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popcorn ceilings also known as cottage

cheese or acoustic ceilings have a bumpy

like appearance while some people aren't

bothered by this others find them

outdated difficult to clean and

potentially hazardous popcorn ceilings

installed as late as the mid 80s may

contain asbestos before starting this

project you should test the texture for

asbestos small mineral fibers that can

build up in your lungs and cause health

problems you can do it yourself

following appropriate safety precautions

and using an EPA approved test kit

available at the Home Depot or you can

have an asbestos specialist test it for

you the sample collected with the kit

must be mailed to a lab for testing for

a list of specialists in your area

contact the US Environmental Protection

Agency or go to a backslash

asbestos if you find asbestos you can

actually leave it in place if it's in

good condition according to the Consumer

Products Safety Commission the mere

presence of asbestos in a home is not

hazardous but disturbing asbestos may

release asbestos fibers and become a

health hazard

most people will want it removed and

this should only be done by a certified

asbestos abatement contractor the

guidelines in this DIY project are

suggested for those who do not have

asbestos present it may be difficult to

remove popcorn ceilings covered with

paint paint can prevent the texture from

absorbing water which is necessary to

loosen the material in this instance

you'll likely need a chemical stripper

to break down the paint barrier follow

the guidelines of your manufacturer when

applying the chemical stripper we're

focusing on unpainted material in this

video set aside a couple days to

complete each room that you tackle the

materials needed for this project will

be covered a little later

when removing your popcorn ceiling

protect yourself and your personal

property turn off the heating and

cooling system and the power to ceiling

fans and lighting fixtures remove all

furniture and miscellaneous items with

an extra set of hands if needed with the

support of painters tape run rosin paper

or a drop cloth with a waterproof

backing along the floor and apply

plastic sheeting to walls and fixtures

keep the room ventilated to allow fresh

air to flow in and out this is

especially helpful if you or someone in

your household has respiratory allergies

next prepare to scrape off the textured

material be sure to wear a dust mask or

respirator and safety glasses when

performing this step multifunctional

ceiling texture scrapers allow you to

extend your reach

using a handle or painters Pole and

collect some of the following texture so

you'll have less to clean you can do a

dry screen or apply a little water to

help moisten and remove the material if

the process becomes difficult for a dry

screen work in small sections of about 4

to 6 square feet for a moistened scrape

saturate a small section of the material

with a bottle of warm water mixed with a

few drops of dishwashing soap apply

enough to loosen the material but not

cause damages to the drywall under it

make several passes if necessary wait 15

to 20 minutes for the material to absorb

the solution then begin scraping if the

material is difficult to remove repeat

the moistening process whichever method

chosen use a small putty knife to scrape

corners crown moldings and residue and

around fixtures that are left hanging be

careful not to gouge the drywall or tear

the drywall joint tape throughout the

removal process

you may need to do some drywall finishes

after the texture has been removed

popcorn ceilings do a great job of

hiding ceiling imperfections that will

become visible once the material is

removed therefore be prepared to sand

the ceiling once the repair work is

dried keep the sanding to a minimum so

that you don't damage the ceiling if you

come across a visible nail or screw

below the surface cover it with joint

compound allow it to dry then sand the

area also Prime and paint your ceiling

once dried restore the power and the

room back to normal here's a list of

materials you'll need to remove your

popcorn ceiling

for more detailed information about this

and many other popular projects check

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good luck and thanks for shopping at the

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