we've done this for years and it works

really well now you can see these

carpets are horrible I'm gonna share

with you what we use as far as products

and all obtainable at your local store

and of course it will be easy to do many

of you don't have the option to have an

extractor of course I'll of OxiClean I

love the odor blaster new one that

they've come out with I used one full

scoop and you do it before you put any

liquids in and of course it'll go right

into the jug just like that it's like an

hourglass then we use plain old regular

la dish soap and we like the Ajax it's

strong it's a grease cutter and we love

this stuff

we use the tar out of it and it smells

really good as well and in this we put

about maybe two tablespoons to four

tablespoons depending on how bad your

carpeting actually is we use any rubbing

alcohol we put about three tablespoons

in and then of course we use our window

cleaner any window cleaner will will

work you just want to make sure it has

ammonia in it and we use about six

tablespoons of that that's it now all

you do is fill it up with hot water and

we'll take her from there here we are

we've got our mixture mixed up what I

shared with you in there in the

ingredients we have a little hole in the

top of the cap and you can see the

OxiClean is going to town here is it's

going to work inside the jug you're

going to need a small brush and these

carpets are full of sand as well

it'll dry out don't have any worries

gotta get I like to spray it up here on

the top and let it run down and run

through the fibers look how dirty that

water is nasty this is how we do it

because I know a lot of you do it

yourselfers don't have extractors you

don't have all them fancy tools this is

how we started years ago and then you

can come back in a couple hours and

scrub it in again you won't need any

more soap we'll let that set and we'll

come back we're going to make our own

extractor now this is homemade and it

works just fine does the job all you

need is a cheap crevice tool from any

vacuum you can get them at garage sales

or whatever you want it's a duct tape it

doesn't have to be pretty this has to

hold it so you can get to job done all

we want to do you don't have to make we

don't a lot of people make big

productions out of stuff that don't need

big productions shopback you want just

make sure it's a wet and dry shot back

and you take the filter paper filter out

of the inside only let them soak for

maybe 15 20 minutes but look at that

this is the only way you're going to get

these cleans and you may have to do it

twice but look at that dirt but it'll

look awesome almost brand new when we're

done with them and this is the only way

you'll get sand out of your carpets as

well it's the larger version of an

extractor now what you're going to need

is your garden hose and your shopback

gonna be in a little bit noisy

and what you do is just trickle the

water and like this don't worry

not gonna go anywhere we rinse the dirt

from the top down

to use a variable crazy can adjust the


see it washing it down right there

look at that sand right there just

loaded with it look how much cleaner it

already lost the secret is in here

compaction and flooding the carpets not

giving the dirt a chance to go back down

but I'm sucking all the water out don't

be afraid you're not gonna hurt anything

you'll be very happy like I said I'll do

this two or three more times and I'm not

gonna do any more on the field

I'm back again

take care late