What you should know before using prescription-free CBD products for pain relief l GMA

now to our new serious prescription free

pain relief one in five Americans suffer

from chronic pain many are now using CBD

for relief google reports six and a half

million searches for information in just

one month and Becky Worley visited a CBD

dispensary to take a closer look Melissa

McCarthy reportedly uses it on her feet

Gronk says it's changed his life for the

first time in more than a decade

I am pain free CBD lotions you rub on

your skin to reduce pain the idea is

that by rubbing it on it's absorbed

through the skin and it could impact

joint or muscle pain just ask athlete

ally Stoddart I played rugby for 15

years I play soccer now I got a lot of

pain Ally a cannabis health and wellness

consultant says she prefers CBD the non

psychoactive part of the cannabis plant

to over-the-counter painkillers

I weighed a couple of minutes and

literally it just kind of eases away but

amidst the endorsements and hype what

are you actually buying and where you

can buy CBD creams online but to be

honest it's confusing the dosages are

all over the place so I head to the

havahart dispensary in Oakland

California where they can explain what's

being offered plus whether it's

intentional or just ironic this legal

marijuana dispensary is directly across

the street from the Oakland Police

Department co-owner Josh chase shows me

the products they sell we pretty much

offer every single type of CBD that one

could find in any form what's really

interesting to me is how few claims

these products make and that may be

because the FDA forbids medical claims

for products we're rigorous studies

haven't been done was really up to the

consumers to up to the patients to

educate themselves and make sure that

the products that they're purchasing are

of safe quality or from a reputable

source but keep in mind if you do shop

in a dispensary do you take credit cards

so we make sure that we do everything by

the book by the city and state's law and

everything is cash

so this is something you want to try do

your homework and bring cash for Good

Morning America Becky Worley Oakland

California good thing to remember I

thought I Thank You Becky dr. Jenn

Ashton is here for more will do viewer

questions today and the first one comes

from Adria from New Jersey let's take a

look hi dr. Ashton I've heard a lot of

people using CBD oil for things like

stress anxiety muscle soreness but I'm

wondering how does it actually work

could they be making it up Thanks great

question that is a great question and

right now it's really about what we know

and what we don't know the bulk of the

pain literature in peer-reviewed data

comes out of Israel and Canada but

everyone is researching this and I think

it's based on this understanding George

of this endocannabinoid system and if

you look at the wall we have at least

two receptors that are called

cannabinoid receptors one heavily

concentrated in the brain that's related

to the perception of pain cb2 receptors

located all over the body and the

confusion here with respect to pain is

that THC which is the psychoactive

component of cannabis yes it fits into

that cb1 receptor but khat CBD also fits

in does not give you a psychoactive

effect that is really important but it

there is data that it can help you see a

lot of the prices say no THC

exactly okay we have another question

coming in on Twitter this is from Susan

she says I've seen 300 600 1200 and

2,000 milligrams how do I know what does

to try and what do we know about the

dosing here we see the different ones

here yeah wild wild west George and

here's the thing in in terms of official

recommendations so far the only group

that has guidelines out is the Arthritis

Foundation their recommendation is to

start with as few milligrams as possible

under the tongue twice a day if you're

not seeing an effect over days and weeks

increase its slowly and if you're

noticing any unwanted side effects

obviously stop and talk to your provider

the concept here is start low and go

slow and it's a lot of trial and error

it's not one side and this is not a beer

question it's my question I guess is

there any any concern about dependency

there not as much dependency but you

always have to take into account risks

when you talk about pharmacology if

you're getting a good effect you have to

be on the lookout of

any unwanted negative effects and right

now those risks are low but as always

talk to your provider if you are using

any of these projects and thanks very

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