How To Transfer Files From An Old PC To A New PC

hey so what's going on guys so some of

you had requested I do a video on how to

copy or transfer files from an old

Windows computer over to a new Windows

computer I'm using the GoPro to record

this guys so I can go back and forth

between this old desktop computer here

and that new one sitting over on the

counter there which is running Windows

10 I'm going to be moving my files which

include the pictures videos and music

and documents over to that system both

of these computers are running Windows

10 but that really doesn't matter if you

have a Windows XP system

I know Windows XP is long gone but some

of you may still have one maybe you're

trying to get the files off the old

Windows XP computer maybe some of you

have Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 it

doesn't matter you can use the same

process to copy files from your old

computer over to your what you call your

new one now let me show you real quick

though what I recommend you guys use is

a flash drive for this this is the USB

thumb drive or flash drive it's 64 gig

Sam disk drive this one's three point

USB 3.0 it's pretty fast plenty of

enough space on this thing for me so

what you want to do on your old computer

is go ahead and get your flash drive

plugged in and I'm going to go ahead and

go under what is called this PC or it

may say my computer or computer on your

system depending on what you're using

you go under your devices and drives and

you look for the flash drive then mine

is called backup so I'm going to go

ahead and select that you can see my

space is completely empty there because

I have plenty of I've about 60 gigs

there to use so I have now you know what

you got to do is you got to find your

pictures folder you know where you have

all your pictures in here let me drag

this box over this is where I have all

my photos at in my pictures folder here

and of course my videos are in here so

they're in separate folders you guys

have to go and be able to find yours if

some of you are wondering I just want to

give you a quick tip before you buy a

flash drive on any of these folders here

like you say your videos folder if you

want to know what size flash drive you

need you can right click on that folder

and when the dialog pops up you can come

down to where it shows properties you

can click there and then it will show

you right there the size right here that

is the size 3.19 gig and i told you my

flash drive with 64 gigs so I have

plenty of room on the flash drive to

copy those files over and that's one

little tip there you can go through and

right-click on each of them and do that

same process and add all those together

and then you'll know what size flash

drive you need you know I'm I don't know

how much data all of you have but anyway

what you want to do here though is I'm

going to slide this over this is the

backup Drive this is the flash drive all

you really need to do is right-click on

your pictures folder and come down and

choose copy and you can go in this blank

space then right-click and choose paste

that will copy that will copy the files

over to the flash drive and there they

are all copied over there's all my

pictures if I go in here there's all the

JPEGs of four-wheelers and stuff that I

had saved now let's say you see me copy

one over if you just simply right-click

on on that file you can come down and

choose copy if I was to choose cut that

would actually remove that file from

this computer like it no longer be there

so I'm only going to I'm only choosing

copy right now so if you guys want to

get rid of your computer you might want

to just cut that folder off of it

instead of copying either way you can do

it either way it doesn't matter but

instead of doing these one by one I'm

just going to show you if you if you

click out here on the desktop and you

drag the cursor while you have the

left-click down you can choose all three

of those folders at once and then if you

right-click on one of them that's

highlighted you can come down and choose

copy then come over to your flash drive

in someone somewhere in the white area

there right click and choose paste and

you'll see that it will actually copy

that will copy all the folders over on

the flash drive at one time

okay so you can see there it's done it

copied the rest of the music videos over

in the documents so now as we need to do

is close out of that

unplug the flash drive take the flash

drive over to the new computer and plug

that in now I can shoot click on this

down there to choose what happens or

open folder to view files and there are

the files that I just copied off of my

old computer over to this new one so all

you really need to do is go into each

one so you want your pictures first

just go ahead and go into your pictures

folder there left-click the mouse and

select them all if you just hold the

left click down you can highlight all

those folders blue but you got to make

sure it stays they'll stay highlighted

so there once they're all highlighted

like that you get them highlighted you

can right-click anywhere there and

choose to copy and then you just come

over to your pictures folder on your new

system and the box this white box pops

up and you right click and paste them in

there and they should all start popping

up in there there they are now they're

on the new computer that's all you

really need to do guys I'm not going to

go through each of these folders but all

you need to do is go in each folder

highlight all those files make sure like

I said that they're all selected blue

like that and put them put your videos

music and documents over here on the new

system you can see though when I did the

pictures it left a copy on the flash

drive here all you needed to do is

right-click on it now if you want and

you can choose to delete but that's up

to you guys it really doesn't matter

you can actually leave a copy on this

little flash drive that way to backup

but you can see there like said on the

new computer

there's the pictures so now you guys can

have fun copying files back and forth

between computers and basically guys

that's all I had for you thanks all for

watching guys if you like this video

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