A Little Known Anti-Aging Tip To Keep Looking Young

Hi guys and gals out there. I'm Dr. Joe Nemeth

I'm a Periodontist in Southfield,

Michigan and I want to talk about maybe

a little-known fact that will help keep

you looking young as you get older. You

know, when you're young your skin is

tight its firm your cheekbones are high

your skin is plump like, Olivia get over

here. I want to show people what youth

looks like. So this is Olivia she works

in our office and this is what youth

looks like. I don't think I ever looked quite

this good, but this is this is youth and

we generally in our society we want to

maintain a youthful look as long as we

can. Now I'm actually a hundred and forty

two, but because I take good care of

myself I don't look more than 93 but at

any rate. One of the things that really

makes a difference is tooth loss and the

bone in your mouth. I'm sure we've known

older people who as they've gotten older

and have lost their teeth their lower

jaw starts to stick out a little bit, the

upper jaw starts to collapse a little

bit and it gives them that typical kind

of older look. Well you know in our

society again it's nice to look good

youthful look is kind of

important in our culture. So really one

of the tips in keeping good facial

structure is keeping your teeth. Adequate

calcium, vitamin D, good oral hygiene,

exercise actually chewing using your

jaw a fair amount and again good oral

hygiene as I've mentioned many times in

the past is critical. If you have teeth

and you have adequate bone, it's going to

help fill out your cheeks fill out your

jaws and give you a more youthful look.

Now as we get older if we start to lose

teeth when we lose

teeth that bone really just kind of

atrophies or disappears it goes away

because there's nothing to stimulate it

to keep it there that's what teeth do

they have a function they chew and they

need the bone to support them and so the

bone stays there but if you lose teeth

then that bone disappears, unless you put

implants in.

Now implants actually function like your

own teeth in many ways, they are like the

roots of your teeth. They're put into the

bone and crowns or teeth are put on top

of them and they function like your own

teeth. So they tend to maintain the bone

that would normally be lost so keeping

your teeth means keeping your mouth

healthy. Keep your teeth if you can, but

sometimes you can't and if you can't

then the best way to replace them,

virtually all the time, is dental implants

If you have any suggestions, we

would really like to get your feedback.

What else would you like to know about?

And again I'm Dr. Joe Nemeth.

Remember a healthy mouth will give you a healthier body.

Stay well and take care of yourself!

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