Water, water everywhere, but what's the best to drink?

it comes straight from the tap but these

days we're all buying fancy water sports

drinks flavored water and even something

called smart water today the doctor is

in Larry does it matter what kind of

water we drink you know Heidi this is

the biggest con ever pulled on all of us

any water that tastes good to you is the

water that you should drink all these

other waters are based on taste right

there's 2,000 different types of water

bottled water available today and what

gives the water taste is the minerals

that are put into it calcium carbonate

chloride magnesium and so the

manufacturers put different taste

quantities in it and that's what you

like if you like it that's what you

should drink can you drink too much

water well you it's hard if you're a

marathon runner and you overdose with

extra just plain water without minerals

in it you can take it too much water and

there's some people with psychological

problems who can / drink water but it's

rare very very difficult to over drink

the quantity of water so water promotes

better digestion and hydration and

function of everything but the old adage

that you need to drink 8 ounces of water

eight times a day there's no basis and

scientific fact for that at all so we've

got eight ounces of water here and this

is the rumor the wives tale was that it

would be eight 8-ounce glass and you

don't need that if you're generally

healthy and you feel well and your urine

output is reasonable and as your urine

is not concentrate it's like a pale

yellow then you're drinking an adequate

amount of water so designer wat any

designer of my choice any designer of

your choice there's to put conditions

where you need to worry about though and

that's one when you're exercising if

you're exercising you can't go on thirst

because your thirst falls behind your

hydration so if you're exercising

moderately you should have water 8 to 12

ounces every 30 minutes and if you're

exercising a lot like a marathon runner

you lose you know salt and your sweat

and sometimes you want to have something

like Gatorade that replaces the sodium

and chloride

but there are other medical conditions

that you should also be aware of with

with over hydration yes right and the

two that we worry about the most are

congestive heart failure people with

weakened tarts you know the hearts

weakened they can't pump out excess

water so fluid can back up in your lungs

those people really need to have

guidelines from their doctors and people

with weakened kidneys they can excrete

the same amount of water well we've got

the straight scoop here on water I'm

going to get out my divining rod and

head to my tap for extra flavor with

those minerals good so you should do

open the tap and save money open the tap

and save money