So Mulch to Consider: How to Select the Ideal Mulch for Your Planting Beds


so first on the weekend project with all

about plant material how you choose it

and install in a way that will not only

complement and anchor your lawn but in a

way that might say something about who

you are today we're going to talk about

mulch and how we'll finish off any

planting bed in addition to providing an

attractive finishing touch to your

landscape bed mulch also plays an

important role in helping you control

weeds and manage soil moisture so

there's a ton of different mulching

options to consider but at the end of

the day it really just depends on your

design aesthetic your budget and the

functionality the materials that you'll

be using determine which is the best

material for you lightweight and natural

looking kind needles are excellent for

mulching around acid-loving plants like

azaleas rhododendrons and camellias if

you already have pine trees in yard

using pine straw is an obvious choice

given the nature will help you cover

your cost with they're interlocking

qualities pine straw also tends to stay

put in heavy rains better than some of

your other options making them a great

choice for slopes bed but one of the

primary reasons many people choose pine

straw is that it's cheaper and easier to

transport the most other motion

alternatives this is a great bed for

pine needle although more expensive than

pine straw hardwood mulch is another

popular option to consider it serves as

a better weed and moisture barrier than

pine straw but at the end of the day as

long as it's within their budget I find

that my client to choose hardwood mulch

over pine straw do so simply because

they like the look of it better dyed

wood mulch is another attractive

long-lasting option that many people

choose primarily because there are

several colors to choose from to match

their design aesthetic but one more to

caution even though the dye used to

cover this type of mulch isn't toxic

some are made from recycled wood that

may contain additives that are like

pressure treated wood so make sure that

the mulch that you choose it's made of

raw wood versus recycled wood pine

Nuggets are another great mulching

product to consider like other organic

mulching options pine nuggets enrich the

soil as they break down so that's a

bonus for you and your plant they are

also easy to install and come in various

sizes from mini to jumbo giving you more

options to choose from the

get down side to pine nuggets is that

they're prone to float away in heavy

rain which makes them less than ideal in

sloped areas injuries are often a great

place to use pine nuggets it's usually

relatively flat into flowers tend to

love them stone mulch is another option

and it's what we're going to wrap up

with today in the right setting various

size rock or stone can provide a unique

high-impact look to your bedding of

border areas while they stay put and

don't break down stone Moses can

eventually sink into the soil requiring

to fill an application in addition when

leaves drop onto other mulches it still

looks natural

whereas with stone that's not the case

so you'll need to keep the areas with

stone mulch leaf free to make sure it

stays looking nice it can also be

difficult to add plants in and around

stone mulches and they're less effective

at maintaining flora moisture in sunny

areas due to the warmer soil conditions

they create which leads to increased

separation so there you have it five

great mulch options to consider for your

planting beds but there are many more

with grass clippings and shredded leaves

then to other very inexpensive

environmentally conscious mulching


regardless every type of mulch has its

strengths and weaknesses it just depends

on what's going on in your yard your

budget and your personal preferences but

whichever material you choose adding

mulch to your landscape bed really isn't

much from both the design and functional

perspective so I hope this mulching

overview will help you choose a material

that's right for you and your space and

as always please check us out at we are

ex marcom for more done on a weekend

project ideas take care