Credit Card Tier List (Best Credit Cards Ranked)

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this one some credit cards are much

better than others there's entire

YouTube channels and websites that are

dedicated to credit card churning and

getting the best cashback or getting the

best sign-on bonuses but today I'm gonna

save you a ton of time because I did a

lot of research and I actually got a

bunch of these credit cards and then the

ones that I didn't some of my friends

did so I was able to check them out that

way so these are gonna be some of the

best and the worst credit cards that are

available out there alright so let's

just jump into it first one on the list

is going to be the Amazon Prime rewards

credit card now I'm not gonna go too

deep into the details on these because

that would make the video way too long

and I want to keep this video well under

20 minutes if I can but if you already

use Amazon a lot you're an Amazon Prime

member to take advantage of that amazing

2 day free shipping then this is a

credit card that you absolutely should

get I use Amazon a lot in order to get

stuff delivered to me so for instance

I'll get paper towels and toothpaste

delivered to me every few months and it

just saves me a lot of time and a lot of

hassle overall and to me that's worth

paying a little bit extra for the

delivery so if you're already using

Amazon for that reason you are going to

get five percent cashback on your

purchases that is incredibly good now on

top of that you also get two percent

cashback at restaurants and gas stations

this is a no annual fee credit card if

you don't count the amount of money that

you have to pay for your Prime

membership and overall I just think the

combination of the amount of time that

Amazon saves you the value that they

give the fact that you can get stuff in

two days if you need it and the fact

that it gives five percent cash back on

all purchases at Amazon as well as Whole

Foods means that this one is s2 your


I have this card and it's one of my

favorites another one that I have is

going to be the American Express gold

card and this one is especially good

when it comes to dining out so first of

all it offers a really good sign-on

bonus I think at the time I signed on I

got I think 40,000 points as long as I

spent $4,000 within the first three

months right now I saw some of the

promos that were

were around 35,000 membership reward

points but I'm sure if you looked around

enough you could find something better

than that

now on top of that it does offer four

times the amount of Membership Rewards

points when it comes to cashback if you

use it for dining out and then three

times the amount of points if you use it

for flights now this is a annual fee

credit card and it does cost about two

hundred and fifty dollars a year a lot

of channels out there love recommending

annual fee credit cards and in my

opinion for the average person they're

not going to be worth it there are a few

exceptions in my opinion ones that

really do offer just an exceptional you

know sign-on bonus or something along

those lines and I included both of those

on this list and the American Express

gold card is one of those this is also a

card that doesn't have foreign

transaction fees so that's kind of a

nice perk sometimes I go across the

border to Canada and I do end up using

this card a lot of the time and

basically without getting into too much

of the details this is a really good

card if you want to use it for dining

and it's pretty good if you want to use

it for travel as well so if you're

someone who spends a lot of money dining

out or if you're someone who spends a

lot of money traveling then you might

want to look into getting this card

however if you don't already spend a lot

of money in one of those two categories

you probably don't want to get this card

because you're going to feel like you're

kind of forced to spend that money that

four thousand dollars that you have to

spend within the first three months

you're probably going to end up spending

it on things that you wouldn't have

bought otherwise when I first got this

card I was going to be buying a computer

anyways and so I got the card I spent

the money on the computer that I was

going to buy anyways and that's how I

was able to meet that four thousand

dollars within the first three months

relatively easily a lot of people fall

for the trap on these annual fee credit

cards of thinking that they're not going

to spend more just to meet that initial

amount so be really careful there

overall I'm gonna go ahead and put this

one in a tier another one that I didn't

include on this list that is also really

good in my opinion is going to be the

American Express blue cash everyday card

so if you want to use American Express

but you don't want to do the annual fee

I would recommend doing that one the

only downside to using American Express

cards is there's a lot of places that

actually don't accept American Express

and so you'll end up having to use

another card anyways next one on the

list is going to be the Apple credit

card and honestly this one has had a lot

of changes since it first came out

