The best TV deal we’ve ever seen is a TV you’ve never heard of

buying a TV is hard there's so much

jargon which is better well II do LED or

cue LED and the range and cost is just

as wide but does twice the price

meaning twice is nice not necessarily

I'm Washington Post tech columnist Jeff

Fowler and today I'm testing a new set

that might change how you think about

buying a television the thing is this TV

is from a brand you probably haven't

heard of meet the six series from TCL a

Chinese company that's quietly become

the world's third largest maker of TVs

for $600 the sixth series rival sets

that would have cost two thousand bucks

only a few years ago so wait what's the


step into my gadget lab it's dark in

here because I put the six series

side-by-side with its closest name-brand

competitor Samsung's 2018 q6 which costs

$1300 this TCL set has got to be cutting

corners somewhere right yes but you

might not notice let's start with what

matters most picture quality both TVs

have 4k screens so you can stream at

your high-definition movies that reveal

every hair on the sloth they also both

support a tech called HDR which makes

images more realistic by heightening the

brightest and darkest parts the

differences emerge around color the

Samsung screen uses tiny particles

called quantum dots that can display

more of the rainbow closer to what our

eyes see in the real world

TCL uses a less expensive LCD tech that

doesn't have quite as wide of a palette

okay but how big is that difference I

called in to our gadget lab my favorite

TV technician my name is Robert Herron

I'm a professional collaborator Robert

uses this thingamabob called a

spectrometer to calibrate TVs for home

theater perfection head-to-head we found

this Samsung q6 shows more color in the

green part of the spectrum if you're a

total video snob it's really hard to

ignore what Samsung is doing right out

of the box could you spot it without

robert's gear

playing Planet Earth 2 on both sets I

could see more green in the Samsung but

I might not have noticed it on my own

but we also found some things we

preferred about the picture of the TCL

like super dark black areas produced by

a tech called local dimming that Samsung

doesn't offer even for $1,300 what else

does an extra $700 for the Samsung TV

buy you the TCL is thicker with the less

pretty profile though we've come a long

long ways since TVs with giant backsides

the biggest other difference is in the

TVs smarts

if the TCL uses software and a remote

from Roku the most popular streaming TV

box maker it gets the job done

Samsung's TV comes with a lot more smart

it can sync up with your Samsung phone

take voice commands and even run your

smart home my favorite part

Samsung streamlined its remote to just a

few buttons which can operate almost any

other device you plug into your TV

seriously I love this universal remote

so the question is how much are those

differences worth that TCL six series is

the best premium TV value I've ever seen

doubling your cost will get you a

Samsung TV with a slightly better

picture for the trained eye and the

smarts to be a computer for your living

room either way you're getting a

fantastic TV