Joint Pain Supplements - Home Remedies For Anti-Inflammation and Tendonitis- Bodybuilding

hey what's going on guys welcome back to

the channel man I hope you guys are

having a great day I was just about to

go to the gym but my elbow was flaring

up a little bit and I wanted to share

with you guys three supplements that

I've been taking for a while that have

helped me out so so much with my joint

pain and when I stopped taking these

supplements that I'm going to show you

guys my joint pain in my tendonitis

started to come back and flare up and

that's what's currently happening right

now so while I've got these three

supplements I want to share them with

you guys now to give you guys a little

background story of myself I've been

lifting for seven years

I did bodybuilding for a lot of those

seven years and now I'm transitioning to

a little bit more of powerlifting and

getting my strength just just trying to

squat heavier at best heavier and

deadlifts heavier as well so that's kind

of where I'm at right now I also played

basketball in high school played you

know several different sports I did

boxing in basketball in high school and

I started to develop kind of like

tendonitis and joint pain in my right

elbow my right shoulder in my left knee

and I've always had problems with those

specific joints and I even have a you

know a little bit of tears in my labrum

in my right shoulder so that's kind of

my story that's my my back my background

story of injuries and tendonitis and

stuff like that so let's get into the

main thing of this video so the first

thing fish oil now fish sauce probably

the first thing that a lot of people

would recommend is great for so many

different things I take 1 to 2 of these

a day and if my tendinitis is really

playing up I take 3 now if you're Muslim

like me and you can't have gelatin I

called the this company right here

nature's bounty and I talked to a

representative and they told me that

there is no pork gelatin in these fish

oils if you are concerned about that so

I take 1 to 3 of these a day you usually

just want another thing that I love to

take is this move free by ship I don't

know exactly if that's the correct

correct pronunciation this has

glucosamine hydrochloride chondroitin

sulfate sodium hyaluronic acid and

calcium fructose

now obviously I'm not gonna get into the

science behind each and every ingredient

but these are generally the ingredients

that you're gonna see in joint support

supplements so Wilkos I mean Chondroitin

and MSM is also sometimes in these

supplements but the one that I use is

this mole free one and I'm not sponsored

by anybody so don't I don't have like

any bias or anything like that and then

the third supplement I take is turmeric

now turmeric is an anti-inflammatory

supplement it's really healthy for most

of the people if you're just a general

healthy individual you you can take

turmeric and all these others helped me

now before you take any of these

supplements out consult with a physician

or with a doctor and see that you know

it's safe for you to take all this stuff

right here but tumeric in general is

really good for anti-inflammation so it

helps with the inflammatory response of

your body and then it also claims that

it promotes cardiovascular immune joint

and skin health so those are some other

benefits of tumeric now this one

these have vegetarian capsules the

specific brand Spring Valley and so you

don't have to worry about pork in that

and then these ones don't have pork

either the move free capsules let me

show you guys how big each capsule is

because when I was younger I really

struggled with taking big caps or big

tablets I guess you could say

hopefully it could focus there we go so

there's that one it's uh it's relatively

big actually it doesn't look that big in

the camera but it's really easy to


they coated it with a certain like

slippery coating that allows it to go

down your throat easily and then the

tumeric oh that stings so there we go

there's the tumeric and I'm gonna pull

out one of each so you guys can see the

relative sizes

come fix one another so there they are

obviously the fish oil is the biggest

one and then the tumeric is longer than

the mole free capsule or tablet but the

mole free is a little bit thicker but

you get you get pretty used to them

after a while and they're pretty easy to

swallow and if you have a hard time

swallowing big pills then I would try to

find an alternative like many fish oils

and I believe they have mini tablets for

these as well if you really really

struggle with swallowing bigger pills so

that is pretty much it those are the

three things that I take fish oil

tumeric and then the move three top move

free tablets those are the three

supplements that I take to help me with

my tendonitis and to help with my joint

pain whenever I'm feeling really really

sore and stiff and at this age I'm 23

I've been listening for seven years I

have to probably start taking these on a

regular basis especially the turmeric

and the fish oil the mole free I would

probably only take when my joints really

really hurt or when I have a really bad

inflammation in one of my tendons but

other than that the fish'll and the

turmeric is something that you could

take every day even if you don't

specifically feel tendonitis or joint

pain so I hope you guys enjoyed that

video if you guys are new here please

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inshallah we'll see you guys in the next