What makes a Best Buy tumble dryer?

in a shot there are some things you can

easily find out about a tumble dryer you

can see how easy it is to open the door

get an idea for how much room there is

inside and on condenser dryers which

capture water from the laundry and store

it in a tank you can even try removing

the water container to see how easy this

is but you can't find out how quickly

they dry how much they cost to run and

how effective they are at removing water

from the laundry that's where our tests

come in all tumble dryers will dry

clothes eventually but how long this

takes how much any of you they use and

how much water condenser dryers capture

varies dramatically from tumble dryer to

tumble dryer every tumble dryer we test

is sent to our lab where we test it with

four different loads of clothes and to

dryness settings a bad tumble dryer will

take around 30 minutes to dry a kilo of

laundry so for a 5 kilogram capacity

tumble dryer that's two and a half hours

to dry a full load whereas many best

buys take less than 20 minutes per kilo

with the fastest taking less than 15

minutes per kilo saving over an hour for

a 5 kilogram load and with many best

buys that means you can dry the same

amount of laundry in half the time or

twice the amount of laundry in the same

time and that time savings also a cost

saving another thing you can't check for

in the shop is how much tumble drives

will cost to run we record how much

energy each dryer we test uses to show

which ones are the cheapest to run the

best tumble dryers use about a third of

the energy of the worst that we've seen

this means if you use your tumble dryer

every other day

you could save 75 pounds a year we also

measure how evenly condensed that

invented tumble dryers dry and for

condenser dryers we record how much

water is captured in the water tank a

seven kilogram condenser dryer

I can handle around seven kilograms of

laundry and that laundry will have in it

about four liters of water after the

spin cycle when you take it out of the


now the best condenser dryers we've

looked at can remove about 90% of the

water from the load the worse that we've

seen can only remove about 30% of the

water and this means that the rest of

the water in the low will escape a steam

and you might well end up with a steamy

kitchen so it's well worth checking our

ratings to find yourself a tumble dryer

with an excellent condenser now these

are just three of the tests we carry out

at our lab so it's well worth checking

online before you buy all best buy

tumble dryers come from reliable brands

based on feedback from thousands of

customers if a brand has poor

reliability we won't wore them best buys