in a

smaller kitchen I probably would have

regretted registering for that but since

I have a big one there's just it's just

chaos in there so just throw it on the

pile tip number ten this is a huge one I

don't know if you guys know this but

actually do a lot of research before I

do those videos and I didn't see this

tip said anywhere and that is see it in

person for everyday items like plates

and utensils you're going to want to go

and physically pick them up and touch

them and look at that because while it

is super easy to just kind of click

everything online and say hey that looks

cute in the picture you may not know how

it feels in person like for me and my

husband for example when we went and

registered we did Bed Bath & Beyond was

of ours and we went and looked at the

utensils I didn't know that I was the

type of person that enjoyed a certain

weight to my utensils and still until I

started picking them up and I was like

oh that one's like ridiculously light

that's really weird

this feels bizarre to work with and then

we found the perfect one that had like

the perfect weight the tangs nearly the

full width of the blade and so Wow

registering completely online is

technically the easiest way to go I

would still recommend grabbing one of

those little scanner gun things and

going to a brick-and-mortar store and

walking around and picking up some

things because what you see online may

not be what you get in person isn't like

the story of our lives these days tip

number eleven think outside the box or

in it adding items like storage

containers man I wish I knew that tip

before I registered because I'm a big

fan of baskets and I use them absolutely

everywhere to store all of my kids crap

in fact I call them crap catchers and

well you guys may not have kids yet

getting storage items could be super

helpful especially if you are living in

a studio apartment and you need to

organize things in certain ways or

things like yard tools we have a yard

now and we have no tools and we have to

go buy tools to take care of our yard

again doesn't apply if you're in a

studio apartment but you could also use

power tools everyone could use an impact

driver and/or a drill getting a small

one like oh gosh I think Milwaukee

actually has like a pretty decent

compact size one registering for those

kinds of things because so many people

tend to think that registries are

kitchen items or bathroom items and kind

of stay there but really it's all things

to help you get your marriage started on

the right foot and just ways for people

to bless you so if you have a yard and

you need yard tools register for those

if you need storage stuff register for

that get some power tools feel free to

get a little crafty when it comes to

this cuz it's all about getting what you

guys need tip number 12 think ahead like

think long term I personally did not

realize that my house would become the

Thanksgiving and Christmas house and

don't get me wrong I'm super super super

excited that we get to host all of my

family gatherings because we just have

the house with the space to do it but

when I first registered I was living in

a two-bedroom condo and didn't really

think that I would ever be the person to

host these events I mean I wanted to but

I didn't know so while it does seem a

little bit random to get the turkey

roasting pan I've used that every single

year since we got it so even though you

may not have a huge space to host right

now if you think maybe down the line you

could be into entertaining then toss

some of that on there and that also

brings back in the timeless pieces just

think long term and that also means

registering for more plates and more

silverware as well cuz why do you think

you could probably get away with four

plates and four bowls for two people one

washing dishes sucks and so if you only

have four plates and you all have two

meals at home then you have to do the


so like come on let's be lazy together

and get more plates so you don't have to

do dishes as frequently right and - you

never know when you're gonna end up

entertaining in the future so I

recommend having eight to twelve sets of

each of these items just in case that

and if your particular line gets

discontinued and then you do become the

hostess with the mostest you will either

have mismatched plates or you'll have to

go out and buy a brand new set tip

number thirteen keep track of your

registry and update it as you need to

because who knows you could register for

a bunch of small ticket items and those

can get completely purchased out by all

of your guests and then you're like oh

wait shoot I don't have anything in the

fifty dollar range anymore I need to put

more items back on there

so kind of keeping a mindful eye on

what's going on with your registry

checking in I don't know once a month

once every other month to make sure that

well one is you can see what's getting

purchased because that is so much fun

and - so you can make sure that you

still have things in different price

ranges for your guests tip number

fourteen y'all I just learned about this

today like I said I do my research

before videos and I saw something called

a hold registry my mind is blown right

now did you know that a lot of different

registries will allow you to place a

hold on the items so it'll show you that

it's been purchased but it won't be

shipped until you allow it to be shipped

because wedding planning is chaotic

enough as is so keeping track of gifts

and thank you notes and trying to

organize things it just gets really

confusing that and if you're planning to

move you already have enough moving

boxes as it is so you don't necessarily

want to pile on a bunch of more gifts

and then have to get a bigger moving

truck you know I mean that's probably an

exaggeration but you get what I'm saying

it's it is really nice to be able to

control when those come in and it's also

a lot easier for your thank-you notes

which brings me to tip number

15 the second you receive a gift right

to think you know maybe not like the

exact second but write them as quickly

as you can because life will get busy

and after you get married life does not

stop so you're definitely gonna want to

make sure that you are getting on those

thank-you notes as quickly as possible

so you just don't have to stress out

about them later so if you don't choose

to do a hold on your registry that's

perfectly fine but as you receive the

gifts write the thank-you note because

then it's just you're checking it off

the list

and you're getting it done so that's

what we have for today folks thank you

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