How to Clean Your Screens as Fast As Possible

when I was a teenager a source of

constant strife between me and my

siblings was touching the white weight

why'd you bleep that I said computer

screen anyway fingerprints not only

reduce image clarity but they also have

the potential to be super disgusting if

we consider for a moment the average

personal hygiene of an eight year old

and even a lot of adults I know and

since someone is going to have to clean

it off and that someone always ended up

being me and I mean we're even ignoring

the potential for damage from impactors

skin oils yeah people touching the

screen was a bulletproof way to set me


well fast-forward over a decade and even

I have accepted the touchscreen

lifestyle now now most touch devices

have glass fronts making damage less of

a concern but image quality degradation

and assuming you don't have fancy

antimicrobial glass gross Ness is

definitely still a factor so what's the

correct way to clean your screen will

start with mobile devices because they

mostly use Corning Gorilla Glass panels

more information about those available

here for a deep clean I recommend a

microfiber cloth and some 99% isopropyl

rubbing alcohol to help remove gunk and

kill unwanted microscopic nasties

another option when you're out and about

is the classic pants wipe or shirt wipe

because these screens aren't fragile nor

are they easily damaged when it comes to

desktop monitors TVs are really anything

that wasn't designed to be constantly

touched the rules change a lot you're

still going to want that trusty

microfiber cloth to do it properly

because this keeps annoying paper fibers

off your device but instead of you know

any cleaning solution you should use

plain old water it might take a little

bit longer but water used with a

polishing motion as you make your way

around the screen will get you a clean

screen without streaks not at all like

Luke's TV which a former however

well-intentioned girlfriend cleaned with

Windex destroying the anti-glare coating

ok Linus sounds great but I don't have

these microfiber cloths as you say can I

just use TP sure I guess

if you want to be wiping paper fibers

off with something else when you're done

no a better bet would be coffee filters

no one wants unnecessary contaminants in

their coffee so these are a clean and

fiber free alternative also they're very

inexpensive now before we get into

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