10 Top Tips For Selling A Touring Caravan



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best offer bust payments hi welcome back

to the channel I hope you're all keeping

safe from well today's video is about

selling your Caravan and a top 10 list

of ways to make it easier and hopefully

you'll get the best price for your

Caravan if you think I'm selling your

tour in caravans there's a few factors

that you're going to need to consider

and a few steps that you're going to

have to take to get the best possible

price and get your Caravan sold here are

10 tips that I'll hopefully help you get

it right so when it's the best time to

sell your Caravan well the consensus

usually is between January and April

main reason being is because after

Christmas and New Year everybody's

thought process starts turn into

holidays weekends away getting out and

about with the kids but with the covert

19 pandemic everybody's holidays are now

on hold until further notice so this

gives you and now a little bit of time

to prep and get your caravan ready for

that sale pricing your Caravan this is

where you're gonna have to be a little

bit realistic you're gonna have to do a

bit of research online you're gonna have

to match your color for not with

caravans of the same make model year and

spec and you need to make yours as

attractive as you possibly can

you're gonna have to think about the

condition and whether you're included in

any extras with your Caravan like an

awning you're gonna have to make your

stand out compared to the others that

are on the market at the same times that

you want to put yours on the market so

where to market your caravan well

there's a number of online possibilities

that you could think think about and

consider like eBay

Gumtree Auto Trader

you could try opening up a little art at

your corner shop you could also prints

off your own a4 sales sheets and stick

it to the notice board in your workplace

one thing he could also try is open up a

classified ad in your local newspaper so

take a trip to your dealer now you could

ask them for a quote of for a price of

your Caravan excuse me

you could also use your caravan as a

trade-in against another kind of phone

you will get slightly more if you do

that and what you've got to remember is

with a dealer they're gonna want the

kind of and service up-to-date there go

on I want to do any minor repairs that

they find and they're also gonna want to

make a profit on your Caravan so you may

not get exactly the same amount of money

as what you're hoping to get for your

van you make it slightly more for your

Caravan if you're buying a top-end

Caravan from them try an online

valuation company they may be able to

buy your Caravan over the phone they may

want you to do a questionnaire on their

website so what information should you

include in your ad well first of all you

need to be open and honest right from

the very start the more informative that

you can be the better preempt what

questions they're going to ask and have

that information already in you your

investments be honest about where and


list any problems or damage to your

Caravan because you don't want people

coming to visit your Caravan stuff to

view your Caravan on finding things that

you've not been honest about right from

the start take pictures of any problems

with your Caravan so the buyer can see

what what they're dealing with right

from the very start right pros and cons

to the buyer because not all layouts are

suitable for every buyer save lots of

bright clear pitches and make sure you

take pictures of all the key features

like your harp you cook it your fridge

motor movers if it has them so include

all the key features in your ad

you want to make sure you've got the

price the make the model the year the

waiting of your Caravan you also want to

put in the dimensions of your Caravan

you want to say whether it's got the

Chris document presence service history

whether it's alarmed or it comes with

any security vise at devices or any

extras make sure you say that whether

it's single axle or twin axle you also

want to say where the washroom is where

the bedroom is as it fix bad as it got

bunk beds

is it a makeup bet at the front lounge

so you actually answering a lot of

questions before they've actually seen

your van and finally the presentation of

your ad is key to getting a sale you'll

need to get all your cleaning products

out you need to get in every single

cupboard draw wardrobe floors

inside and out it's worth doing because

as a potential buyer no one's gonna want

to buy a dirty van because it just makes

you think that you're kind of an unloved

so it's we're spending a little bit of

time getting it all nice and clean

getting it polished and it'll pay

difference of dividends in the long run

it just makes it more attractive to the


it makes your stand out from everybody

else's so there you have it ten tips to

hopefully help you get you kind of

unsold if you want an easier way of

getting your Caravan sold why don't you

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