Be the Best Pet Owner | Awesome Animal Vets

oh my gosh he's cute very nicely you

don't keep toggling the bond that I have

with him is just is unbreakable

smooch drop good


with me I think every animal no matter

how big or small is very social and

appreciates love and attention just like

we do that's hard work you did good but

it's been working as a service talk

about five years now okay they've just

had the sweetest bond it's I can't

imagine doing the last five years

without OSHA key we really got lucky

you're welcome

is key that bond that is formed is


they just make your day and they're

always there for you I've raised out

over ever since she was a baby and I

love her with all my heart yeah I bring

out over there clínicas dr. pol is the

best veterinarian I've ever seen in my


are you talking I love you too oh he's a

great pet owner it's not only one that

loves them a lot but also someone who's

going to be extremely dedicated and

maybe the most important educated what

we have to do is the roar of him so do

you like panic yeah that's what I would

use you know a lot of our I know

actually very well educated I like

people to have animals and if you don't

know how to take care of them

I will explain it in short as much as I

can to help them out best bass just grab

ahold of like this I learned how to pick

him up I learned got a hand no one looks

good yeah I'm a healthy happy bunny

there you go he's a big one

thank you pet owners should always ask

their vet several questions what is the

proper things we'll be feeding my pet

how often should I bring my petting to

see the vet does my pet need any

vaccinations does my pet need any other

preventive health care such as flea and

tick control or being spayed or neutered

nope I don't know

advice that I would dreams is to talk to

other people who have that species that

you're interested in as a pet and find

out one of my other pets environmental

needs dry environments the key no more

water no more water no more water just a

lot less what's the personality like

what are their needs like her behavior

is getting worse and your life is

becoming more exam because of her

behavior that way so what we have to do

is interrupt the behavior right to be

stronger than the bird when there's

behavior problems you have to reprogram

the brain doing the obsessive compulsive

grooming and eating progressively less

the same lose a job he needs something

to do he needs to have an enriched

environment he's gonna be back in here

for another hairball if we don't get rid

of the underlying I know mm-hmm thank

you very the most important thing about

being a pet owner is to make sure you're

able to provide your pet with everything

it needs you want to make sure you can

really take care of this animal before

you make it a part of your family the

top five things that I tell people that

every pet needs its sunshine fresh air

good food fun and friends