7 Shaving Secrets | Best Shave Of Your Life | Grooming Tips For Smooth Shave

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

Today, I'm going to be covering seven shaving secrets that I think every men needs to know.

If I can go back in time twenty five years, guys, I would have appreciated this information.

But, I can't go back in time, however I do have an eleven-year old son who has just started

to shave his upper lip and I'm really excited because I've been giving him tips, giving

him information.

That's kind of what inspired this video.

Now, I'm going to support this video with a great free eBook over at Real Men Real Style.

This eBook is going to help you transition from cartridge razors to a safety razor.

I've also got information on straight razors, soaps, creams, and I like some cartridge razors

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But, in this eBook, guys, it's over twenty five pages, I'm also going to have a shaving

map which I'll get into here in a second once I get into these seven tips.

Now, these seven tips these seven secrets are things that I've learned things I've done

research on and I find a lot of men don't know this they don't think through this and

so, hopefully you will learn something new.

And, if there's a secret that you know that I've not covered in this video, guys, let

me know in the comments down below.

So, shaving secret number one.

Develop a routine.

Notice I didn't say fall into a routine.

And, me, personally when I was fourteen I fell into a routine.

I didn't know what I was doing and I just went off and got some shaving cream, a single,

you know, disposable razor, you know, that had like a single blade on it and I went at

it and had no idea what I was doing.

I went against the grain, with the grain, I was just trying to figure things out.

Guys, you want to develop a routine.

The first part, develop, so do some research.

Go out there, grab that free eBook, go out there and read, go into the forms, learn about

the different types of razors the different type of creams, all the options that you have

in order to get a great shave.

Guys, we're all different we all had different types of facial hair, we have different thicknesses,

different ways of growth, different amounts, start to develop your won routine.

So, a routine is going to be what you do day in and day out.

And why do you want a routine?

So that you can start to experiment.

Once you've been shaving for a while you've kind of go the way you've been doing it and

you follow this, then you can start to vary it up.

You can try different creams, you can try bring in pre-shave oils, try different razors,

and by changing just one factor, you can start to get towards that perfect shave.

Shaving secret number two is to properly prepare your face.

Now, you want to do this by softening the hair.

The easiest way to do this is to shave after you get out of the shower.

When you're in the shower, you're going to get nice warm water on there maybe even hot

water and what it's going to do is it's going to start to basically soften up the hair on

your face.

If you don't do this, then you can apply a hot rag right afterwards, let it sit there

for a minute or two.

The thing that conspires against this here is most of us are very short on time when

we're trying to get ready in the morning, so what you also can look to do is apply on

the shaving cream, then brush your teeth, do something else and then, shave, but give

it a little bit of time to soften the hair.

Guys, preparation is key for a great shave.

Shaving secret number three more blades do not equal a better shave.

Case and point.

So, I got this cartridge razor here, I've been testing it, it's got six blades on it

and I can tell you that this is not giving me a close or a very good shave.

It's missing points, it's too bulky, it just doesn't work for me.

This disposable with three actually gives me a great shave.

This straight razor with one gives me an amazing shave although it takes a bit more time and

this safety razor right here with a single blade, this gave me a great shape.

The point is is we live in a world in which everyone is trying to sell you with more megapixels

more blades, I mean there are going to be razors out there that have like twenty blades

on them and, you know, with one swipe you can get your whatever the story is, don't

fall for the hype.

More blades do not equal a better shave.

So, shaving secrets number four and number five, I'm going to bring them together.

Basically, use a shaving oil and do understand that there is a difference between shaving

creams and quality shaving creams.

So, shaving oils, if you're not familiar with these, you want to try this out.

These things are amazing especially if you're getting any type of razor burn, this one right

here is made by the Blades Grim.

I had these guys came out at StyleCon, they were big supporters and I love their shaving


Now, shaving creams, a lot of us are used to the propellant and this is probably all

we're using.

The issue is if this stuff has propane if it's propelling out of a bottle, try to avoid


Go with something that squeezes out of a tube or comes in a container.

You can go to Wal-Mart you can go to Walgreens, you can buy this stuff online, but I can tell

you that this type of stuff is going to be better, one, because it doesn't have the harsh

chemicals that we have in the ones that are being propelled, but when you use them together

and I know some of you guys are going, Okay.

Antonio, how do you use them together?

So, what you first do is you put on the oil, then you put on the cream.

Now, what happens when you have oil with a water-based cream, well, they don't combine.

They actually form two layers right there and those two layers those two lubricating

layers, they actually allow the blade to move very seamlessly right down and it gives you

an incredible shave.

Let's cover shaving secret number six which is to use a brush.

So, a lot of people they're going to use their hands and that's fine in a pinch, but if you're

at home if you're traveling and you can pull off a brush, use a brush.


Because it's going to better distribute the cream, it's going to basically get it under

the hair, around the hair, it's going to just do a better job of getting this out of putting

it on your face and you're going to get a better shave.

Finally, shaving secret number seven is to never shave the same spot twice and what do

I mean by this.

Okay, guys, think of beard reduction, not that so this is what I do, I don't know if

you ever cut yourself shaving the same area again and again.

Now, I talk about the importance of having an oil and then putting a good quality shaving

cream on top of that.

What that does is if you do this two or three times, you'll probably be okay, but if you

don't have a good cream if you're not using oil, what this leads to is shaving burn.

You want the razor to go one time and once that cream is gone, do not run that razor,

again, over and over.

That's what leads to irritation.

If need be if you want to get a better shave, perhaps you missed an entire areas right here

right above the chin, points like that, then what you want to do is clean off your face,

re-apply shaving lotion and then shave again, but don't try to shave dry because what you're

going to do is just going to irritate the skin and it's going to lead to a rash.

All right, guys.

Those are the seven shaving secrets.

If I missed something, please let me know I the comments and make sure to go check out

the free eBook.

Now, in this free eBook, I've got a really cool thing for you, I've got a full shaving


Yes, you'll be able to download this, be able to you can print it off, you can write on

it, you can take the image and you can like draw on it, however you want to do.

But, a shaving map is really important to understanding the direction that the hair

is growing on your face and how to best shave it.

So, guys, a lot of people never even look at something like this, but I think if you

take the shaving map, you will take the information in this eBook you're going to find that you

are going to get the best shave of your life.

Guys, that's it.

I'll see you in the next video.