How to REDUCE Hand Swelling

hey guys welcome back today I'm going to

show you some easy ways to manage

swelling in the hand okay so the first

exercise is going to be a pumping

exercise to begin this exercise for

swelling you want to make sure that

you're elevating your hand so that your

hand is above your elbow your elbow is

just about the level of your shoulder so

that it can circulate back to the heart

and the heart can pump everything back

out normally so make sure that your

patient is not down here which is where

a lot of people like to be get it up

here okay for this exercise there are

two parts okay there's going to be part

a which is like a fist and Part B which

I like to call a starfish so part a

bringing the hand up again elevated

position they're gonna spread the

fingers wide they're gonna pump into a

fist and then opening this is truly a

pumping movement there's it's gentle but

it shouldn't be super gentle you know

like pretend you're squeezing a stress

ball you want to repeat that movement

about ten times

okay Part B or the starfish

you're gonna spread the fingers wide as

you can and then squeeze them all

together make sure that you're using all

five fingers including the thumb and

again pumping not a super gentle

movement but not real aggressive either

and again repeating ten times another

exercise that can be really helpful in

managing swelling in your hand and

fingers is retrograde massage it's

something that you can do yourself at

home and you can educate your patients

to be able to do it as well for all the

therapists out there so the key with

retrograde massage is that it needs to

be really really light touch like

imagine that your finger is a

butterfly's wing and you're petting a

butterfly's wing it's a super light

touch it's not gonna be very firm at all

it's not gonna feel like a deep tissue

massage that's not the point

the lymph vessels need a very small

amount of pressure to move limp fluid or

swelling throughout the body and flush

it out so you always want to have your

fingers elevated to start like let's

pretend this this hand is the swollen

one so you're gonna have your fingers

elevated it does usually help if you use

a little bit of lotion or some kind of

cream on your fingers just to help get

the glide your other hand is gonna have

kind of like a real gentle pincher kind

of grasp right and what you're gonna do

is you're going to use that pincer grasp

and you're going to start at the very

tip of the finger close to the

fingernail and you're just stroking down

the sides of the finger nice and gentle

super smooth strokes alright just kind

of going down the sides of the finger

you can go front and back again super

light touch petting the butterfly and

just gliding the tissue down you're

gonna do ten strokes on each finger okay

and you just kind of keep going super

light touch not much pressure here

just helping to flush out the swelling

of the hand okay

so you keep repeating ten times on each

finger if it's really hard for you to do

kind of that one-handed attempt

sometimes I tell people to do kind of

like a like lacing your fingers together

so again you're going to kind of use a

real light pressure here and just glide

in the fingers down it's sometimes a

little bit easier for some people again

super light pressure you're not

squeezing them together it's just barely

touching and gliding the swelling down

the hand okay so those are just a couple

easy ways to start getting the swelling

in your hand under control I hope you

guys really enjoyed this video thank you

so much for watching please give it a

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