How To Clean A Stainless Steel Sink / Sink cleaning / How to clean your kitchen sink naturally

hi tarah here from living on a dime calm

today I'm going to show you how to clean

a stainless steel sink when we moved

into this house there was a really small

double sink and my ever so wonderful

husband put in a new one for me because

it would not even hold a pan and I was

so frustrated using that sink I couldn't

reach the faucets at the back and we had

to move the sink forward because it hurt

my back to reach and so it was a project

but we did get a brand new sink in and I

love it and I like the look of porcelain

better than stainless steel as far as

decorating goes but the stainless still

is actually a lot easier to take care of

I think you don't have the problem with

the scratches from the pans and all that

and with seven people the sink is pretty

much never empty and so I really just

like the ease and work as far as the

stainless steel goes I'm going to give

you two methods today of how to clean

your sink I use just regular comment and

it doesn't scratch your sink if you use

a paste of water on it um I really like

it because it disinfects also because it

has a little bit bleach in it the other

method is baking soda and vinegar now

this is a really good alternative if you

don't like the comet the only thing I

don't like about it is the vinegar does

not disinfect as well as bleach despite

all the rumors going around on the

internet it really doesn't we have an

article on our website that you can

click through and read on that but I

called the health department and it

really does not clean as well it only

cleans about 80 percent of the germs and

the bleach clears kills 99 percent so

that's where I prefer you know it's just

a matter of your own preference so if

you like the natural method better then

go for it so I'm going to clean one half

with comment and I'm going to clean the

other half with the baking soda and

vinegar and show you the results of both

to start with I use the wash rag that I

clean my dishes with to clean my sink

because I'm getting ready to throw it in

the laundry

um by the way a wash rag is a lot more

sanitary than using a sponge so we get a

fresh worse rag every single day and

this way I don't have to worry about

spreading germs all the time that kind

of thing

the first way I start cleaning is I take

my soap bottle and see all this soap

that's been dripping down that just

drives me crazy so what I do is I take

my rag and I rub it around and I get my

soap bottle all clean get out the soap

off and this way I get it put on my rag

and then I take my rag and I wipe down

my sink

oops I left my complaining things there

and I just wipe down and get it all good

and wet get all the food off let it soak

for just a little bit I don't scrub real

hard I let the water and the soap do the

work for me and one of the ways to do

that is to get it all soaked down so

that it's soaking and always use hot

water so then I go down and after it's

soaked for a minute or so and I start

wiping down all the big pieces of food

and get them down into the drain now

this you should do after you wash your

dishes after every single meal you

should wipe down your sink and this

helps keep it clean on a regular basis

instead of having to do a big cleaning

every week or so so on the left half I'm

going to use the comment and I just

sprinkle a little bit you don't need a

lot of cleaner that's plenty I mean

that's maybe a half a teaspoon teaspoon

and my sink is already pretty wet and my

rag is already pretty wet so I'm not

adding any additional water make sure

you scrub up and around and be sure you

really get back here because this is

where a lot of stuff really collects in

the back

well don't think to wipe down back there

I like the comet also because it gets

rid of little rust spots and that kind

of thing and that really helps to get

out some of those stains my sink is

starting to get a little stained and I

can't get everything out but I can get a

lot of it then I rinse my comment off

and you can just spray it down if you

want and use your sprayer although I

like to rinse it with the rag because

then I give it an extra scrubbing but

you don't have to just kind of whatever

you prefer and then if there's any

little spots left get that then be sure

to wipe down your counter then after

you're done cleaning you need to take

and dry your counter and the sink this

is what helps it keep it shiny and clean

and get all party now you can see right

here on my faucet where it's scratched a

little bit what happened was one of my

kids was we're cleaning and they used

one of these scratchy pads do not use

this to clean your sink it will scratch

it and so that's what happened here and

you can see unfortunately but that's

just life with kids so now I'm going to

go and do the baking soda and the

vinegar and you can already see just the

clean from the non clean how much of a

difference it makes so if you're going

to do baking soda get your sink a little

wet again sprinkle your baking soda on

just a little bit I use a little bit

more baking soda

I do the comment and then just scrub

again make sure you get all around here

all that gross get down all your edges

and on the back again around your

faucets just get every crevice and this

time I'm going to do my faucet here also

then you can take a little bit of

vinegar and pour it around I just do a

little bit and it will foam with the

baking soda and that's funneling which

by the way baking soda and vinegar makes

a great drain unclogged err and we have

that recipe on our website also that you

can I'll put the link in the description

below and then the vinegar helps get all

of the water spots and that type of

thing off all the hard water and then

just rinse it also and I just rub it


again you can spray it out if you want

but I just do it so that I can get an

extra scrubbing in and then take your

towel and dry the whole thing again then

you have a nice sparkly sink that you

can sit back and enjoy for about 30

seconds until the next person puts a

bowl in so if you want to add an extra

polish to your sink you can also take

baby oil and wipe it down with baby oil

and that'll give it a really nice shine

but I don't really go to that extra step

since my sink has only been this clean

probably twice in the last year that's

what we're doing videos because usually

it's full of dishes with all the people

we have that's how you go about cleaning

a stainless steel sink let me know your

preferred way to clean it or if you have

any other suggestions um if you have a

good way I've tried everything to get

rid of some of these stains on my sink

and I can't so if you have any good

ideas on how to get rid of them please

let me know in the comments I'd be happy

to try them maybe I'll even try it on

camera and see if it works

um but yeah this is how you clean a

stainless steel sink see the flowers my

wonderful husband got me I had a really

bad cold last week that actually put me

in bed and he brought those for me isn't

he sweet so one morning my son came up

and put this sign above the disposal and

the light on the kitchen sink on the

left it says see everything and on the

right it says wake everyone up I thought

that was pretty good

this bedroom is right under the kitchen

so he was always getting woke up with

the disposal going off because the rest

of the family doesn't sleep till noon

every day not dad he's 17

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