10 Best Watch Brands For A Student Or Teenager On A Limited Budget - Under $500 - #GIAJ5


okay hi guys and welcome to another

episode of Gentry in a jiffy if you're

not familiar with this new segment by

now you really should get with the

program but basically this is just the

shorter quick concise videos where I try

and answer some of your most frequently

asked questions now before I get into

this I'll do wristwatch check I'm

wearing my little skx it is Seiko

Saturday so I had to put a Seiko on this

is my modded Panther cub 2 that I

recently just did a video on absolutely

besotted over-the-moon chuffed to bits

and all the regular cliche it's that I

seem to say but anyway yes so talking of

the skx it kind of ties in nicely with

the subject of today's video so the

question is and this was left on a

previous video this is from Alexander I

won't say your your surname just in case

but he says how do I collect watches as

a high school student so basically I

presume he means on a budget and I got

to say as a high school student first of

all when I do get this emailed in quite

a lot and it really makes me happy

because every time I hear about young

people God makes me feel old saying that

but every time I hear younger people

getting into the Hobby enjoying watches

and the wider sense neurology is watch

it makes me so excited that this is a

deeply inspiring for me and yeah so

anyway let's get to the answer shall we

now I've whipped down ten key brands

there are of course endless amounts but

this this really is the go to ten brands

I would recommend by the way all of

these watches most of the the brands

mentioned their sweet spot is anywhere

from 50 to 500 and beyond but you can

build an entire collection with some of

these for just a few hundred dollars

this is in no order of preference this

is just for reference okay

first of all we have Orient of course

Japanese brand started in the 1950s

completely in-house very very impressive

for the money I love their clean classic

tastefully done designs for example

their Bambino which is a wonderful dress

watch a recently updated with hacking

there's even a small second version they

got the mac or divers which are actually

I think they are ISO certified these are

the skx killers in many ways yeah okay

they're not the movie star iconic

quality but they are cracking

nonetheless if you want a chronograph

they do a quartz the Neo which is a

fantastic kind of Daytona

esque and I've talked about it before in

the best chronograph so I think it was

under 500 or something really really

cool cracking pieces on by the way guys

everything I'm talking about I'm talking

from firsthand experience I would never

recommend the brand or a watch that I've

never held in the flesh I know it seems

to be a big thing on YouTube especially

people recommending watches they've

never even seen in their life but you

guys know that Gentry doesn't do this

right so another Japanese brand we got

citizen here over a hundred years old

from Tokyo a very strong and lustrous

history many treatments under their belt

the first to produce the metonic

wristwatch they have their eco drive

technology which is just phenomenal and

really keeps costs down super efficient

solar technology basically as the chrono

master which achieved I think plus five

seconds a yen accuracy so when it comes

to horological achievements citizen has

definitely got it down pat and i really

do appreciate their quality here and

i've stated many times that in my

opinion at the entry level they're

better than Seiko much to the division

of some of the sake of fans but anyway

I'm being honest I have to be honest so

I've owned many of these over the years

the Navi Hawk aviation pieces the

professional pro master divers the sky

Hawk ATV has a radio control

I had a perpetual calendar which was

just absolutely feature-rich very very

solid they've got the performance and of

course with the Eco Drive technology

there you just don't have to think about


okay next we have an American icon of

course it has to be Hamilton I've just

recently bought a vintage Hamilton by

the way guys talking vintage these are

all brand new watches I think for the

newcomer leave the vintage stuff for

later on when you've you know got to

know watches a little bit more because

obviously more risky you don't have any

of the risks with any of these options

here so started in 1892 it's from

Pennsylvania now they were bought by

swatch I believe in 1984 so they're

swiss now but predominantly they were

American for the longest period of their

existence many icons under their belt

marine chronometer of World War two

they've started in over 400 movies

Elvis wore them insurer of course the

railroad pocket watches that was

integral to accuracy during that era and

you know the expansionism of North

America in my opinion the sweet spot

really is that they're filled watches

they haven't really changed since World

War two aesthetically only technically

of course they're much better you get a

Swiss made ETA in there that the

mechanical Manning wine door for a

little bit less we're talking about $400

here the quartz is obviously cheaper the

field watch is a legible functional it's

it's a grown-up watch that all you know

it will last your lifetime but if you're

willing to go to $1,000 they have things

like the expert role which I owned it's

just a stunning 77 50 caliber

based aviation chronograph there's just

so many Hamilton's I wouldn't know where

to begin

absolutely astounding watches clean

tastefully done very classic a true kind

of very American in their design

language and you can spot a Hamilton a

mile away sake of course who I cannot

make this video without mentioning Seiko

usually hugely important world-changing

horological tour de force with a

unmistakable history of innovation that

we could just talk about for hours my

personal favorite brand of all time they

have the sake of fives launched in the

1960s were that were deliberately

designed to bring the cost of mechanical

watches to a whole new audience very

fordable there is a never-ending

plethora of choice there I am glad we

could talk about the sake of fives until

the until the end of time terrible pun

there but yeah we could of course

there's the skx mine is modded so that

will cost you extra but it's a movie

star it's an icon it's completely

in-house as well which is very

impressive for a little bit more 400 500

600 we're looking at the there mid-range

which is very attainable with the higher

end movements things like the alpinist

which i recently reviewed the cocktail

time the saab zero three three very

elegant very refined stunning piece

unbeatable at this price range next we

have tea so a big heavyweight Swiss

brand part of the swatch group now but

really the backbone and the swatch group

and renowned internationally for their

quality so were founded in 1853 they

were actually the largest manufacturer

of Swiss pocket watches in the world

they specialized in more kind of

affordable entry-level Swiss timepieces

