TOP 5: Best Antivirus 2020

the need for cybersecurity is sadly

becoming a necessity even for the casual

online surfer having reliable antivirus

protection is nearly as crucial as your

operating system there are a lot of good

antivirus choices on the market but

which one is best for you in this video

we're breaking down the top five best

antivirus software on the market this

year based on price versus performance

and situations they will be used in

we'll be comparing the products based on

their features ease-of-use and data

protection so if you're interested in

finding out which antivirus will be the

best for you

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don't miss anything starting our list is

Kaspersky Security Cloud 2020 our pick

for the best cloud and ourfamily

security cyber threats come in many

forms and on many fronts and if you need

an anti-virus solution to protect your

computer and devices starting under $55

Kaspersky security cloud is

feature-packed taking all the power of

Kaspersky's total security software to

the next level

Kaspersky gives you cutting-edge

antivirus protection the Kaspersky

security cloud is a security suite that

gives you personalized protection plus

an extensive list of cyber security

features including their adaptive

security technology it responds to your

lifestyle and internet habits and can

anticipate any cyber threats advising

you in action is required and also

automatically updates your devices when

the need arises the best thing about a

cloud-based antivirus solution is that

Kaspersky is able to provide

up-to-the-minute protection for the

latest threats by the time you read

about computer viruses spreading in the

news then making sure you download the

proper updates and then finally running

the antivirus software it could be too

late another key benefit of the cloud

solution is that it's not limited to

just one computer or one person you can

get coverage for up to 20 devices so

your entire family is safe that's

protection for everyone's computers and

mobile devices combined all under one

easy to manage dashboard now you can

enjoy your cappuccino and join the

coffee shops public Wi-Fi without

worries you also get the standard

arsenal of security features including

protection against phishing attacks

parental controls a password manager

banking protection basic VPN to keep

your entire online presence and habits

hidden and browser protection that

alerts you of malicious sites

Kaspersky even advises you to change

your password if a site has recently

been hacked it's also effective against

ransomware threats we've been hearing

about where hackers can lock you out of

your computer until essentially a ransom

is paid new users will get a 30-day free

trial and the first-tier subscription

covers three devices with the increase

of cyber security threats

Kaspersky Security Cloud is one of the

best cloud protection solutions that

will give you and your family peace of

mind coverage and provide a complete

security package for all your devices

next is BitDefender total security 20/20

our pick for the best value for the

dollar antivirus with everyone on

multiple devices you will need

cross-platform protection for all your

devices so whether you're on Windows Mac

Android iOS devices or a combination of

platforms between multiple devices

BitDefender total security 20/20 has you

protected the basic subscription covers

up to five devices for under $30 making

it one of the best value for the dollar

options for antivirus protection

BitDefender total security 20/20 is one

of the top security suites available and

it comes with a comprehensive list of

features to keep all your devices safe

and secure from cyber threats

although the desktop application offers

more protection and features than the

mobile versions for most users the

mobile version is more than enough

protection for you to join public Wi-Fi

spots without worry

BitDefender also detects and blocks

access to phishing malware and other

dangerous sites unlike some other

antivirus software BitDefender protects

on all network activities and not just

browsing so whether you're clicking a

dangerous link in an e-mail or if an app

is trying to access a malicious URL

you're protected included in the

Security Suite you get

wide variety of additional add-ons and

features including hotspot Shield a

popular and powerful VPN provider that

increases online safety and privacy and

helps you to maintain anonymity by

blocking trackers BitDefender also keeps

an eye out for malicious apps and

websites that try to access your

microphone and webcam without permission

safe pay is another nice feature it's a

dedicated browser that protects online

banking and other eet transfers from

snoopers and any malware existing on

your computer preventing screen grabbers

and key loggers BitDefender protects all

your devices across multiple platforms

so you do not have to find antivirus

solutions individually this along with

other excellent add-on features gives a

lot of bang for the buck

making the BitDefender total security

20/20 an excellent choice and one of the

best value for the dollar antivirus

protection available on the market

up next is Webroot SecureAnywhere 20/20

our pick for the best lightweight

antivirus full antivirus protection

doesn't have to be overly complicated

and bloated with all the features

provided in bigger security suites that

impacts your computer's performance and

storage space so if you don't need

protection across multiple devices and

you're looking for a lightweight

antivirus solution that still offers

comprehensive protection then for under

30 dollars for a single device

Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus is a

great option it's also ideal for older

computers that don't have today's

processing power

Webroot uses a I am machine learning

that helps keep the bloat down on the

software and it's algorithm logs

suspicious activity so they are


