TOP 5: Best Walkie Talkies 2020

walkie-talkies aren't just fun to use

but they also offer safety when you're

outdoors in this video we're going to

break down the best walkie-talkies on

the market today we'll be taking a look

at walkies in every budget range so

regardless of whether you've got a few

bucks to spare and want the best value

or are looking for the best of the best

we'll have an option for you so if

you're interested in finding out which

walkie talkie is best suited to you keep

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don't miss anything first we have the

Midland GTX 1000 VP for our pick for a

great long range walkie talkie if you're

looking for a walkie talkie with a lot

of range to communicate with then the

Midland GTX is a good pick especially

for hiking hunting or other outdoor

excursions it's designed for distance as

well as clear conversation prices range

from under 40 to $100 for single double

or triple packs this walkie talkie

features 50 channels to scan for

activity across a 36 mile range which

can fluctuate a bit depending on the

environment conversations can be

triggered via easy voice and sound

activation transmission which enables

hands-free operation with up to nine

levels of sensitivity couple that with a

hundred and forty two individual privacy

codes splash resistant waterproofing and

NOAA weather scan to keep track of

severe weather and the gtx proves to be

one stellar companion for outdoor

adventurers the Midland GTX doesn't work

so well in urban environments with a lot

of buildings which means it's better

suited for open outdoor areas with less

obstructions it's communication ranges

excellent which is great when it comes

to safety in those environments as well

next up is the arc shell AR five four

hundred to four hundred and 70 megahertz

walkie talkie are picked for the best

budget walkie talkie

if budget is a concern then you're going

to need a good walkie that doesn't

sacrifice too much the Ark shell AR five

is great if you want a lightweight

durable and easy to use walkie

with good audio quality at less than $30

it's also light on the pocketbook the

ar5 comes with 16 channels that can

communicate up to five miles depending

on the environment sound quality is

superb for this price allowing for

clearly audible conversations

it also offers hands-free mode an

emergency alert feature and an LED

flashlight for late night navigation

though it lacks the longer battery life

of more heavy-duty two-way radios it

makes up for it with a lightweight

compact design and some nifty extras the

Archelle AR 5 lacks an LCD screen and

it's battery life is somewhat limited

but it's still capable enough for the

construction-site sporting events

security duties or even a busy

restaurant kitchen it's also great for

families to have fun with around the

house or during their next outdoor trip

up next we have the root of SH 777

two-way radio our pick for a great

walkie for large parties if you're part

of a large ensemble you'll need a walkie

that's well suited for everyone in your


the Rattata H 777 is an excellent

solution this pack of 10 walkies runs

under 120 dollars and offers great

quality for every member of your group

the rich have sh 777 offers 16

communication channels with a range up

to 5 miles depending on the environment

though it isn't water-resistant build

quality is nonetheless great and

designed to withstand more than a few

bumps during use it sports an 8 hour

battery life which can easily last the

day if used moderately and takes only 2

to 3 hours to recharge sound quality is

superb offering crystal-clear clarity

during communications build quality

isn't quite as high as hoped due largely

to the lack of protective rubber around

the body which makes it susceptible to

drop damage still it's great for kitting

out large camping parties a small team

of security personnel or even hotel

staff with walkies that offer excellent

sound and great battery life at the same

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LX t 630 vp3 our pick for the best value

per dollar walkie talkie finding a good

value per dollar walkie is tough with so

many to choose from

Medlen offers the LX t walkie talkie as

a nice sub $50 value option that blends

great construction and audio quality

with a nice few features to make that

dollar go further for the price you get

a walkie with a maximum 30 mile range

NOAA weather alert feature and 121 CTC

SS privacy codes it sports a backlit LCD

screen with an intuitive information

readout where many other walkies do not

plus 36 channels to check for activity

the LX T's yellow casing makes it easy

to spot if misplaced and evokes mode

allows for hands-free operation with

five sensitivity levels it's also very

durable thanks to a rubberized chassis

which makes it shock and drop resistant

it would have been nice to see

waterproofing included in the sturdy

design but the LX T is a great walkie

that balances price with rugged

construction quality great range and

excellent features which can provide

more freedom for outdoor adventurers who

want to venture a bit farther off the

beaten path finally we have the bow Fang

BFF 8hp our pick for a great overall

walkie talkie if you are searching for

the most well rounded walkie the bow

Fang BFF 8hp is one incredibly

feature-packed device with great battery

life that sets it apart from its peers

it comes competitively priced under $70

and features an easy-to-use design and

great build quality the bf operates at a

high frequency range spanning sixty to

one hundred and eighty megahertz which

makes it very easy to pick up signals

thanks mainly to its v85 antenna it also

comes equipped with a built-in FM radio

it's 2000 mAh battery can last 18 to 24

hours depending on use and aided by

three interchangeable power levels build

quality is excellent and even sports a

flashlight for a little extra

convenience the bow Fang bf can be a

little difficult to program with reports

of minor

we're bugs that can interfere with

operation still it's great for advanced

users who love more options and

first-timers will appreciate just how

easy it is to use out of the box it's a

great overall walkie with a nice balance

between quality features and functions

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