10 Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business | Free + Paid

if you're working from home you need

tools that help you stay connected more

and more offices are embracing remote

culture but it's important to ask how do

we build trust and relationships in this

new world of work one way to do that is

with a video conferencing tool welcome

to a roundup of the 10 best web

conferencing software tools for small

businesses we'll see a mix of free and

paid tools that help you stay connected

face-to-face no matter where you're

located whether you're working within

your team or with outside clients these

tools are sure to help before we look at

video conferencing apps and tools

let's see another resource for great

online meetings on Envato elements

you've got unlimited access to many

types of assets most notably that

includes professional presentation

templates don't forget that video

conferences aren't just web cam footage

many times they also include sharing

your screen and with the help of a

professional presentation template you

can create a design that's easy to share

and sure to wow Cisco WebEx is a

favorite tool for many large

organizations but don't miss out on the

fact that it includes a free personal

plan to most of the features that you'll

need are built into the free tier and it

includes space for up to a hundred

participants in each meeting you'll also

generate call-in numbers so that others

can dial in with a standard line went

away from their computer


zoom has really burst on the scene in

the last few years and it's easy to see

why it has the it just works approach to

videoconferencing it also includes a

free tier that's more than enough to get

started however it's also scalable to

enterprises of practically any size as

the upper tier supports a thousand

participants on a call HD video HD voice

and screen sharing is included in every

tier even the free one

if you're looking for simple you might

like join me it's a low-cost option

that's ideal for freelancers who need

the occasional videoconference option

you can create a personalized URL to

always host your meetings on an

easy-to-remember link share your screen

and bring others in to collaborate on

the work at hand

next up is an option that I'll bet

you've heard of Microsoft has two

platforms for videoconferencing that are

beginning to merge Skype for business is

still available today and is a popular

choice eventually you'll see this

platform merge with another option

that's already available Microsoft teams

the latter is a fully featured team

collaboration workspace with

videoconferencing included


our next tool is Google Hangouts meat

this tool is available if your company

uses G Suite which is Google's product

for workplace collaboration it's got the

strong mobile apps and smooth

performance that you need to make sure

you stay connected even though this is

targeted at G suite users don't worry

you can invite collaborators in for

calls if they're outside your

organization as well


GoToMeeting doesn't offer a free tier

but it does have affordable options that

might be right for freelancers or small

teams all tiers include HD video and

dial-in numbers for anyone to join plus

use the screen sharing option to show

visuals easily with no other apps needed

if you frequently set up meetings you'll

appreciate the tools ability to

administer and manage user permissions



ringg central's platform provides a

number of features that might help you

consolidate the tools you use there's a

cloud-based phone tool plus instant

messaging that your team can use to stay

in touch in real time all of these work

in conjunction with the fully featured

teleconference tool that has all of the

features you've come to expect including

mobile apps and screen share

click meeting has the standard features

you've seen in other apps that has its

own unique take on conferencing it

features the ability to do online

courses and tests it includes options

for polls and showing your teaching

materials to your class plus it has

tools targeted at producing product

demos and marketing to show your app in

action to potential customers it's

really built with these specific

purposes in mind and that sets it apart

Adobe is all about the creative world it

should come as no surprise that their

tool can act has some creative tweaks of

its own including the option to create

your layout of multiple panels use these

panels to shownotes

a drawing screen and other visuals that

complement your presentation

last but not least is uber conference

it's another option to try out for free

up to ten participants for call it

focuses on true simplicity in the setup

process and has an easy to navigate

interface choose it if you want one of

the simplest to create conference calls


if you're still looking for tools that

help you give a great presentation then

you'll want to check out place it most

of us aren't graphic designers and don't

have time to learn a new app to create

our own graphics with placeit you can

use a simple but powerful web-based tool

to create tons of different graphics

that could be a logo device mock-up

showing a product in the real world and

so much more presentation templates are

a start and place it fills them out with

custom graphics what tools are you going

to choose to stay connected and just as

importantly what resources like

presentation templates are you going to

lead successful conference calls with

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