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Colorado this is Clete Crocker

I'm here to appliance factory managers

Kingdom on your own appliance guy and

today we're gonna be discussing washers

so what's so different about this well

these are family size washers and I just

want to take a look that looked at

what's been selling all year long of

2020 so these are the best of 2020 these

are the ones that have sold the most so

consumers like yourself have gone out

and bought these more than any other one

so I'm gonna start with number 5 our

number 5 unit really is an entry level

for front-load this is the model number

WF 42 H 5000 aw by Samsung

it is a nice front loader so here's

what's really cool lately well really

it's been a while now the all of the

washers have gotten bigger on the inside

so a little bigger on the outside so you

still want to make sure this stuff fits

for you but this one here is like the

opening price point of those washers so

even though it's the opening price point

it gets us to a very large 4.2 cubic

foot so that's large enough for a

king-size comforter it's going to handle

the clothes very nicely and if you look

inside its it actually really large on

the inside what I like about Samsung

particularly this model is this diamond

drum on the inside so what that means

it's gonna be soft and gentle on your

clothes it lifts up the fabric away from

those little holes in there so it

doesn't wear down your fabric so you'll

see that on practically every washer I'm

going to show you today where they are

really gentle on the clothes the front

loaders you know they kind of go with

first a really nice washer the second

level up is really a really nice washer

that has a sanitary cycle the third

level up is a really nice washer that

has a sanitary cycle and a steam cycle

and then above that would be one that

they add an allergen cycle to

so that's kind of what we're gonna see

as we go up through the lines today so

but this is the first one this one here

it is just a really nice washer it

doesn't have sanitize or steam next

one's will have that pricing right now

I'm looking now in today's the seventh

of May through Memorial Day to see if we

got a better advantage for you in

pricing there is no better advantage on

this one I can tell you right now 547 is

the lowest price out there it's gonna be

between now and Memorial Day so you

might as well come in now and get it

while they're still supplied before the

Memorial Day rush happens so this was

your number 5 let's go to number 4 ok

we're back we have the number 4

bestseller of the year this is an LG

this time it is very much like the last

one except it does a few more things

this is their entry level into front

load it is the it is the LG WM 3500 CW

so this is their entry level things as

you can know about it is it's got this

kind of graphite ring around it as you

go up in features to the next one that

I'll show you next you'll see that it

changes this a silver stainless steel

look or chrome look so a little nicer

looking but this one here number 4

bestseller it's larger than the last one

look we looked at the last one the

Samsung was 4.0 foot this is 4.5 cubic

foot and so it's a little larger what I

like about it

also is same thing as last time it's got

those bubbles in the drum that's going

to protect the fabric this one spins out

about 1,300 revolutions per minute so

what does that mean that means that one

after it's done with this spin cycle the

clothes are virtually dry so you're

gonna save a lot of energy trying to dry

whatever you put into this washer so

it's a good washer some other features

it's got it's got a tub clean cycle in

there the last one did to the same sins

are so clean so what does that mean that

is you know these things can get kind of

nasty on the inside with all the soapy

sludge that can go through them so

they're their cycles specially designed

to be able to shake all that off so

you put a little a fresh cleaner in in

your and your washer right in the drum

put it on a tub cleaning cycle and it

will clean the whole thing up it's it's

specially designed to make sure it stays

fresh for you another thing I like about

this one this one has Wi-Fi capability

so imagine being able to talk to your

Google home or to Amazon Alexa this is

one of those that can help control this

this washer or tell you one is almost

done it's actually really really really

nice I think I think you're gonna enjoy

that easy to use it comes in white it's

price right now is six ninety seven and

a week it's gonna be six forty seven so

save another fifty bucks

don't wait come on in now it's got the

30-day price guarantee at all the

appliance factory stores just come in

and now get it for the the great deal

that's coming up and you should be all

set so this is a nice one this is the

number four bestseller let's go to the

number three okay we're back we got the

number three bestseller of the entire

year of 2020

this is also an LG rates very highly

this one so now is where we start really

getting this some of the other features

one it's a little nicer trim looking on

this it's nice chrome looking on the

inside we've gone from four point five

this is still a four point five it still

has the really nice drum on there but

you're gonna pick up some features that

you didn't get on the last LG so this

one here it has a really good washing

action in it it's also got a sanitary

cycle so that means it's going to bring

the water up to a certain temperature

for the right amount of time and it's

going to kill a microorganisms it kills

99.9% of all germs that's really

important right now as we're thinking

about the corona virus and other

infections it could be out there not

only that it also kills allergens so

this one actually does some all the

things the sanitary cycle does plus

throw some extra rinses on there and

this is rated to kill allergens out of

the club

that's really good that's gonna be

really safe for some people so other

things it does it also has 1,300

revolutions per minute it's gonna make

the clothes come out virtually dry it's

got the collect tub clean cycle as well

and it's got the Wi-Fi controls that can

work with Alexa and Google home so very

nice unit this is really good this one

also has steam so this is the first time

I'm talking about steam on the water so


why do you mean in a washer it's already

read well well it's already wet so what

that means for you is that it's gonna

penetrate the fabric before it ever

starts washing and steams up first and

what that does is it loosens the fabric

it pops off the stain so it's something

you can use instead of using the stain

remover now just like a stain remover if

a stain remover we can get out the steep

the stain neither will steam but it will

keep you from having to put extra

chemicals into your clothes so this

one's actually really really nice it's

