How To Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm in Your Lungs

excess phlegm and mucus in your chest

and lungs can be very discomforting

especially if you just can't seem to get

rid of it it can cause a feeling of

stuffiness and shortness of breath which

makes it difficult to carry out your

daily routine in this video we want to

share ten simple tips on how to remove

mucus and phlegm from your lungs in

order to make breathing easier be sure

to keep watching because some of our

best techniques aren't revealed until

the end are you ready Velasco


first and foremost you can try to take

the right medications the most effective

way to get rid of mucus and flim is to

take the medications that are prescribed

directly by your doctor this is

especially true for those who have

underlying respiratory conditions such

as asthma COPD or bronchiectasis but if

you're looking for other means some

over-the-counter medications may be

helpful as well

medications such as expectorants can

help to loosen up mucus and phlegm that

has built up in your lungs this makes it

easier to cough it up

or blow it out through your nose and

also certain types of decongestants may

provide short-term relief but they are

generally not recommended for continuous

use this seems like a good time to

mention that this video is for

entertainment purposes only and you

should always speak to your doctor

before taking any medications or trying

any of the techniques mentioned in this

video but let's keep moving on to number

two which is to drink plenty of fluids

you probably grew up here and your

parents tell you to drink plenty of

water every time you were sick or had a

cold it may sound cliche but they were

100% correct because it actually does

help improve the functionality of pretty

much all the major systems of the body

not to mention staying hydrated helps to

thin out the mucus and phlegm in your

lungs as well dehydration causes the

secretions to thicken up which makes

them more difficult to remove so listen

to your parents and try to drink a lot

of water and to speed up the process

even more drinking warm liquids can be

even more helpful in removing mucus and

phlegm because it increases the core

temperature of your chest and aids in

their removal now we're not going to

dive into all the different recipes and

home remedies here in this video but you

can sip on warm soup broth tea or

whatever you prefer do remember to avoid

beverages such as alcohol coffee or

other caffeinated drinks as

these can cause dehydration which as I

mentioned make secretions thicker and

more difficult to remove the next

technique is to take a hot bath or

shower in this case the main benefit of

taking a hot bath or shower is to inhale

the steam that is produced by the warm

water steam acts as a natural way to

help break up and get rid of mucus and

flim all you have to do is gently

breathe in and out as the aerosol

particles enter your Airways and lungs

the humidity from the steam should work

to loosen up the secretions so that they

can be removed it also helps to remove

sinus pressure chest congestion and

other nagging symptoms as well next you

can practice the deep coughing technique

deep coughing is an effective technique

that can be used to get rid of phlegm

and mucus as opposed to a hacking cough

that basically only clears the throat

deep coughing on the other hand is more

effective for clearing the lungs you can

begin by taking a deep breath in and

hold it for two to three seconds then

use your diaphragm and stomach muscles

to force the air from your lungs repeat

this process two or three times and you

should start seeing the positive effects

and another similar technique that you

can try is Huff coughing Huff coughing

is a forced expiration technique that is

an alternative to deep coughing and is

also helpful in getting rid of mucus and

phlegm all you have to do is take a deep

breath in that is slightly deeper than

your normal tidal volume breath then you

can use your diaphragm and the muscles

of your stomach to make a series of

three rapid exhalations with an open

airway this is where the technique gets

its name because at this point you will

literally be making huffing sounds and

lastly the final step is to perform a

series of controlled diaphragmatic

breaths and perform a deep cough if you

feel the secretions start to loosen up

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the next technique is to breathe

humidified air in general breathing dry

air can irritate the nose and throat and

make it more difficult to remove mucus

and phlegm so to help with this you can

use a cool mist humidifier to alleviate

dryness and add humidity to the air that

you're breathing by breathing in

humidified air this helps loosen up

secretions which makes them easier to be

removed by coughing and just a general

tip make sure to keep your doors and

windows closed in order to maximize the

effects of the humidifier you can run

the humidifier throughout the day but be

sure to clean the device frequently to

remove trap particles and be sure to

change out the water on a daily basis

and the next technique is to use vapor

rubs with this one just know that vapor

rubs are not meant to cure the problem

but they can provide short-term relief

they contain ingredients such as menthol

and eucalyptus oil that help to soothe

chest and breathing congestion you can

apply the rub directly to your throat or

chest in order to relieve the stuffy

feeling that is caused by excessive

amounts of mucus influent in your

Airways just know that as I said before

this is not going to cure the underlying

problem it's only going to provide

short-term relief number eight keep your

allergies under control not only

concedes no allergies cause a runny nose

itchy throat and watery eyes they can

also cause excessive amounts of mucus

and phlegm to build up as well so

keeping your allergies in check is a

no-brainer make sure that you're using

your typical prescription or

over-the-counter allergy medications in

order to alleviate these symptoms

because otherwise if they go untreated

this could lead to increased

amounts of secretions which is obviously

the opposite of what we want the next

way to get rid of mucus and flim is to

eat foods that are good for the

respiratory system anecdotal studies

have shown that certain foods and drinks

can be effective in getting rid of mucus

and phlegm take spicy foods for example

eating foods that are spicy such as

chili and cayenne pepper

they contain substances that help clear

up the sinuses and by clearing up the

sinuses this can help make removing

secretions much easier by blowing your

nose or from coffee now other than just

spicy foods some more examples of

healthy foods for your lungs include

foods that contain healthy fats spices

that reduce inflammation and fruits and

vegetables that are high in antioxidants

if you're interested in learning more

about which foods are good for your

lungs we have a video and a full guide

on our website I'll drop links to those

down below in the description and last

but most certainly not least you can use

an airway clearance device for some

people it can be very challenging to

eliminate excess phlegm and mucus from

the lungs especially in conditions such

as COPD bronchiectasis and cystic

fibrosis this is when an airway

clearance device may come in handy the

most common types of these devices are

handheld and come with the mouthpiece

all you have to do is simply create a

firm seal around the mouthpiece and blow

into the device against resistance the

device works by causing vibrations which

essentially helps to break and loosen up

mucus from the walls of the airways so

that it can be coughed up more easily

keep in mind these devices are typically

prescribed by medical professionals so

be sure to check with your doctor before

use so there you have it now you know

ten simple techniques that can be used

to get rid of mucus and phlegm and make

breathing easier

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ease my friend