this makes the Webroot ransomware

feature exceptionally powerful the web

route journal and rollback system can

essentially rollback the effects of

encrypting ransomware should the

malicious script make it pass web routes

other layers of protection in the first

place while the average antivirus

software takes up well over 800

megabytes of storage

Webroot only takes up 15 megabytes when

it comes to processing power some of the

popular software eats up 300 to 700

megabytes of RAM and completely slows

down the computer when it's scanning

your files

Webroot requires less than 50 megabytes

of RAM allowing you to continue

with your regular routines on your

computer without any slowdown

despite its smaller footprint light on

system resources and better processing

efficiency Webb Roo is just as effective

as the other security suites and even

offers an appealing feature list

including real time threat protection

anti ransomware URL filtering and real

time anti-phishing its background

identity shield protects you from key

loggers screen grabber attacks clipboard

snooping and other attempts to steal

your data and additional features are

available with higher subscriptions

Webroot runs on both Windows and Mac

however Mac users should note that some

advanced features are not available

Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus is an

excellent comprehensive antivirus

solution that is lightweight in terms of

its footprint and has the ability to run

efficiently without hoarding your

computer's processing power by trimming

out excessive features and bloat web

routes subscription rate is also light

on the wallet if you're interested in

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Antivirus our pick for the best free

antivirus in the world of antivirus

software more expensive doesn't

necessarily mean it's better Avast

Antivirus may be free but it's

definitely no run-of-the-mill free

antivirus so if you're looking for a

free option to protect your computer

Avast is a great choice with a full list

of features that many of the other free

antivirus programs don't offer a big

bonus is that Avast has the largest

threat detection network any suspicious

files encountered by any Avast


are sent to a vasts machine learning AI

cloud for analysis and if found to be

malicious a cure or patch is pushed to

every Avast subscriber proving their

strength in numbers Avast Antivirus

works in real time using AI for threat

detection so unknown files are analyzed

before they Eve

get to you all done behind the scenes

without affecting your computer's


it also features behavior shield that

doesn't just check applications for

malware but keeps an eye on their

behavior for any latent scripts that

could trigger at a later date the

detection engine performs well however

it has a tendency to be a little

overcautious and may flag more false

positives than some rivals you can

install the free download in default

mode which also adds other helpful

utilities as well as security extensions

for your browser however you may opt for

the custom install if you only want to

vast anti-virus since it's free the

client interface shows unobtrusive

adverts as well as extra feature buttons

that promote the companies paid for

products which are not uncommon for free

software but for some you may find it

annoying but then you have to remember

it is free if you don't need all the

bells and whistles of extra features

then Avast delivers a comprehensive

feature set to protect your computer

from viruses and offers all the core

security features as paid security

suites for free finally we have Norton

360 deluxe our pick for the best overall

and best for Mac antivirus if you're

looking for the top-of-the-line and

complete security protection for your

computer or device then look no further

than the king of the hill Norton 360

deluxe it's a comprehensive antivirus

and security suite that offers great

features and functions to protect you

from every angle

in fact 360 degrees starting at under

$30 for up to 5 devices similar to the

other security Suites Norton offers real

time threat protection with advanced

security to defend against existing and

new malware as well as secure VPN with

bank great encryption to keep passwords

and banking information secure you also

get an encrypted password manager

parental controls and the safe camp for

PC alerts you when there are

unauthorized attempts to access your

webcam and firewall protection for

device security Norton's device security

is hard to beat sonar which stands for

Symantec online network for advanced

response is a combination of antivirus

security features that can also detect

zero-day threats which are unknown in

emerging types of malware it also

features many identity protection


found on other security Suites that

ensure your privacy remains safe and

secure while online the interesting

feature of the 360 deluxe is dark web

monitoring that notifies you if your

personal information is found on the

dark web for those not familiar the dark

web is where many of the hacked

information is traded and sold you'll

also get 50 gigabytes of secure cloud

backup which is considerable and can

replace your Google Drive or Microsoft

onedrive or be used in addition to your

existing cloud storage although Norton's

performance load is considerably lighter

than some of their previous system

crushing antivirus software depending on

your computer configuration and the size

of your hard drive the 360 deluxe still

suffers from slowdowns during its heavy

scans ranging from mild annoyance to

complete frustration when your computer

is practically at a standstill as one of

the biggest names in cyber security

Norton's 360 deluxe offers the best

all-around security package available

offering top-notch antivirus protection

along with a strong set of extra

features to keep your devices secure and

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