fully loaded its price right now well

you know what it's eight ninety seven

right now again in seven days Memorial

Day sale starts at six ninety seven you

save two hundred dollars use the thirty

day price guarantee right now come on in

today and get your get in at six ninety

seven so this is a really good one I

highly recommend it it is the number

three bestseller of the entire year well

this one's really cool this is the

number two bestseller of the entire year

at all the appliance factories out of

three states that we're in right now I

can tell you this is a big deal why is

it a big deal well it's got great

features but look at it it's

cool-looking yeah it's more than just

futures it looks good in your house this

is the new champagne color and it has

done very very well ever since it hit

the market so in terms of features on

this washer has got the things I like to

see on it's got the sanitary cycle so it

kills 99.9% of the germs it's got the

steam cycle so it's going to loosen the

loosen the stains up during the pre wash

and it will just pop those things off so

it's very very close to using this tape

or stain remover it's also got a very

large drum and we've got the protective

lifts inside there so it protects your

fabric when it's going on this one spins

at 1,200 revolutions per minute now just

to compare that you've heard me talk

about how many revolutions per minute

these have the old washers the kinds

that are in a lot of homes a day they're

spinning out at five or six hundred

revolutions per minute so this is like

double that so that's really good in

terms of saving energy when it comes

time to dry this also has a

self-cleaning cycle on the wash so that

your washer can wash itself so what

about pricey well right now this

champagne model is 677 dollars on

Memorial Day it drops down to six

hundred and forty seven dollars so that

saves you about thirty thirty dollars

you know

maybe they've been bringing this one

down as we got close to the Memorial Day

again come on in we'll get you set up

and at the 647 price so this is really

really good number two seller of the

year really liked it oh by the way as

you're coming in you know you want to

talk to yourselves associate about our

uncommon LG and the like a lot of times

we get stuff like if this in it has some

kind of blemish on their functionally

it's perfect just like the rest of them

and you can save hundreds of dollars so

let me give you an example of this

particular model we do have in stock

some white units that are identical to

this the same features is what you're

seeing this is 647 the white units that

are unguarded are five hundred and forty

nine dollars you can save another

basically a hundred dollars right there

so this was the number two seller and

let me take you to the number one okay

I'm here with the number one best seller

the entire year now if I'm being totally

honest this has an out sold that other

ones yet because it came in late into

the year it didn't it wasn't here for

the entire year so but the thing is that

per month this is outperforming

everything else that I just talked about

so this one really has the highest

growth rate of anything I've seen we did

a video on this a few months back it's

done extremely well and we continue to

sell these like hotcakes so what's nice

about this it's got more features and

everything else I've shown you it's

really fully loaded it's big it's five

cubic foot it is made for families I

don't care what size family you have

this is a nice one so what's so cool

about it well you can see it's got the

nice drum inside it's got the protective

lifts again to protect your fabric but

what is this this is actually a

microbial anti microbial band that goes

all around that so it helps keep germs

out of this helps keep it from growing

out order in addition to that if you

look on this back side

it's got special fence designed to

exhaust what's in there so you know

where some people and probably rightly

so they kind of lead the door crack in

order to have it smell fresh all the

time this one doesn't need to do that it

actually takes care of that for you so

how about some some other issues on

there well get ready for this it has an

odor block to keep it fresh that's kind

of what we were just talking about it's

got the sanitizing cycle to kill

bacteria even without so it's got an

allergen cycle on there to help folks

with allergies is actually rated to kill

allergies it's got a reversible door so

most washers will not allow you to

remove this door and put it going this

way instead of this one but this one

does this one you can actually unscrew

it here screw it in there and so what's

that good for let's say your house has

opposite hookups like most houses have

and so that you can put your washer on

the side with has the water hoses and

your dryer on its correct side or let's

say you're going to stack them if you

wanted to stack this washer and dryer

you would have to reverse the dryer door

generally well now you don't necessarily

have to you could just reverse the

washer door which generally is not

something that can be done so that's

pretty cool

what else it's got smart dispense okay

so I really like this right back here if

you look at it

you can open this up and it will hold 50

ounces of detergent and that detergent

is automatically dispensed into the

washer as it's needed you don't have to

do anything but fill this up and keep an

eye on it so that you know when to

refill it again it's actually very very

convenient for you instead of having to

reach for the soap all the time so

that's a very unusual feature it also

has Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi on this one

helps you know it helps you start it

from your phone you can stop it from

your phone you can monitor it from your

phone so it's just got everything is so

easy to use

it looks maybe complicated up here with

all the controls it's not what will

happen is as you're turning this and you

take it to the different settings that

we have here you just see things light

up and whatever lights up you can adjust

it however you want to just by hitting

these buttons below it and change with

the light set it's not complicated at

all actually it's quite simple so it's

big five cubic foot it's probably the

best for a family size of anything we

have okay let's talk about pricing on

this so right now this is set at a price

of 1177 actually ten seventeen said will

sorry about that and it's going on from

Memorial Day nine hundred and forty

seven dollars I can tell you that when

it's sold it's best it's always been at

that nine hundred and forty seven dollar

price point coming today

again thirty day price guarantee will

get you set up and you'll walk out today

with this product great price great

great laundry thanks and it's our number

one seller of the year so that's it for

twenty twenty so far