How to Choose a Water Filter | Ask This Old House

you go keV oh thank you Richard but

before I take a sip is it filtered yes

good because you know a lot of people

are concerned about the quality of their

tap water so they're always thinking

about how do I filter I know many people

out 90% of American houses get their

water out of a public water supply

that's perfectly safe

yeah and but they're still worried they

still go out and get cases of this

bottled water but there's no guarantee

that this is any better because this is

just many times water that comes out of

a tap and gets filtered it doesn't all

come out of a spring just tap water in a

box right so they want to find a level

of safety so at the least case you'll

see them do this sure they get a filter

like this and they'll pour tap water in

right and what that water does it goes

down through a cartridge like this

that's gots granulated activated carbon

and that'll going to clean up taste and

odor and some chlorine yeah so that's

great except that you don't get any lime

at it it's been filled up and it's

always empty right yeah it's a trick

right so what you can do is take the

same technology put at the end of a

faucet right here on the spout right so

you can see right here that this is just

gonna come out when you're washing the

dishes you turn it this way when you

want to have filtered water to drink

perfect okay just what you need right

now you can also get this level of

technology in a filter that fits

underneath the sink so right here you'd

have a series of cartridges right here

with a separate faucet right here nice

okay so instead of it coming through the

spout and come through right here and

you can do away with this thing that's

right if this doesn't always look good

in everybody's kitchen yeah

understood all right so but you can also

go one level higher under the kitchen

sink and this is called a reverse

osmosis filter now auro means tap water

comes in this way through a series of

cartridges a pre-filter and then this

middle one is this it's got a membrane

and now that water passes through this

membrane the holes in this membrane are

so small the only thing to get through

is pure h2o is water all no impurities

so what happens is it pushes pushes

pushes through into this tank you're

going to make 8 9 10 gallons a day that

I'm going to sit right here and then for

every gallon you make here one or two

gallons are going to go down the drain

of impure water so incredibly pure

bragging and not a lot of volume there

so you get some waste with it right all

right so

out that's going to handle the water

regionally over here

I'm so excited use I like to see some

sort of whole house filter at the lease

case so this is a really a pre-filter

that's going to come into the house

right here you can see there's different

cartridges that can fit inside it this

is the polyester one yeah look at this

right here this is the same filter about

30 days in oh that used to look like

that that's iron that's gone into 30

that's right and this is one that's got

granular activated carbon for chlorine

and taste and odour so pointy to me this

becomes route near the main so every

drop of water that goes with that goes

to this house sort of late it's going to

clog so I always like seeing this piping

arrangement right here which is a bypass

nice so if this starts to clog at least

for that period you can open it shut

this off up remember in most houses 40

to 50 gallons a day per person comes

into that building for flushing toilets

and for showering and everything else

and as you just pointed out this

happened in 30 days so it's running down

to the basement if that's right so

depending how bad the water is so here's

another pre-filter right here I like the

water comes in through here and you can

see there's a screen right here in a

particular micron you can you can order

and now if it clogs you can see it

getting clogged but instead of a filter

it has to be replaced this can actually

back flush and flush it automatically at

least you know you've got a high level

of filtration for all the water does

away with the filters perfect but it

sounds to me like these things are

catching what sediment things like iron

what if I'm dealing with odor or taste

or soft hard water well there reaches a

point that some of these small solutions

are not the enough of an answer and you

should go out and get your water test so

I know exactly what's happening on

certified state lab or a good outfit

that knows what they're doing with water

and once you do now you can go to a

whole house filter like this and the

only question is going to be is what is

inside this canister you know if you

look inside it you might see that you

need to have sediments and anthracite

coal this could be granular activated

carbon iron it if you got really acidic

water you might have limestone in there

right and so you're going to know what

to put in there based on what that test

tells you so you got just the right

recipe for your water and then

everything's perfect it's right

perfect Richard I love it now I want the

guys thirsty