Copper Sink - Clean, RePolish, and Shine!

welcome to another so your wife wants

you to and we are in my bathroom today

we're gonna take a look at my copper

sink and I'm going to show you how I

scratch I got the scratches out get all

the oxidation off of it and make it nice

and pretty again because right now is a

little less than prettiest so let's go

take a look okay so the supplies that I

have today some vinegar which this is

kind of used already but it's vinegar

from the kitchen or those little green

scouring pads just basically something

from the kitchen some paper towels and

then we're gonna play with this a little

later and see I know I've used this on

cars and I've used this on like

headlights and stuff we're going to see

how it does on copper so but so the

first step basically I'll just take this

green pad get it wet and just go around

the whole copper sink I've already done

some of this but it was looking so well

but I wanted to show ya so once you get

the whole copper sink totally wet with

the vinegar you can dip it a few times

now you want to get in there and just

start scrubbing it so let's do all

closed up here I'll show you you just

kind of go and circle like that

you can see

hi somebody's getting us we'll do a

side-by-side comparison to clean the

dirty here alright so basically just

taking some vinegar take a look how well

this does we have to press if you've got

a hammered copper sink really up to kind

of press like gets it pretty nice so

just kind of go around here the whole

thing and then let's see if I can

capture the scratches that this thing

leaves it actually leaves some scratches

and we're not focusing - well I know but

what I'm gonna do maybe it'll show up

when I use the scratch axe but we're

gonna see if we can get some of those

scratches out so stay with me and once I

get to sink done then we'll play around

a little bit with the scratch axe

one thing I don't like to do is use

power tools with this because you're

actually taking off bits of a bunch of

pieces of copper like microscopically

you're taking off a bunch of copper and

flinging all that copper around and if

you get in your eyes or your mouth

that's kind of gross so I don't like to

use power tools so much is just using a

little bit of proverbial elbow grease it

doesn't fling it around as much and you

have a little bit better control

all right so what's looking pretty good

here next step is now that it's all

rinsed off I'm actually taking a paper

towel and just getting all that

oxidation off most of it rinse down the

drain but there's always a little bit

kind of cling it on so we're gonna wipe

all that stuff off shouldn't look like


that's okay now we're gonna take this

scrap jacks let me just see if I have a

flash here oh look at that

let's try to capture those scratches

I'll show you guys I don't know if I can

make a frame yeah here we go perfect see

the scratches on the surface we're gonna

see if we can use that scratch ax and

get all the scratches off here's yes is

a great example so that's all this

scratches at the scouring pad left

behind so let's play with it okay we've

got a super close-up here I'm just gonna

take this stuff well super close up put

a little bit on the paper towel just a

little I could probably did too much

there but that's the thumb tip size and

how it's probably too much I'm gonna

kind of smear it around a little bit

alright see the scratches let's do this

half with the stuff and then the other

half without it I can show you we'll see

if it works I don't even know if it's

gonna work guys

I've wiped on I like to either fold it

or get another paper towel and wipe it

back off so so let's see if we can see a

line right here

may not be I don't know we're gonna try

oh gosh I don't think that's really well

advised I'll get what it's doing it's

like completely oxidizing that stuff I

don't know about this guy's I might just

say use like a wax and not worry about

the scratch acts that I didn't get to

scratch it out let's see

definitely oxidize the surface I don't

love ya I'm gonna say it probably didn't

even get the scratches out so so here's

a video on what not to do

don't use scratch X on your copper but

that is a good video on how to clean you

can see how well it's cleaned so that's

about all for now guys you got a good

video on how to clean a copper sink join

us next time and we'll see you guys

later thanks for stopping by