and basically the big thing about this

one is if you have an iPhone and you use

Apple pay for your purchases and you use

the credit card through Apple pay then

you can get some really good cashback

bonuses for instance you can get 3%

cashback at Nike stores as well as if

you buy any Apple products

you also get 2% cashback on most other

purchases if you use Apple pay but

there's two big problems with this the

first one is not everybody has an iPhone

and then the second big problem is not

all places actually accept Apple pay I

see this one potentially becoming a dark

horse candidate though in the future as

more and more places start to accept

Apple pay and more and more people start

to buy iPhones I don't personally have

an iPhone I have a Google pixel and so I

don't actually own this card myself but

I do have some friends that own it and

it's pretty good they like it overall

I'm gonna have to go ahead and put this

one in C tier just because of the fact

that not everyone has an iPhone and yes

I'm probably being a little bit salty

here next one on the list is going to be

the Bank of America cash rewards card

and this is one of those cards you're

gonna see a lot if you go to some of the

you know credit card channels on YouTube

and the reason for that is because they

offer really good cashback but there's a

few little asterisks in there okay first

of all I have to give them credit they

offer an incredible sign-up fee where if

you spend $1,000 within the first three

months you're going to get $200 online

cash rewards back honestly that's one of

the best offers out there so the big

selling point here is you get to choose

a category like let's say you spend a

lot of money on gas or let's say you

spend a lot of money dining out you can

choose that one category and you can get

3% cashback but there's all kinds of

tiny little exceptions to this like you

can only spend up to $2,500 on your

combined choices and if you are a

preferred Rewards member aka somebody

who also banks with them you can get 25

to 75 percent more on your cashback and

I think because of the fact that it has

such a good sign on bonus this is

definitely a great one if you're a

beginner and you want to get your first

couple credit cards and if you're smart

about how you use the 3% cashback

category and you read all the little

exceptions that they have you can really

maximize this card so overall I'm gonna

have to put this one in a tier next one

on the list is going to be the Chase

Sapphire Reserve and

is going to be the second annual fee

credit card that I recommend so if

you're somebody who travels all the time

this might be the best card for you what

I mean by that is if you're somebody who

spends a lot of money traveling already

you're not planning on doing it but

you're doing it already getting this

card can definitely pay off for you and

that's because you can earn 50,000 bonus

points as long as you spend four

thousand dollars in purchases in your

first three months and that equates to

about seven hundred and fifty dollars in

travel credit on top of that you get

three hundred dollars in annual travel

credit that will be reimbursed to your

account as long as you're spending money

on traveling in the first place and then

after you hit that three hundred dollars

of travel credit you will get three

times the points and cash back on

anything related to travel expenditures

it also has $0 foreign transaction fees

which is a huge perk if you're traveling

to another country part and honestly

there's a ton of other little perks and

benefits here and it would just take way

too long to go over all of them but the

big thing here the reason that it is not

going to go into S tier and the reason

why I have a lot of reservations about

getting any type of annual fee credit

card is because there is a whopping five

hundred and fifty dollar annual fee so

this card and the American Express gold

card are both you know metal they're

very hefty and because of that they have

a lot of people who really want to get

them it's almost like a status symbol or

something like that

but you are gonna pay a pretty penny for

that hefty little credit card and you

need to make sure that you would have

already been spending a bunch of money

on either traveling or dining out in the

first place in order to justify signing

up for one of these overall this is a

really good one I am gonna go ahead and

put this one into B tier next one on the

list is going to be the Costco credit

card and this one is especially good if

you do all of your grocery shopping at

Costco for one if you get your gas at

Costco you can get four percent cashback

three percent cashback on restaurants

and other eligible travel purchases now

there's technically no annual fee here

but you are going to have to pay your

annual Costco membership in order to get

the card and in order to redeem the

points and on top of that the points

only redeem once a year and you have to

go to a physical Costco location in

order to use them so I guess if you are

at Costco member already and you would


paying for that service anyways this one

might be worth it for you to sign up for

but overall I think it is a little