again we have so many firsts so many in

a history of innovation collaborations

with Amiga and the Mannie it just goes

on and on and on I've discussed them to

death but they're still innovating to

this day look at the power Matic 80

based movements which have really given

them an edge in affordability and

longevity in their performance because

they've slowed them down a longer power

reserve less friction on the moving

parts etc so amazing brand look at the

sea stars which are gorgeous there's

visit eight with the data complication

the lock for very more kind of classic

look very tastefully done and if you

want the chronograph they have the

quartz v8 which is very Daytona risk

again one I personally owned donkey's

ago before the channel

the PRC 200 which i think is gorgeous

another massive heavyweight American

brand this time it's time X founded in

1854 they started with clocks but really

they expanded beyond watches in the Cold

War they produced some technology for

the the

America missile defense program this

kind of things in the 1930s that had the

Mickey Mouse watch with Ingersoll in the

1960s they actually became the largest

producer of mechanical watches of all

time with watches like the Marlin and

revolutionized the football watch making

with the pin and plate movements

recently we've seen the Marlin being

reissued with a seagull manual wind

movement which it's fantastic I've

reviewed both of them check those out

classic dress watches with the the

phrase they can take a licking and they

keep on ticking I adore them but they

also do some fantastic courts kind of

sporty more vintage inspired pieces like

the Navy Harbor I've also reviewed and

their field watches again another maker

of field watches in world war ii world

war one just like hamilton check out the

expedition field watches amazing value

for money I mean these these range from

a basic courts with Indiglo which is

their own technology studying at sixty

to a hundred another world-changing

Japanese company it is of course cassia

founded just after the war in 1946

principally they're makers of cameras

calculators phones musical equipment all

those kind of stuff but they took that

expertise in electronics and they became

the world's first mass producer of

digital watches with many many icons

under their belt they kept innovating

they kept bringing new things to the

table look at the G shocks which are

fantastic perfect for a young person

with the active lifestyle utilized by

militaries and firemen and we you know

I've done countless videos about my love

for the for the G Shock from 1983

earlier there's there's the the data

banks the batch of the future and a

movie icon in itself and of course the

most popular digital watch of all time

the Casio f91 W which I also own only

ten dollars unbelievable value very

important brand indeed so yeah you

cannot ignore Casio back to the Swiss so

we keep kind of like ping-pong in from

Japan to the Swiss it is of course watch

founded in 1983 the Swiss is response to

the court

crisis they wanted to create something

affordable fun trendy bit more lively a

bit more challenging and of course

courts baseball now you can get the

automatics and they revolutionized the

world that quite reach in recent years

with the system fifty one swatch

actually is is a portmanteau of what

second watch that was the principle they

wanted something that you could just buy

affordably change with your outfit have

fun to make Swiss watches more

accessible to young people again and you

know what it worked it certainly worked

there's so many designs I don't even

know where to start there is a swatch

for everybody from really whacking crazy

collectible avant-gardes to dressy and

simple and elegant and timeless to kind

of almost satires of icons as well from

pflueger's to I don't know you know

there's even one they did for Madonna

that had lace bits of lace on it no fur

and all kinds of craziness

obviously the rare ones are extremely

expensive and collectible but the great

thing is on Amazon you can get them from

as little as 30 $40 and upwards

they're just so enjoyable you've got to

try swatch it is a design icon

undoubtedly okay next we have Victoria

Knox now Victoria Knox is actually quite

an old company founded in 1884 known as

Swiss Army they originally made bayonets

for the Swiss Army Victorinox whose main

achievement was becoming the largest

manufacturer of knives in the world then

diversified into cutlery and then in

recent decades into everything from

luggage to outerwear you name it in 1989

they started turning that expertise and

world-renowned respect for their quality

into watches the transition was seamless

their watches are renowned for being

well-made affordable also I think the

enix especially brought something new

brought that kind of tough outdoorsman

thinking into the watches this was a

watch that that you could run over with

a tank and they did all kinds of crazy

tests I reviewed it have a look back now

they have an automatic version which is

yeah it's got a bit of a Nautilus look

to it

very cool indeed but they also do

traditional the infantry quartz watches

very affordable more classic quality

quality quality they really are and of

course they have the Maverick - quartz

chronograph which I incidentally owned

before I had a channel last but by no

means least it is Bulova now bought by

citizen but they are actually from New

York still headquartered here and they

have an amazing history one of the most

underrated brands of all time their

legacy of innovation the Accutron which

was this you know I personally owned one

a very important pre quartz innovator it

used the resonating tuning fork as a

means of regulation I mean these are

fantastic in 2010 they they updated it

with the precision its taking that same

thinking but updating it again it's a

bit of a shame that precision is lines

from dressy to divers to the the moon

going chronograph they all famously worn

on the Apollo 15 the the second moon

watch so to speak amazing value for

money all priced from a couple of

hundred and beyond very well made and

highly underrated and underappreciated

in my opinion just to throw one quirky

option in there they have the curve

which is the world's first curved quartz

chronograph movement designed around the

curvature of your wrist so their history

is so lustrous and so amazing you've got

to check pull over out there's plenty

there guys do share your favorites I

know a lot of you gonna suggest brands

that I haven't even touched on but this

is tend to start with a little bit of

everything for everyone and you know

what you don't have to be young you can

be my age I'm still buying these and

enjoying them and that's what it's all

about anyway guys I'm going to leave it

there please do share your questions for

future episodes in the comments below as

well as your recommendations let's try

and help out as many people as we can

thank you very much to Alexander for the

outstanding question good luck in your

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