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started in number 10 we have for you as

the hires HL P 21 n pulsator one cubic

foot portable washer depending on your

priorities for a portable washer the

higher HL p21 n may be a perfect fit

it has the fewest wash cycles and water

level options of any washing machine in

our lineup however if you have limited

storage want a washing machine that is

easy to move in store and strongly

prefer doing laundry at home as opposed

to the laundromat this higher model is a

good choice for you and definitely worth

a look

in ninth number on our best washing

machine picks we have the Whirlpool WPW

5000 DW Cabrio 4.3 cubic feet 12 cycle

high efficiency top loading washer give

clothes a deep clean and gentle care

with the whirlpool 4.3 cubic feet top

load washer now you can wash more than

two baskets of clothing in a single load

so you can enjoy the space you need for

bulky items like comforters this top

load washer uses up to eleven adaptive

wash actions to sense and adapts to the

needs of each load while the new

low-profile impeller helps give clothes

a thorough yet gentle clean it's

seamless surface and unique vanes drive

clothes from the outer rim to the center

of this large capacity washer basket

where the deepest cleaning happens the

smooth wave stainless steel wash basket

gently guides clothes and helps protect

fabrics from fraying and snags

in number eight we have for you is the

Samsungs WV 9900 6.0 total cubic foot

flex wash the Samsung flex wash washing

machine adds more flexibility to your

laundry with two separately controlled

washers in the same unit the lower

washer has an extra-large capacity five

cubic feet with an assortment of cycle

options and features that include

sanitizing and steam settings for deep

cleaning as well as five temperature and

spin options you even have the ability

to add up to five rinses onto a cycle to

remove every bit of detergent from

larger items like a bulky down comforter

or jacket the smaller upper washer one

cubic foot is the perfect size for

washing delicates items prone to

bleeding or single items like that dirty

blouse you want to wear tonight in our

past testing we found that Samsung

washers exhibit excellent cleaning and

fabric care performance and we're

excited about the practical solutions to

some of the most common laundry

challenges that this innovation offers

if you have a spacious laundry room and

some cash to spare by the Flex wash it's

like getting two washing machines in one




in seventh number on our best washing

machine we have the Blomberg's WM

seventy seven thousand one hundred

twenty twelve program seven kilograms

load capacity washing machine this front

load washer from blomberg features a

compact design for flexible installation

not to mention powerful wash performance

choose from 12 wash programs including

baby protect spin + drain rinse hand

wash delicates to get the perfect wash

for any item a fast spin speed of 1200

rpm ensures your clothes leave the

washer ready for the dryer automatic

sensing technology automatically adjusts

water levels and temperatures depending

on the needs of each load to deliver a

wash performance catered specifically to

the load with 125 years of production

and expertise in the appliance and metal

industries blomberg is a quality and

trusted name in the European household

appliance market in number six we have

for you as the Kenmore's 40 1302 4.5

cubic feet front load washer with steam

and accel a wash fast and efficient in

any setting that's the Kenmore 40 1302

front load washer with a large capacity

drum made of strong material the washer

can easily handle oversized loads to get

your laundry done in record time the

machine rotates the drum at a rapid


utilizing powerful jet sprays to remove

dirt and soil from the water temperature

to the soil level you can customize

every wash cycle just the way you want

it if you need to clean a heavy

comforter this

washing machines sturdy the large drum

can take care of it the touch button

panel an LED display to offer quick

convenience and the load detection

sensors ensure that no water goes to


overall a fantastic Buy we highly

recommend it in number five we have the

maytag's mhw 3505 FW front load washer

with steam this 4.5 cubic feet front

load washer has 10 wash cycles with a

max time of 70 minutes on the power wash

cycle and about 45 minutes for a normal

cycle it also has a fresh hold option

which will keep your clothes fresh for

12 hours by tumbling and Fanning loads

that are left in the machine you can

program it to let you know when it is

done it has short programs for lightly

soiled clothing and long intense washing

cycles for very soiled items the steam

cycle is a great feature to have for

those have heavy soiled and stained

clothes I would highly recommend this

washing machine to anyone



maytag what's inside matters in 4th

number on our best washing machine picks

we have for you as the speed queens TR

3000 WN 3.2 cubic feet 26 inch top load

washer speed queen top-load washers

feature a one-of-a-kind wash system that

not only delivers the best wash

available but also takes care of close

the autofill system guarantees that

every load uses enough water for an

effective wash the tub and agitator work

together to create a gentle wash action

that moves the maximum amount of water

through the clothes providing the

customer a premium wash and level of

fabric air speed queen has specialized

in laundry since 1908 they no laundry

it's all they do they plan test exceed

expectations and they never sacrifice

quality for the bottom line their

commitment to maintaining high standards

is intentional the washers and dryers

they've manufactured for over a century

are proving to stand up to years of the

most demanding commercial applications

and these are the same machines that are

built and tested to last 25 years in

your home we highly recommend this

washing machine in number 3 we have the

LG's WM 3770 HW a 4.5 cubic feet ultra

large capacity turbo wash washer get it

all done in less time ultra large

capacity 4.5 cubic feet means you have

the room to do more laundry and fewer

loads give big loads the same great

clean while cutting your wash time by up