underrated in the grand scheme of things

so this one is gonna go into si tier

next one on the list is going to be the

credit 1 platinum card and hmm the logo

on this one looks suspiciously similar

to Capital One that seems really sketchy

to me and whenever you see something

like this where they're trying to kind

of like look like another company in

order to kind of like trick you into

thinking that they're another company to

me that's a huge red flag now this one

might be a decent option for you if you

kind of have like a low credit score and

you're trying to build it back up but it

has really high interest rates and so

you're gonna want to pay off your

balance every single month you do not

want to have to pay those interest rates

they're way too high

so overall you really should not get

this one and the one exception to that

is if you have really bad credit you can

maybe go for this one just to build up

your credit score and then you probably

would want to cut it up after a few

months and then get another credit card

because the perks on it just aren't that

great and just overall it's not that

great of a card in general so this one

is gonna go into DT R next one on the

list is going to be the city double cash

card and basically this is exactly what

it sounds like you get 2% cash back on

all of your purchases as long as you pay

off the balance at the end of the month

another thing I should mention with all

of these credit cards is there's pretty

much no reason why you shouldn't just

pay off the entire balance automatically

every single month if you're not

automatically paying off the balance

every single month or you think that

you're not gonna be able to do that you

probably should not be getting a credit

card now I think out of all the credit

cards on this list the city double cash

is probably my favorite just because of

how stupidly simple it is there's no

annual fee you get your 2% cash back as

long as you pay off your balance no if

ands or buts about it you don't have to

like check to see you know oh did I put

the 3% cash back on this category or is

this some rotating category over here

anything like that it's very simple you

get the card it's 2% cash back I don't

think they're ever gonna change that

it's gonna be 2% cash back pretty much

no matter what because it's literally

the name of the card double cash this is

also a credit card that you'll have a

good chance of getting if you're a

beginner some of the credit cards on

this list like the American Express gold

card you might not get if you're a

beginner and your credit

score isn't high enough yet but this is

one where you'd have a pretty good

chance of getting it even if you have a

normal credit score and in my opinion

it's the best one on the entire list so

this one is clearly s tier status

another really good beginner card is

going to be the discover it credit card

now first of all they offer one of the

best introductory offers on the entire

market discover will match all of the

cashback you earn at the end of your

first year so let's say you've got $300

cash back at the end of your first year

they will match it and you'll end up

getting six hundred dollars and there's

actually no limit to how much is matched

that might be the best offer on the

entire list like that is incredible

unfortunately it only lasts for one year

and so after your first year you're not

gonna get that incredible offer again

but the second big selling point with

the discover it credit card is the fact

that you get five percent cashback on

everyday purchases at different places

such as grocery stores and then the last

big selling point on this one is it is

technically a beginner card you can

apply for this one and you'll likely get

it with an average credit score maybe

even a low credit score so for that

reason I definitely have to put this one

in a tier it's one of the best on the

entire list the next one on the list is

going to be the fidelity Rewards Visa

Signature Card now this one is very

similar to the City double Cash where

you'll get that 2% cashback on pretty

much all of your purchases the only

catch here is that the 2% cashback has

to be deposited right into your fidelity

investment account so if you prefer to

redeem the cashback in a different form

it's only going to be 1% which isn't

that great but if you're okay with

getting the cashback deposited right

into an investment account then you're

good to go again it's just like the city

double Cash where there's no you know

exceptions if ands or buts about it you

just get the 2% cash back boom on some

of these you'll see they have really

good cash back but then when you read

the tiny print it's like there's all

these different exceptions and all those

different BS that you have to deal with

and I really like the cards that are

just straightforward you get whatever it

says that you get so fidelity has done

it again here you can see that this is a

company that is extremely dedicated to

giving the best possible service whether

it's their bank account their investment

account or any other number of services

such as their savings really love

fidelity this one goes a nest here next

one on the list is going to be the

