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hey guys so today I will be sharing with

you my top 7 favorite vitamins and

supplements for growing your hair long I

find that these supplements and vitamins

really does boost your hair growth so

let's get started

right so the number one vitamin is

vitamin E vitamin E is very essential

for hair growth because it is ideal to

use if you want healthy scalp and

healthy hair it also has natural

antioxidants that could assist with

maintaining hair growth and it's

antioxidant properties could also aid to

reduce the amount oxidative stress and

free radicals that cause the hair

follicle cells in a person's scalp to

breakdown vitamin E also helps prevent

hair loss and also vitamin E helps

replenish shine that the hair loses as a

result of damaged number two is vitamin

b-complex so here are its benefits the

vitamin b-complex is great for keeping

your hair strong prevent hair loss and

excessive hair fall and it boosts hair

growth also when you take in vitamin B

make sure that you are drinking a lot of

water because vitamin B is water soluble

so it would really help right number

three is to take in zinc

now zinc prevents hair thinning and hair

loss zinc also helps in regulating your

hormone levels and also it prevents hair

loss furthermore zinc plays an important

role in our and a and DNA production and

this leads to a better and improved hair


it also helps eradicate the presence of

dandruff on your scalp number four is to

take in iron it has been said that iron

deficiency can cause hair loss because

when you don't have enough iron your

body cannot produce the hemoglobin in

your blood so hemoglobin carries oxygen

for the growth and repair of your cells

in your body including the cells that

stimulate hair growth also iron carries

oxygen to the roots for all-over hair

growth and the wellness of your hair and

iron for me is probably one of the

vitamins that I cannot miss out every

single month and I only drink iron for

seven days in high dosage in

months and through me that it's just a

thing that I find works best for my body

so definitely consult your doctor with

it before you take it iron supplements

number 5 is biotin biotin is probably

one of the most famous or popular

vitamins for hair growth biotin helps

hair production Viton is also great for

thickening the hair it prevents hair

loss it improves hair growth and it

helps with inflammation and not only

does it promote hair growth but also it

makes your nails grow long fast and also

it makes it stronger as well number six

is maca powder maca is high in amino

acids and B vitamins it increased hair

growth it thickens and conditions your

hair it also promotes hair growth and it

balances your hormones which can help

women experiencing female hair loss

regrow hair if your hormones are out of

whack you could experience hair loss

from that so maca powder is great for

preventing hair loss and at the same

time it helps your hair grow so that is

it I really do like maca powder I like

incorporating maca in my smoothie or my

drinks and actually I have been thinking

to include maca powder on some of the

foods that I'm eating as well or either

include that in the soup or probably add

that in a pastry that I'm making that it

will just kind of mask off the flavor of

the maca just in case if you guys don't

like its flavor is and lastly collagen

supplements collagen supplement supports

and increase hair building proteins in

the body it promotes hair growth and

once again it prevents hair loss and it

is suspected in treating dry brittle

hair and also collagen helps to maintain

healthy moisture levels in the hair it

also strengthens the hair follicles and

improves hair growth it increases blood

circulation in your body so increasing

the blood flow to your scalp is directly

beneficial in promoting hair and scalp

health I told you all that before I used

to take in the tablet form but now I

have it I feed on me just so that it

will go directly through my bloodstream

but however if you don't want it ivied

on you you can always take the

supplements I think that that is very

much accessible for everybody there are

a ton of collagen brands and probably

the ones that I find most effective are

the marine collagen so you all can go

ahead and pick whatever it is that works

for you but for me I find that the

marine collagen works best for me so let

me see you guys those are my top seven

vitamins and supplements for hair growth

but if you all aren't interested in

checking out the vitamins and

supplements that I mentioned I'm going

to put them in the description box down

below to where you guys can find them

and I know that everybody believes in

vitamins and supplements and you know to

some people they say that if you just

eat healthy no need for there's no need

for supplements and I partly I do

believe that but however if I'm just

gonna be honest I'm pretty sure that I'm

not eating all of the essential vitamins

and nutrients every single day I'm

pretty sure that I'm not getting a huge

amount of like biotin on my food or a

huge amount of vitamin E on my food

especially vitamin b12 or iron so that's

why I do supplements for me I have just

observed that ever since that I've

incorporated my healthy eating with

vitamins and supplements I noticed that

my hair grew long fast so that's why I

do supplements so that is it you guys I

hope you all found this video helpful

and if you did please give this video a

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found this content valuable and I'll see

you all in my next video bye