to 30 minutes with LG's enhanced turbo

wash technology this front loading

washer is a good value

boasting many high-end features at a

reasonable price point the little melody

that the WM 3770 hw8 plays at the end of

a wash cycle is a delight and with

cycles as short as these you'll hear it

sooner than you expect this was our

first LG product that we bought I have

to say it is very easy to use and our

clothes come out super clean also the

machine is very quiet our laundry room

is on the second floor right above the

living room unless I mute the TV I can't

hear it running especially during the

spin cycle I can't believe how you

cannot feel it vibrate at all during the

spin cycle well worth the money


fantastic bye

in number two on our best washing

machine pics we have for you as the

Electrolux EF LS 617 SI w four point

four cubic feet front load washer with

smart boost technology for a reasonable


this machine gets a lot of deluxe

features but the smart boost is the real

reason to get this washer the cycles

might be a little longer in the capacity

a bit smaller than some of the

competition but you'll be confident that

your loads are coming out not just stain

free but really clean it's always nice

when we can recommend both a washer and

dryer for those who prefer a matching

pair if you just want the cleanest clean

for your clothes and need a 27-inch wide

washer that will fit in your laundry

room we're confident that you'll love

this washing machine get the Electrolux

EF LS 6 17 s for its reasonable price

and top-notch performance

behind-the-scenes of the new Electrolux

washer is smart boost an exclusive new

technology that maximizes the cleaning

power of detergent

unlike other front load and top-load

washers the Electrolux washer with smart

boost has a special chamber that

premixes water and detergent before it

touches your clothes creating a better

cleaning solution that removes stains

quickly across the entire load and

delivers the most effective stain

removal available

behind-the-scenes of the new Electrolux

washer is the perfect steam option

unlike most washers that vent steam from

the top Electrolux perfect steam washers

vent from the bottom of the drum to take

advantage of the fact that steam

naturally Rises adding steam to your

wash second gently loosens dirt and

stains from clothes for effective

thorough steam removal

behind-the-scenes of every new

Electrolux washer is the lux care wash

system it's our newest wash system

refined from thousands of hours of

testing in our labs it gives you

improved wash actions responsive

temperature control and smart load

sensing the lux care wash system

provides improved cleaning and better

care of your fabrics in every cycle

in number one we have none other than

the Kenmore's elite 30 1633 6.2 cubic

feet top load washer this washer can

wash up to 32 towels in a single load

and gives your fabrics the right amount

of clean thanks to the new exclusive

quad action impeller when you need to

head out of the house soon just use

Excel a wash technology to wash more

loads in the same amount of time Excel a

wash technology combines active spray

which uses dual spray nozzles to deliver

concentrated detergent directly to close

and active rinse a high-pressure nozzle

that sprays fine water particles through

clothes during high spin speeds to get

full size loads clean in about 29

minutes without compromising performance

Kenmore is elite 30 1633 washing machine

has the best stain removal of any top

loader we've seen at the moment it also

looks high-end and can hold twice as

many clothes as your standard washer a

must buy if you are looking for a

fantastic washing machine for a large

house understands the need to handle

mountains of clothes so that's why we

designed the newest Kenmore Elite washer

to take on the motherlode with 6.2 cubic

feet of capacity

there's no larger capacity washer it can

tackle up to 32 bath towels in a single

load and that's just the beginning

exciting innovations like the exclusive

quad action impeller with 4 wash motions

fights tough laundry messes the new flex

pin action forces close up and over for

optimal cleaning performance 9 spray

jets penetrate dirt from every angle

while the wash basket powerfully moves

flows back and forth and Excellus oak

technology reaches soils fast by drawing

the detergent mix up from the bottom of

the basket while thoroughly saturating

the clothes on top delivering a deep


in fact no one cleans better in its

class giving you more of what you value

most time the innovative Excel wash

technology activates a powerful wash

sequence to get your laundry cleaned

fast the accelerated rinse cycle sprays

water through your clothes during high

speed spins for fast and effective

rinsing your toughest laundry messes are

no match for steam treat which lifts

hard to clean stains using the power of

steam virtually eliminating the need to

pretreat and the convenient new deep

fill option lets you control how much

water to use on select cycles with the

new Kenmore Elite top load washer big

loads are no big deal with innovations

like these it's no wonder Kenmore has

been trusted for over a hundred years 10

more understands the need to handle

mountains of clothes so that's why we

designed the newest Kenmore Elite dryer

to take on the motherlode with 9.2 cubic

feet of capacity the new Kenmore Elite

dryer can handle up to 32 bath towels in

a single load the intuitive brilliance

of the smartdrive ultra technology

senses when laundry is dry and

immediately ends the cycle saving you

time while protecting your clothes the

quad baffles innovative shape and dual

Heights allow clothes to open up for

ideal tumbling and drying need to revive

an outfit steam refresh delivers ready

to wear clothes straight from the dryer

in as little as 19 minutes the cycle

uses the power of steam to reduce

wrinkles and minimize odors getting you

out the door fast plus the electric and

gas models are both Energy Star

certified helping you save money and

energy on your utility bill the new

Kenmore Elite dryer these roads are no

big deal with innovations like these

it's no wonder Kenmore has been trusted

for over a hundred years

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