MasterCard gold card now in my opinion

this one is pretty sketchy okay I'm

picking my words very carefully here

because I just don't want to trash the

company but now the thing about getting

a metal credit card is generally you

have to have a pretty good credit score

in order to qualify for them so this

company noticed that and they realize

that there's a huge demand of people who

want metal credit cards but they don't

necessarily have a good credit score so

what did they do they created the

MasterCard Gold Card now I'm not going

to go into the details that much but the

cashback that you get on this is not

very good when you compare it to almost

all other annual fee credit cards the

annual fee for this one is nine hundred

and ninety five dollars do I need to say

anything else

EFT ear oh but wait there's a different

one the MasterCard black card it's very

similar to the MasterCard Gold Card

except the annual fee is only four

hundred and ninety five dollars left ear

for both next one on the list is going

to be the target card red card and this

is basically for people who shop at

Target any follower of my channel should

not be regularly shopping at Target

target is honestly extremely expensive

compared to a lot of the other

brick-and-mortar stores and it's

basically designed for Karan's across

the u.s. to spend one point five to two

times as much as they should on everyday

household items seriously there's videos

of people going to Target and finding

something and then they go to the dollar

store just down the block and they find

that same thing for one third of the

price look it up if you don't believe me

I guess if you already shop at Target

all the time this one would be worth it

it does have really good perks and

benefits but really you shouldn't be

shopping at Target all the time and for

that reason I'm gonna go ahead and put

it in D tier next one on the list is

going to be the reflex card and this is

another one that basically caters to

people who have really bad credit scores

this is very similar to the credit one

credit card but it's actually a lot

worse really high fees really high

interest rates you have to make sure to

pay it off every single month you cannot

miss a single payment or you will be

screwed maybe you should consider this

one if you just have horrible credit and

they're the only ones that will give you

a chance the overall if you have bad

credit there are better options out

there the reflex

card is gonna go into FTA next one on

this list is going to be the uber credit

card and until very recently this one

was actually one of the best on the

entire list they recently changed a

bunch of things with the uber credit

card and that makes me think that

they're one of those companies that

offer certain things for a limited

period of time and then once they've

gotten a bunch of suckers

I mean people to sign up for it they

actually take that away from you to me

this is a very sketchy marketing tactic

and whenever I see a company do this it

makes me lose a lot of respect for them

so I guess the one exception here is if

you use uber all the time or if you use

uber eats all the time this one could be

worth it for you because they do have

some really nice cashback bonuses but

overall I'm gonna go ahead and put this

one into C tier next one on the list is

going to be the US bank cash plus credit

card now this is another one that you're

gonna see a lot on all of these credit

card channels where they try to optimize

the different rewards that you get and

if you're really strategic with how you

use credit cards this one can pay off

extremely well for you this is one of

those credit cards where there's a ton

of different rules involved in it and

you have to jump through a bunch of

different hoops and it's something that

I personally just don't want to have to

deal with but basically you can earn a

hundred and fifty dollars cash back

bonus as long as you spend five hundred

dollars within the first 90 days on

eligible purchases on top of that the

first two thousand dollars you spend on

the card you can earn 5% cash back on

the catch is that you can only spend

five hundred dollars per quarter of the

year so you've spent exactly five

hundred dollars in the first quarter

five hundred in a second five hundred in

the third and five hundred in the fourth

and then overall you can get about four

hundred dollars cash back that way on

top of that you can choose a category to

get 2% cash back in so to me out of all

the cards that a beginner could get this

might actually be the best one just

because of the fact that you know two

thousand dollars spent in your first

year really isn't all that much and you

could potentially earn five hundred and

fifty dollars cash back just by spending

it on the things that you would normally

spend your money on so for that reason

I'm gonna have to go ahead and put this

one in s tier you honestly might not end

up using it after the first year but

even for just that one year if you could

get five hundred and fifty dollars cash

back that's probably gonna be worth it

especially if you're a beginner check

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